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  1. 1. Sweepstakes CASE STUDY
  2. 2. GOAL: To introduce the new line of 4K TVs from Philips, the client is seeking to grow their email subscription lists for future retargeting campaigns. STRATEGY: Engage fans and prospects through an easy holiday giveaway on Facebook, using Woobox Integration Tabs. To tie the promotion to the brand, we'll also create and share content that emphasizes Philip's global brand theme of "Innovation and You". OVERVIEW
  3. 3. ENTRY:To qualify for the sweepstakes, users had to go on the Facebook app, filled out their contact information, and told us what innovation meant to them. PRIZE: Razor Slim Philips 4K TV CHANNEL: Facebook built-in app DURATION: Dec 1st - Dec 21st GIVEAWAY
  4. 4. SOCIAL SHARING: Encouraging entrants tosharethe sweepstakes promotion on social was one key focus of the campaign. To achieve this, once a fan entered the sweepstakes, they were taken to a confirmation page.On that page, entrants were encouraged to share through email, Facebook and Twitter, with links to pre-populated shareable content optimized for each channel. SOCIAL AMPLIFICATION
  5. 5. EXECUTION:Ran paid social campaigns to raise awareness for the sweepstakes while highlighting UGC content submitted by fans via organic social. CONTENT
  6. 6. Received 14.7K entries during the campaign Added 10.4K new emails to the subscription lists 5.6K people shared the sweepstakes on various social networks RESULTS
  7. 7. Increased new followings by 81% for Philips TV - USA Facebook page Achieveda 136.4% boost in engagementfrom previous months Impressions also increased by 183% during the campaign SOCIAL 2016Follower's Growth Philips TV - USA Facebook Page
  8. 8. Creative Samples AD SAMPLES CREATIVE
  9. 9. Creative Samples UGC CONTENT SWEEPSTAKES
  10. 10. Creative Samples SOCIAL CONTENT ORGANIC

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