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safe & healthy from a single source. SVLFG Accident Insurance Old-age Insurance Health Insurance Long-term Care Insurance. Mental Health Morbidity and Well-Being in Aging Agricultural Populations. Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • SVLFGAccident InsuranceOld-age InsuranceHealth InsuranceLong-term Care InsuranceMental Health Morbidity and Well-Being in Aging Agricultural Populations

    safe & healthy from a single source Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture

  • Mental Health and Well-Being (at Work)e. g.Burnout

  • State of International ResearchScientific evidence for mental strain representing a strong risk factor for chronic diseases, disabilities and occupational safety

    Higher perceived stress often precedes greater depressive symptoms

  • Farmers experience high rates of psychological distress and (occupational) suicide around the globe (suicide rates increase with age)

    Strongest stressors in farming: overwork, generational conflicts, disorders and the financial situation

    State of International Research

  • (Older) farmers define health as the ability to work

    Limited ability to acknowledge or talk about mental health problems and seek help among farmers

    Mental health in agricultural population is an under-researched issue (in Germany)

    State of International Research

  • Structural CharacteristicsFrequent family farming based structures (private/family life and working life unified in one location)

    Limited accessibility to and stigmatisation of mental health care; greater concerns about confidentiality

    Institutional mental health care programmes are not readily compatible with the profession

  • Prevalence of Mental DisordersWe face a trend of an ever-rising number of cases reported (mental health problems)conservative estimates put the prevalence down to 38.2 % of EU 27 population suffering from mental disorders (at any point in time)No substantial cultural or country variationsMost people affected dont receive any treatmentOne of the most frequent mental health disorders in the EU is the major depression

  • Mental Disorders A Growing ChallengeSource: Fehlzeitenreport 2012

  • The Economic Impact is ImmenseOne third of all new disability benefit claims in OECD countries is linked to mental health problemsProjections put the total costs of depression alone to an amount of 600+ billion Euro p. a.Employers: 272bnEconomy: 242bn

    Health system: 63bnSocial welfare system: 39bn

  • The Economic Impact is ImmenseSevere mental disorders (e. g. Alzheimers disease, schizophrenia and depression) have a high prevalence-cost ratio

    Costs are expected to increase sharply

    Mental disorders as the core health challenge of the 21st century

  • Prevention WorksStudies show well-elaborated interventions to be effective in improving mental health

    Above all: gains in health and quality of life

    Also: very significant economic benefits

  • Prevention is Good ValueMany interventions are very low costSmall shift in expenditure generates efficiency gainsMost interventions are outstandingly good value for moneyROI can be as high as 13.62 Broad range of payoffs: within public sector and beyond Well-designed interventions towards mental health can tip the balance for a healthier and longer life

  • Need of Innovation Research and Action Horizon 2020Mental Health Study fostering methodological innovations such as new/improved test instrumentsMental health promotion and disorder prevention as well as psychotherapeutic interventions in working and living contexts to strengthen resilience and to reduce psychological distress in farmersInnovation Action Programmes as clinical-psychological web based interventions, telephone councelling De-stigmatization

  • Model of Multi-Level Resilience

  • Factors of Resilience

  • First Ideas Towards Possible Future InterventionsUniversal:web-tool incl. e-mental-health and access controlresilience-workshop

    Selective:workshop for informal caregiversanti-fall cursesPSN (Psychosocial Network)workshop transfer of businessdementia-related offers

    web-tool for managers incl. e-BGMbusiness counseling by a safety advisor regarding OHM (occupational health management) and OIM (occupational integration management)domestic councel by a care consultantsbusiness-workshopPSN (Psychosocial Network) after trauma (family/business)workshop transfer of business

    case-manager SVLFG responsible for holistic processingtraining of professional multipliers regarding the recognition of burnout, depression, addiction (e. g. prevention service, care consultants, profession, family doctors)training of low-threshold multipliers (e. g. profession regarding PSN)cross-linkage of SVLFG with stationary and ambulant institutions (psychosomatics, peasant family counseling, etc.)group concepts in stationary institutions

  • WG HPDPMany thanks for your attention and interest in mental health!

    **Farming is associated with a unique set of characteristics that is potentially hazardous to mental health

    **Shrinking social networks

    *Since 2000 (benchmark year/100%) absence (absolute/days) due to mental disorders increased by 60 %***

    *Shift in expenditure: from treatment to prevention

    Net economic benefits generated by the programmes tested (Matrix 2013) range between 0.81 and 13.62 for every 1 expenditure

    Beyond: e. g. improved employment/earnings, lower chance to develop connected diseases, reduced crime, etc



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