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Surgical Instrument - Allis Clamp Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - Often used for grasping soft tissue such as breast tissue or bowel tissu

Surgical Instrument - Babcock Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - For grasping soft tissue or bowel.

Surgical Instrument - Army Navy Retractor Alias - US Retractor Use - Tissue or Bone Retraction Additional Info - Common to the both major and minor orthopedic and general surgery trays .

Surgical Instrument - Castro-Viejo Needle Driver Alias - Castro's Use - Suturing Additional Info - Castro viejo needle drivers are most common to Vascular, Opthalmic, and delicate Cosmetic Surgery. The come in both locking and non-locking varieties depending on surgeon preference and are used for very fine suture in the 5-0 and smaller range.

Surgical Instrument - Bonney Forceps Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - Often used for grasping fascia during the closure of abdominal surgery or for closure and suturing of large orthopedic procedures such as total knee and total hip replacement surgery

Surgical Instrument - Debakey Forceps Alias - Debakey's Use - Grasping Additional Info - One of the most common surgical forceps, used for grasping soft tissue, blood vessels and bowel.

Surgical Instrument - Curved Mayo Scissors Alias - None Use - Cutting Additional Info - Common to most surgical trays, used for cutting dense tissue where metz scissors are too delicate.

Surgical Instrument - Deep Gelpi Retractor Alias - None Use - Self Retaining Retractor Additional Info - Most commonly used in orthopedic and spine surgery.

Surgical Instrument - Double Action Rongeur Alias - None Use - Cutting Additional Info - Used for cutting bone in othopedic and spine surger

Surgical Instrument - Hemo Clip Applier Alias - None Use - Clamping Additional Info - For both permenant and temporary ligation of vessels and marking tissue for post operative imaging.

Surgical Instrument - Kerrison Punch Alias - None Use - Cutting Additional Info - For cutting bone in spine and neuro surgery.

Surgical Instrument - Kocher Alias - None Use - Grasping Additional Info - Used to grasp bone or fascia.

Surgical Instrument - Mayo Bodywall Retractor Alias - None

Use - Retraction Additional Info - For rectration in large abdominal surgeries.

Surgical Instrument - Metzenbaum Scissors Alias - Metz Use - Cutting Additional Info - The most common scissors use for cutting tissue.

Surgical Instrument - Penfield 1 Alias - None Use - Blunt Disection Additional Info - None

Surgical Instrument - Poole Suction Alias - None Use - Suction

Additional Info - All of the holes around the poole suction allow it to suck up large ammounts of fliud without getting clogged. Perfect after irrigating the abdominal cavity.

Surgical Instrument - Richardson Retractor Alias - Rich Use - Retraction Additional Info - Available in multiple sizes as well as single and double ended. This is one of the most common general surgery retractors.

Surgical Instrument - Russian Forceps Alias - Russians Use - Grasping Additional Info - A multi purpose pick up in most instrument sets.

Surgical Instrument - Mayo Scissors Alias - Suture Scissors Use - Cutting Additional Info - General purpose and suture cutting scissors, normally not used on tissue

Surgical Instrument - Weitlaner Retractor Alias - Self Retainer Use - Retraction Additional Info - Available with both sharp and dull jaws.

nstrument List #3 Knife Handle #7 Knife Handle 10 Blade 11 Blade 15 Blade 90 Degree Dural Elevator Adenoid Currette Adson Bipolar Forceps Adson Brown Forceps Adson Forceps Alexander Periosteotome Allis Clamp Alm Retractor Angled Debakey Aortic Clamp AP Suction Tip Army Navy Retractor Babcock Baby Bennette Retractor Back Biting Forceps Balfour Retractor Bayonette Bipolar Forceps Bayonette Forceps Beaver Blade Handle Bethune Rib Shears Bishop Harmond Forceps BoneTamp Bonney Forceps

Bovie Breast Template Brun Currette Burford Finochetti Butter Knife Caliper Carmault Cartilage Block Cartilage Crusher Castro Viejo Needle Holder Cerebellar Retractor Cherry Scissors Cobb Elevator Corneal Shield Cottle Angular Scissors Cottle Elevator Curved Allis Curved Dissector Cushing Forceps Davis Mouth Gag Deaver Retractor Debakey Clamp Debakey Forceps DeMarr Retractor Detrich Forceps Doyan Rib Rasp Dural Retractor Duval Lung Clamp Electro Cautery Pencil Facelift Scissors Fiber Optic Breast Retractor Fiber Optic Cord Finochetti Blade Fogarty Clamp Four Pronge Skin Hooks Frazier Suction Tip Freeman Retractor Freer Elevator Gaurded Osteotome

Gelpi, Deep Gelpi, Shallow Gerald Forceps Glover Clamp, Angled Glover Clamp, Curved Glover Clamp, Straight Goelet Retractor Gorgenson Scissors Hagar Scissors/Needle Holder Heaney Ballantyne Clamp, Curved Heaney Ballantyne Clamp, Straight Heaney Needle Holder Heaney-Simon Retractor Hemo Clip Applier Henley Retractor Hoen Elevator Hoke Osteotome Hurd Dissector Iris Scissors Isreal Retractor Jacob Tenaculm Jake Clamp Javid Carotid Clamp Karchner Internal Carotid Clamp Kelly Clamp Kerrison Rongeur Key Elevator Klien Needle Knight Scissors Kocher Clamp K-Wire Cutter Lahey Clamp Lambotte Osteotome Laparoscopic Grasper Laparoscopic Port Laparoscopic Trocar Liposuction Cannula Littler Scissors Maryland Grasper

Mayo Bodywall Retractor Mayo Scissors, Curved Mayo Scissors, Straight Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Metz Metzenbaum, Scissors Mosquito Clamp Mouth Gag Extension Mouth Gag Tongue Blade Nasal Rasp Nasal Speculum Nerve Hook New York Speculum Non Perforating Towel Clamp Olive Tip Suction Penfield 1 Penfield 2 Penfield 3 Penfield 4 Perforating Towel Clamp Pituitary Forceps Poole Suction Potts Scissors Putti Rasp Rag Nail Retractor Rainey Forceps Rat Tooth Forceps Rib Approximator Richardson Retractor Right Angle Clamp Rongeur, Single Action Rongeur, Double Action Rummel Stylet Russian Forceps Sauer Bursh Retractor Sauerbruch Rongeur Scapula Retractor Senn Retractor Sickle Knife

Sims Retractor Sinus Biting Forceps Sinus Currette Sinus Forceps Sinus Probe Sinus Scissors Sphenoid Punch Sponge Forceps Spring Retractor Statinsky Clamp Statinsky Scissors Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Strabismus Scissors T Clamp Takahashi Forceps Tenaculum, Double Tooth Tendon Passer Tenotomy Scissors Tonsil Clamp Tonsil Snare Two Pronge Skin Hooks Up Biting Forceps Uterine Sound Vein Retractor Vessel Irrigator Vessel Probe Webster Needle Holder Weeder Tongue Blade Weighted Vaginal Speculum Weitlaner Retractor, Dull Weitlaner Retractor, Sharp Westcott Scissors Woodson Elevator Wylie External Carotid Clamp Yankauer Suction

don't know of any internet sources for that info that provide pictures. But if you are expecting, your doctor or the hospital where you expect to deliver will most often have a tour of labor and delivery, and will show you what an actual delivery room looks like. The exact set up will depend on the hospital itself, and what kind of a labor you are having, as well as what sort of delivery is expected. If you deliver naturally in a tub

of water, that's going to be a lot different than a c-section in the OR. So the instruments, or lack of themwould vary greatly. Most deliveries don't require anything much beyond a set of umbilical clamps and scissors, and most of what you need is contained in a commercial kit used specifically for the purpose. Most of that is padding, wrapping and absorbable material, sterile drapes, towels, and gloves- aside from the umbilical clamps/ties, and scissors. Umbilical cords are a lot tougher than you'd think, so those are pretty heavy duty. Doctors have their own preference on using scissor or scalpels for episiotomy, and you have to ask the doctor about that. Sorry dear- you need to ask the folks at the hospital, and your doctor for these answers


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