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<p> 1. Surprisingly Petra is something we will never forget If you visit Petra once, you will remember it always. It is a beautiful place with historic background, and you can visit this place within 2-3 days. There are several places that you can visit while you are at Petra. Petra, Capital of Nabataeans Arabs, is one of the ultimate famed archaeological places in the world. Well, Petra is the area where you can receive numerous hotels from low-priced to luxury also the trip is not so much luxurious. So, you can easily enjoy this trip with your family or dear one! Complete information about Petra tour! A complete town, Wadi Musa, has grown around Petra to help visitors to the site. There are hotels and restaurants of different types and assets here, opening exact alongside the visitor's middle and extending up into the tops. In the wake of conferring to Petra, you can stay at Petra visitor house or you can stay delegated court lodgings, these both hotels are arranged close traveler spot over the road or on the chance that you wish, you can stay at the sloping spots. 2. Most of the people prefer making a tour Petra at autumn or winter season. They prefer this season as because, during these seasons, you can visit this place smoothly. The weather will be fine and the temperature is also cool! Now presently, several tour companies provide attractive tour Petra packages to their clients. Due to the tough competition, each company offer different types of discounts and offers to attract the more clients. Now, check the company before tie up with them for the journey! Check their website and their customer feedback site, through which you can acquire an idea about that company and their service, after sale service, etc. Petra World Inheritance Place is the world birthright place. Petra travel is a best historic to visit. Lately broadcasted, it is the one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Somewhere else to visit is The Treasury (al-Khazna). Be arranged for the heavenly vision of this 2000-year-old, regarding which appearances like a Greek sanctuary with a vase at the highest that was once fanciful to hold significant capitals. Another finest place to occasion at Petra is Monastery. Religious community a rousing, however esteemed trek takes you to this astounding cloister, the primary hallowed place in Petra. 3. There are some people who always avoid crowding, for them night is the best. If you wish, you can visit Petra at night also. However, not every day you get this opportunity. You can get this facility only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. And to visit Petra, you have to buy tickets. Tickets are available for summer 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and in the winter 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. Another vital point is, Petra skips over a gigantic 60 square kilometer zone and you will wind up doing a considerable measure of strolling. In any case, on the chance that you wish you can take camels, steeds and jackasses for this reason. Address: P.O. Box 4345 City: Eilat State: Eilat Country: Israel Zip code: 88000 Phone No: (972)5722-98922 Fax: (972)7755-58280 Email ID: Website: </p>