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  1. 1. Vision To purchase and/or renovate a food truck so that it can be transformed into a mobile bakery for the purpose of selling cheesecake cupcakes and other gourmet desserts. When mobile, and fully functioning, The SweeTruth Bakery would travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city - much like the ice cream truck. This enables the business to establish a brand, expand a sound customer base, and introduce an alternate concept for bakeries. To streamline the processes with regard to preparation of bakery items in order to increase revenue, customer reach, visibility, and mass production. To establish relationships with grocery food chains, sponsors and vendors to increase profitability.enovate a food truck so that it can be transformed into a mobile
  2. 2. Business Model This company will make money because of its diversity and concept. Although it is possible to get cheesecake in various places, the secret to the success of SweeTruth is in the crust. With 6 different variations of crust, the customer essentially has the ability to create their own unique flavorful experience by choosing their favorite crust, filling and toppings. To add depth and dimension to this creative idea, customers may purchase cheesecake by the dozen or half dozen enabling them to try more than one flavor, mix and match and control their caloric intake by consuming smaller portions. The same way you can purchase a dozen donuts and experience 12 different tastes, our customers have the ability to do that with gourmet cheesecake.
  3. 3. Market Size and Opportunity In recent years, America has experienced an onslaught of cupcake companies. Everywhere you go, there is a cupcakery. But lucky for us that there arent any entities out there specializing in cheesecake cupcakes. And although you are able to purchase cheesecake or poundcakes, we have found that no one is selling them by the dozen or half dozen, and they also are not affording their customers the opportunity to choose their own crust, filling and toppings. We take pride in being able to give the customer what THEY want. We help you create your very own dessert experience. Why a Food Truck? Because it is a Billion dollar industry with the market constantly expanding. The operating costs as a business venture is far less for a food truck than for a stand alone business. Being mobile enables us to travel from city to city, state to state increasing the amount of exposure and visibility for the brand.
  4. 4. Marketing and Sales Strategy The companys immediate goal is to obtain a food truck in an effort to: Allow mobility generate revenue by being able to travel to festivals, functions, corporate events, deliver to vendors, etc. Increase productivity Have state of the art equipment that will enable us to move more product and thus make more product. Widen customer base being mobile allows us to be visible in the community we serve, allowing us to establish a brand and develop respect for the quality of our product. Achieve financial independence and sustainability incorporate the ability to ship product as a means of increasing revenue.
  5. 5. Competition Cheesecake Factory In business since 1972, they are our closest competitor with approximately 33 flavors of cheesecake. Our company offers our customers the ability to enjoy great flavors, a choice between 6 different kinds of crust, and the ability to purchase a dozen at a time to experience more than one flavor.
  6. 6. The Team This company is headed up by Bridgette Hogan, local poet and longtime Jacksonville resident. Since the late 90s Bridgette has been a mainstay in the local arts community, honing her craft and establishing roots performing poetry in schools, churches, weddings, plays, etc. In 2006, Ms. Hogan, along with all three of her children, began experimenting with baking cheesecake. The idea quickly morphed from a hobby to engage her children to part-time supplemental income. Bridgette is responsible for creating recipes, preparation and all public relations. Brittany Bell, Bridgettes eldest daughter and sous chef, is responsible for marketing and research in addition to preparation as well. Brandon Hogan and Britorria Hogan serve as tasters and the clean-up crew.
  7. 7. Financials ITEM Details Cost Food Truck Used $12,000.00 Renovations Convection Ovens, Freezer, Dispenser for batter, Display Case, Customized Baking pans, Truck Wrap $12,000.00 Supplies Wholesale items $4,000.00 Operating Costs Licensing, Patents, Legal, Payroll $3,000.00 Marketing Web design, packaging, radio. $2,000.00 $33,000.00
  8. 8. Photos
  9. 9. #TeamSweetruth Music and Poetry, We Make Beautiful by Bridgette Soulflower Hogan


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