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<ul><li><p>384 SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE.</p><p>SURVEY OE DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE.</p><p>Achilles Millefolium, rVrmatltls from ; Contribution on the .Etiology of Skin Eruptionsafter Public Baths. O. GANS. (Deutsch. med, Wochenschr,, July 19th, 1929, Iv,No. 29, p. 1213.)</p><p>**Achorion Schoenleinii," On a Case of Favus due to the. G. HUFSCHMITT. (Bv.ll. dela ^Soc. Fran</p></li><li><p>SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE. 385</p><p>Biastomycoses, On Genuine and False. W. TRKUIIEKZ. [Derm. Wockevschr., July 0thH29. lxxxix, No. 27, p. 084.)</p><p>Blastomycosis, A Case of (Jeneralized. (Annotation.) {Lancet, August lUd, 1^20,(.-exvii, No. 5527, p. 238.)</p><p>Blastomycosis, Systemic. T. TOEPEL. {Jourti. Amer. Med. Assoc, July 0th, 1O2H,xciii, No. 1, p. 32.)</p><p>Blood in Eczema, The Chloride Content of the Whole. N. BURGKSS. {Arch, of Derm.and Syph., July, 1929, xx. No. I, p. 59.)</p><p>Boeck*s Sarcoid (Lupus Pernio). V. GENNER. [Hospitahiidende. November 29th,1928, lxxi. No. 48, p. 75.)</p><p>Bouton d'Huile in a Turner. L. M. PAUTRIER and Diss. {Bull dp la Soc. Franc, dpJj^rt/). et de Syph.. June, 1929. xxxvi, Ko. 6, p. 10 [R.S.].)</p><p>Bowen's Disease, Case of. OOUGEROT and BTRNIER. {Bnll. de la Soc. Franc, fieft fh&gt; Syph., June, 1929, xxxvi. No. 0, p. 594.)</p><p>Brant, Sebastian, De Pestilentiali Scorra Sive Impetigini Anni XC\'L \\. HRRiDDELL. {Arch, of Derm, and Syph., July, 1929, xx. No. 1, p. 03.)</p><p>Bromoderma Treated with Sodium Chloride. A. H. LANCASTER. (Southern Med.June, 1929, xxii. No. (i, p. 521.)</p><p>Cancer of Skin, Lip and Mouth, Radiotherapy for. I. J. MrurHY and S. L. ML RPHY.{Radiological Review, March, 1929, Ii, No. 3, p. 12(i.)</p><p>Cancer of the Lip, End-Results of Irradiation of. B. F. 8CHREINER. {RadiologicalReriew, June, 1929, Ii, No. 0, p. 235.)</p><p>Cat Scabies in Human Beings. A. VON MALLINCKRODT-HAUPT. {Derm. Zeitschr.,July. 1929, Iii, X,). 4, p. 232.)</p><p>Circumcision Tuberculosis, Contribution to the Kno-wledge of Ritual. V. ZART'BTN.[Dfnn. \\ih(,,srhr., July (&gt;th, 1H29. lxxxix. No. 27, p. 995.)</p><p>Complement-Fixation in Foot and Mouth Disease, The Reaction of, as a :\Ieans of Identi-fying the Different Types of Virus. A. CIUCA. {Journ. Hygiene, February,1929, xxviii, No. 4, p. 325.)</p><p>Creeping Eruption, Some Observations on. J. L. KTRBY-SMITH, W . E . DOVE audG. F. WHITE. {Amer. Journ. Trop. Med., May, 1929, ix. No. 3, p. 179.)</p><p>'* Cultures of Donovan Bodies,*' Remarks on the So-called. Sir ALDO CASTELLANIand R. W. MENDELSON. [Journ. Trop. Med. and Hyg.. June 1st, 1929, xxxii,No. 11, p. 148.)</p><p>Cutis Rhomboidalis Nuchae, Countryman's Skin Epithelioma. OPPENHEIM. {Zentralhl.f. Haut-u. (Jeschkchtskrankheiten, July 5th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 9 and 10, p. 553.)</p><p>Darier's Dyskeratosis. E. K. NEMETH. {Zentralhl. f. Haitt-u. Geachlechfshrankheiten,July 2(th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 11 and 12, p. 695.)</p><p>Dermatitis, tJiopsy of Lichcnoid and Purpuric. GOUGEROT, ELIASCHKFK ajul 1'. BLL .M.{Bull, de la Soc. Frang. de Denn. et de Syph,, June, 1929, xxxvi. No. (i,p. 570.)</p><p>Dermatitis, BUUOUH Public Bath and .Meadow. A. FESSLER. {JJerm. Zeitschr., July,I!t2!&gt;, Hi, No. 4, p. 200.)</p><p>Dermatitis Exfoliativa after Infancy, o. BAUMLEH. {Jahrh. f. Kinderheilk., March,1!)29, lxxiii, Nos. 3 and 4, p. 170.)</p><p>Dermatitis Exfoliativa Neonatorum (Ritter von Rittersheim), On the .Etiology of. A.SOLLEWIJN GELPKE. {Nederland. Tijd^chr. v. Geneesk., June 22nd, 192!t,lxxiii, No. 25, p. 2947.)</p><p>Dermatitis of the Legs with Secondary Licheniflcation. J. (JAT6, G. BOSONNET, P.MICHEL and A. VIDAL. {Hull, de la Soc, Frarn,'. de Derm, et de Syph., June,1920, xxxvi. No. (i, p. 331 \n.h.l)</p></li><li><p>386 SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE.</p><p>Dermatitis Venenata, L^ntoward Reactions following Toxin Treatment for. H. J.TEMI'LETON. {Arrh. of Derm, and Sijph., July, 1929, xx, X*). 1, p. S3.)</p><p>Dermatological Observations during the Course of Dengue (during the Athens Pandemicin 1928). N. DRACOUUDES. {Bull, de ia Soc. Franc, de Derm, et de Syph.,June, 192!t, xxxvi. No. 6, p. 612.)</p><p>Dermatology and General Medicine. (Leading Article.) (Lancet, August 24th, 1929,ccxvii. No. 5530, p. 39L)</p><p>Dermatology, Fifty Years of. Sir NORMAN WALKER. {Lancet, August 3rd, 1929,ccxvii. No. 5527, p. 209.)</p><p>Dermatology, Relationship of, to other Branches of Medicine. (Iettsomian Lecture.)H. \V. BARBER. {Lancet, August 24th, 1929, ccxvii, No. 5530, p. 363.)</p><p>Dermatophytes, (iencralities Concerning the. Alenioire VI: Natural Classification ofthe Dermatophytes. R. SABOURAUD. {Ann. de Derm, et de Syph., June, 1929,X, seiies vi. No. 6, p. 569.)</p><p>Dermatophytes, On the Faviform Degeneration and Transformation respectively ofour. A. ALKXAXDER. {Derm. Zeitschr., July, 1929, Hi, No. 4, p. 225.)</p><p>Dermatoses and Alcalosis, SPILLMANN, DROUET and VERAIN. (Bull, de la Soc. Franq.&gt;lc Dirw. ct dr Syph., June, 1929, xxxvi. No. 6, p. 30 [R.N.].)</p><p>Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. Sir ALDO CASTELLANI and C. W. DUVAL. {Journ. Trop.Med. and Hyg., June 1st, 1929, xxxii. No. 11, p. 149.)</p><p>Diathermy, Some Accidents in. R. HOMBRIA and J. SOTO. (Adas Dermo-Sifiliograficas,March, 1929. xxi, Xo. 6, p. 435.)</p><p>Discoloration of the Skin due to Mercury. L. HOLLANDER and H. L. BAER. {Arch.of Derm, and Syph., Juiy, 1929, xx. No. 1, p. 27.)</p><p>Diseases of the Skin, Local Treatment and Physico-Therapy in. W. KNOWSLEY SIBLEY.[Vrul. and Cut. Review, July, 1929, xxxiii, Xo. 7, p. 433.)</p><p>Dyskeratosis, Follicular Vegetating (Darier's Disease). A. A. FERNANDEZ, J. L. E.MoNSERRAT and A. VAZQUEZ. (Revista Med. Latino-Americana, May, 1929,xiv, Xo. 164, p. 869.)</p><p>*'Dystrophia Unguium Mediana Canaliformis," On a Case of. E. LEDO. (AdasDernio-Sifiliograficas, April, 1929, xxi, X'o. 7, p. 491 ; and Ann. de Derm, et deSyph., July, 1929, x, series vi. No. 7, p. 765.)</p><p>Eczema, Infantile. C. O. KING {Southern Med. Journ., June, 1929, xxii. No. 6,p. 563.)</p><p>Eczema, Modern Conceptions on the .Etiology and Treatment of. H. C. SEMON.(Clin. Journ., June 26th, 1929, lviii. No. 26, p. 301.)</p><p>Eczema of the Inguino-Crurai Regions of an Infant, Marginated. L. PERIN. (Bull, dela Soc. Fran</p></li><li><p>SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE. 387</p><p>Epidermophytide in the Form of Post-Scarlatinal Desquamation of the Hands. S. M.PErK. (A7;//. Wochettsrhr., July 10th, 1929, viii. No. 29, p. 1357.)</p><p>Epidermophytosis (Dhobie Itch), Treatment of, with Castellani\'^ Fuchsin Paint.T. A. IMAXWELL. {Journ. Trop. Med. and Hyg., June 1st, 1929, xxxii. No. 11,p. 148.)</p><p>Epidermophytosis, Some Phases of. E. WOOD RUGGLES. {X.Y. State Journ. of Med.,June 15th, 1929, xxix. No. 12, p. 740.)</p><p>Epithelioma, C(jmniencing Sclerodermiform ; Baso-cellular Sclerous Epithelioma.GoUGEROT, P. UHRY and 0. ELIASCHEFF. {Bull de la Soc. Fran</p></li><li><p>388 SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE,</p><p>Exanthema, On the .Etiology of Post-Vaccinal. 0. GANS. {Klin. Wochenschr., July30th, 1920, viii. No. 31, p. 1444.)</p><p>Exanthema, Sudden. I). TEITEL. (Arch, de Mid. des Enf., June, 1029, xxxii,No. 0, p. 327.)</p><p>" Fausse Teigne." P. PHOTINOS. (Ann. de Derm, et de Syph., July, 1929, x,series vi, No. 7, p. 743.)</p><p>Febrile Affection with Exanthema Contracted in the Sahara, Note on a. J. L. Ci:ARD.(.4/T^. de Mid. et de Phar. Milit.. February, 1920, xc. No. 2, p. 231.)</p><p>Fever, Exanthematic. D. OLMER and J. OLMER. (Rev. d'Hyg., July, 1020, Ii, No. 7,p. 473.)</p><p>Foot Ringworm among College Students, Incidence of. R. T. LEGGE, L. BONAR andH. J. TEMPLETON. {Journ. Amer. Med. Assoc, July 20th, 1020, xciii. No. 3,p. 170.)</p><p>Fox-Fordyce Disease in a Young Man. L. M. PAUTRIER. [Bull, de la Soc. Frant;. deDerm, et de Syj^h., June, 1929, xxxvi. No. 6, p. 13 [R.S.].)</p><p>Frost Injuries and their Complication with Tuberculosis. O. DITTRICH. (Derm.M'ochenschr., July 20th, 1920, lxxxix. No. 20, p. 1050.)</p><p>Gangrene, A Case of Puerperal. W. J. STEVENS. (Canadian Med. Assoc. Journ., June,1020, XX, No. 0, p. 042.)</p><p>Gold Sodium Thiosuiphate, Treatment of Leukoderma with. H. C. L. LINDSAY. {Arch.of Derm, and Syph., July, 1029, xx. No. 1, p. 22.)</p><p>Gold Therapy in Lupus Erythematosus and Other Dermatoses. G. RIVELLONI. (Giorn.Ital. di Derm, e Sifilo, June, 1029, lxx. No. 3, p. 502.)</p><p>Hsemoglobinuria and Urticaria from Cold Occurring Singly or in Combination, Observa-tions referring especially to the Mechanism of Urticaria, with some Remarksupon Raynaud's Disease. K. E. HARRIS, T. LEWIS and JANET M. VAUGHAN.{Heart, 1920, xiv. No. 4, p. 305.)</p><p>Hair-Dyeing Methods, Injury to Health from. SCHRADER. {Deutsch. med. Wochenschr.,July 20th, 1020, lv. No. 3, p. 1207.)</p><p>Hair Growth, A Consideration of the Mechanical Factors in. H. SHARLIT. {X.Y.State Journ. of Med., August 15th, 1020, xxix. No. 16, p. 1003.)</p><p>'* Hairy Tongue," An Organism Localized from Two Cases of. L. THOMPSON andH. ]\I'NTGOMERY\ [Joum. Amer. Med. Assoc, July 13th, 1020, xciii. No. 2,p. 114.)</p><p>Herpes Zoster and its Connection with Arsenic and with Varicella, A Note on. F.PARKES W'EBER. [Brit. Journ. Child, Dis., April-June, 1020, xxvi, Nos. 304-306,p. 108.)</p><p>Herpes Zoster and Varicella. I. H. MCCAW. (Brit. Med. Journ., August 3rd, 1920,No. 3578, p. 230.)</p><p>Herpes Zoster and Varicella. D. VSTEWART. {Med. Journ. Austral., June 1st, 1029,i. Kith year. No. 22, p. 745.)</p><p>Herpes Zoster Otiticus. G. (TUASCHINO. [VOspedale Maggiore, April 30th, 1020,xvii. No. 4, p. 101.)</p><p>Herpetic Infection, with Special Reference to Involvement of the Nervous System.E. W. GooDPASTURE. (Mediciiie. May, 1929, viii. No. 2, p. 223.)</p><p>High-Frequency Currents in the Treatment of Disease of the Skin. W. KNOWSLEYSiBLEY. (Brit. Journ. Actinotherapy, June, 1029, iv. No. 3, p. 57.)</p><p>Hormones in the Dermatological Field, Garcia Trivino's Female Sexual. B. DE MEDINA.(Actas Der mo-Sifiliograficas, April, 1929, xxi. No. 7, p. 480.)</p><p>Hydroa, On the Treatment of Buccal. J. GATE, G. BOSONNET and P. MICHEL. (BUU,de la Soc. Frang. de Derm, et de Syph., June, 1920, xxxvi. No. 6, p. 321 [R.L.].)</p></li><li><p>SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE. 389</p><p>Hypersensitiveness to Heiminth Proteins. IL Cutaneous and Precipitin Tests withAscaris Extracts in Infected and Immunized Animals. F- A. COVENTRY.(Journ.y Prerentive .l/&gt;f/, .January, 1929, iii, X,X. series vi. No. 7, p. 7.31.)</p><p>Iododerma and Bromoderma. W. H. ]7.)</p><p>Leprosy in Manipur State. ( .^ G. CROZIER. (Ind. Med. Gazette, June, 1920, lxiv, No. 0,p. 315.)</p><p>Leprosy, Involvement of the Hairy Scalp i n ; A Report of Two Cases. E. A. N E F Fand R. J. SNODGRASS. (Journ. Trop. Med. and Hy</p></li><li><p>390 SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE.</p><p>Lichen Planus, Buccal; Therapeutic Check by Medullo-Cervical Radiotherapy. MAIREand WORINGER. {Bull, de la Soc. Frant;. de Derm, et de Syph., June, 1929, xxxvi.No. 0, p. 4 [R.S.].)</p><p>Livedo Racemosa. RUSCH. (Zentralbl. f. Haul- u. Geschtechtskrankheiten, July oth,1H29, XXX, Nos. 9 and 10, p. 553.)</p><p>Lupus Erythematosus of the Cheek. V. VOLPE. (Raggi UUravioletti, March-April,]!l2fl. V. Xns. :{ and 4. p. H4.)</p><p>Lupus Erythematosus Treated with Gold and Sodium Thiosulphate, A Report of Thirty-two Cases. H. C. SAUNDKRS. (X.Y. iSiate Jourm. of Med., August 1st, 1929,xxix. No. 15, p. 942.)</p><p>Lupus Erythematosus Treated with Intravenous Injections of Gold Chloride. H. HAXT-HAUSEN. (Hospitalstidende, November 22nd, 1928, Ixxi, No. 47, p. 34 ; andNovember 29th, 1928, No. 48, p. 56.)</p><p>Lupus Vulgaris. SVEND LOMHOLT. (Hospitalstidende, November 29th, 1928, Ixxi,No. 48, p. 64.)</p><p>Lupus Vulgaris and Erythematosus. H. MULLER. (Zentralbl. f. Haut- u. Geschlechfs-krankheiten, July 5th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 9 and 10, p. 559.)</p><p>Lupus Vulgaris, Exceptional Position of the Upper Lip in the Extension of. ST.RoTHMAN and W. KLEBE. {Derm. Wochenschr., July 13th, 1929, lxxxix. No. 28,p. 1019.)</p><p>Lupus Vulgaris, Treatment of. A. R. HALLAM. (Brit. Med. Journ., August 17th, 1929,Xn. .So8O. p. 307.)</p><p>Lymphogranulomatosis, Inguinal. J. FERNANDEZ DE LA PORTILLA. (Adas Dermo-Sifiliografcas, March, 1929, xxi. No. 6. p. 416.)</p><p>Milk Allergy in Infants. H. HALLARMAN. [Mcd. Journ. and Record, August 7th, 1929,cxxx, No. 3, p. 147.)</p><p>Molluscum Contagiosum. N. F, ARONSTAM. (Vrol. and Cut. Review, July, 199,xxxiii. No. 7, p. 44i^ .)</p><p>Molluscum Contagiosum and Turkish Baths. C. G. CROWLEY. (Med. Journ. Austral,June 15th, 1929, i, 16th year. No. 24, p. 806.)</p><p>Monilia Infections of the Hands and Feet. J. G. HOPKINS and R. W. BENHAM. (XeicYork State Journ. of Med., July 1st, 1929, xxix, No. 13, p. 793.)</p><p>Naevo-Carcinomas, Two Cases of. Rapidly Cured by Radiotherapy Associated withNegative Electrolysis. J. WATRIN. (Bull, de la Soc. Frang. de Derm, et deSyph., June, 1929, xxxvi. No. 6, p. 40 [R.N.].)</p><p>Naevus, An Unusual Vascular. J. C. MICHAEL and W. A. CLARK. (Arch, of Derm.and Syph., July, 1929, xx, No. 1, p. 36.)</p><p>Neurodermitis Nodularis. E. LIEBNER. (Zentralbl. f. Hant- u. Geschlechtskrankheiten,July 20th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 11 and 12, p. 693.)</p><p>Occupational Cancer in Cotton Workers. 8. A. HENRY. (Lancet, July 27th, 1929,ccxvii. No. 5526, p. 208.)</p><p>Onychopathies, A Preliminary Contribution to the Study of. N. E. ARONSTAM. {Amer,Med., April. 192!), xxxv. No. 4, p. 240; and May, 1929, No. 5, p. 30l.)</p><p>Pachyonychia Congenita. G. C. ANDREWS and S. STRUivnvASSER. (X.Y. State Journ.of Med., June 15th, 1929, xxix. No. 12, p. 747.)</p><p>Pellagra in Britain. (Editorial.) {Journ. Trop. Med. and Hyg., July 1st, 1929,xxxii, No. 13, p. 185.)</p><p>Pellagra in Ohio. (Current Comment.) {Journ. Amer. Med, Assoc, August 10th, 1929,xciii. No. 6, p. 462.)</p><p>Pemphigus Neonatorum Acuta and Dermatitis Exfoliativa. L. KLUMPER. {Nederla7id.Tijdschr. v. Geneesk., June 15th, 1929, lxxiii, No. 24, p. 2861.1</p></li><li><p>SURVEY OF DERMATOLOGICAL LITERATURE. 391</p><p>Pemphigus, Subacute, Commencing as Bucco-pharyngeal, of Long Duration. L.SPILLMANN, CREHANGE and POLU. {Bull de la Soc Frang. de Derm, et de Syph.,June, 1929, xxxvi. No. 0, p. 43 [R.N.].)</p><p>Pemphigus Vegetans, Case of Benign. GELB.TERG-HANSEN. {Hospitalstidende, November22nd. 1928, lxxi. No. 47, p. 31.)</p><p>Pemphigus Vulgaris. SVEND LOMHOLT. {Hospitalstidende, November 29th, 1928, lxxi.No. 48, p. 51.)</p><p>Pigmentation, A Note on. A. ROLLIER. {Brit. Journ. Actinotherapy, July, 1929, iv.No. 4, p. 78.)</p><p>Pigmented Growths of the Skin, Their Significance and Treatment. A. BENSON CANNON.{N. Y. State Journ. cjf Med., July 15th, 1929, xxix. No. 14, p. 857.)</p><p>Pityriasis Rubra, Improved then Cured, hy Antisyiihilitic Arsenical ^ edication. SPILL-MANN. {Bull de la Soc Frang. de Derm, ei de Syph., June, 1929. xxxvi. No. (i,p. 49[R.N.].)</p><p>Poikiloderma Atrophicans Vasculare. K. PINTER. {Zentralbl. f. Hauf- v. Geschlechts-knnikheiten, July 2l)th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 11 and 12, p. 090.)</p><p>Poikilodermia, Histological Study of a Case of. ADRIAN and Diss. [Bull, de la Soc.Frang. de Derm, et de Syph., June, 1929. xxxvi. No. 0, p. 14 [R.S.].)</p><p>Polycythaemia Rubra. E. HOFMANN. {Zentralbl f. Haut- u. Geschlechtskrankheiten,July 5th, 1929, xxx, Nos. 9 and 10, p. 502.)</p><p>Polycythaemia Rubra, Results of X-Ray Application in E. D. DUBOWY. {Strahlen-therapie, April 17th, 1929, xxxii. No. 2. p. 343.)</p><p>Polyomyositis Tropica. P. B. VAN STEENIS. {Arch. f. Schiffs- u. Tropenhygiene, July,1929, xxxiii. No. 7, p. 407.)</p><p>Prurigo Furunculoid, or Furunculosis Pruriginosa. E. A. S.\INZ DE AJA. {AdasDermo-Sifiliofiraficas, April, 1929, xxi. No. 7, p. 457.)</p><p>Pruritus after Mumps. C. W....</p></li></ul>