susan knox corporate connections.  it is a known fact that people would rather do business with...

Download Susan Knox Corporate Connections.  It is a known fact that people would rather do business with people they know, like and trust. People they KnowPeople

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  • Susan Knox Corporate Connections
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  • It is a known fact that people would rather do business with people they know, like and trust. People they KnowPeople they LikePeople they Trust Be visible Show up Participate Approachable Warm Engaging Always do what you say you will No exceptions or excuses d
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  • Your Intellectual Capital (What You Know) Times Your Social Capital (Who Knows You) Times Your Reputation (Who Trusts You)
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  • * Start Building Profitable Relationships Networking is one of my least favorite terms. It is overused and very common. Many people have a negative connotation regarding Networking.
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  • Make Business Development a PROACTIVE Activity vs. a REACTIVE Activity I guarantee you positive results rapidly! * You Cant Cheat the Process!
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  • Ask 10 different people the difference between BD & Sales & you get 10 different opinions. In my opinion, Business Development is many different activities including Introducing, Representing, Promoting, Marketing, Endorsing, Showcasing & Selling your Company. Sales includes some of these activities, but is more transactional and more about closing the deal and getting a signed contract.
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  • When thinking about Business Development ~ Building Profitable Relationships remember it takes time (preparation) and money (resources) Having a Game Plan and the Right Tools is imperative for success!
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  • Necessary Business Development Tools Elevator Pitch Business Cards Wardrobe and Grooming Essential Accessories s
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  • Create your personal elevator pitch Dont sell printing Sell the beautiful brochures that will be produced as a result Dont sell financial planning Sell the money that will be used to educate, travel and create a wonderful lifestyle Dont sell eyeglasses Sell better vision Elevator Pitch
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  • Concise Clear Powerful Visual Tell a Story Targeted Goal Oriented Has a Hook
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  • Your Business Card is a reflection of you Keep them nice, clean and un-tattered Use a Business Card Case Always keep extra Business Cards in your trunk or glove compartment Never run out ~ It is unacceptable and unprofessional~ Remember ~ Be Prepared!! s Business Card
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  • An attractive Personal Presentation is your Passport to Success. When in doubt ~ Dress UP! s Essential Wardrobe and Grooming
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  • Portfolio Professional Looking Brief Case Professional Looking Writing Pen (Not from your dry cleaners!)
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  • 1 st Day of MBA Class at Emory his Professor said if you dont remember anything else from this class. Ask yourself on a daily basis What Business Am In? Everything you do and say must reinforce The Business You Are In
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  • Business Builder Series Association For Corporate Growth Executive Sales & Marketing Association The Ritz Group- New Format 2011 _____________________________________ Alumni Associations Trade Associations Non-Profits
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  • Name Badge Always Put Your Name Tag on Your ________ Shoulder s Its Showtime!
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  • Use the rule of 75/25 Spend 75% of your time meeting and making new contacts Spend 25% of your time maintaining your relationship with existing customers. 0% of time with friends and co-workers Working the Room
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  • When you attend a function do not sit with people you know. Get out of your comfort zone and sit with new people! After all, this is WHY you are spending your Time and Money to attend ~ to identify and build Profitable Relationships!
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  • Extend your hand Warm smile and introduce yourself Firm Handshake not Weak or Limp Women be very aware of the Limp Fish Men do not need to be The Crusher Introducing Yourself
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  • How Can I Help You ? *Billy Story
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  • If it is someone you would like to have their card and visa-versa Take a moment to look at the persons business card- this lets them know that you are interested in who they are and what they do. Repeat the persons name, John it was very nice to meet you. The Business Card Exchange Do NOT automatically hand everyone your business card
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  • Do not walk up to an individual or a group of individuals and start dealing your business cards out like you are playing poker! Bad Impression!
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  • *IDEA Differentiate VIP Business Cards Bend the edge of their card Put a star in the corner
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  • *Ask the person you would like to follow up with their preference of communication. *Do not assume that everyone has a Blackberry or Text!
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  • *If after the 4 th e-mail you cannot confirm this meeting please pick up the phone (yes the telephone!) and discuss date, time and place that is convenient to meet. *I personally get very frustrated with e-mails going back and forth..
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  • There are 2 main types of contacts: Prospects & Influencers Prospects can be a direct buyer Influencers are great personal advocates * Never discount someone who is not a direct prospect! We all need plenty of both to be successful!
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  • Create a tracking system If you do not, it is not worth doing Keep up with contacts Microsoft, ACT, Card Scan
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  • Write a Thank-You Note on heavy card stock- Personalized Stationery Idea* Include a Starbucks Gift Card for Important Contacts
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  • These are all very Important aspects of Building Profitable Relationships but none of these should take the place of Face - To Face Meetings LinkedIn can be very impersonal and all about quantity and not quality
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  • Always Remember It Pays To Be High Touch In A High Tech Society!
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  • Susan Knox 770.757.8300 THANK YOU!