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Post on 09-May-2015


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The election phase has been very difficult not only for the Indian public but also for the contestants. This 1 month has been very interesting for India. But at the end there is only one who wins and this its Narendra Modi. So on his winning S.Vaikundarajan congratulates him and conveys his best wishes.



2. Living with an asymmetrical federal government, India has witnessed some of the greatest leaders. But the list doesn't stops here, we have another promising leader under whose leadership India will experience a change and move towards a better tomorrow. With a Patriotic feeling, S.Vaikundarajan wishes Narendra Modi goog Luck..!! http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com 3. http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in 4. Where at one end he is happy about the winning of AIADMK party, at the other end he is being hopeful for a brighter India and is expecting a strong change that will give, people of other countries, a reason for not calling India a 3rd World country. http://vaikundarajans.blogspot.in 5. On 16th May, 2014 it was made clear that Narendra Modi would be the 15th Prime Minister of India, all his family members and his supporters rejoiced. 6. The 1 month phase, beginning from 7th April 2014 to 12th May 2014 has been an extremely tedious phase for him and his party.They have not left any stone unturned. From newspapers to television advertisements to radio jingles to social media each and every media platform has been utilized to spread their message and tried to build trust among the voters, especially the first time voters. To end it all, according to S.Vaikundarajan Narendra Modis hard work is paid off in the form of the Prime Ministerial win and India is all set to experience a change for the best. http://vaikundarajans.wordpre ss.com 7. For More InformationVisit Our Blogs http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in http://vaikundarajans.blogspot.in http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in 8. http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com Follow Us On Social Media https://www.facebook.com/subramanian.vaik undarajan https://twitter.com/VaikundarajanS https://plus.google.com/1001252495408052 00786 9. ThankYou