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<p>By Sanjeet Anup David Fathima Raj</p> <p>HUL March</p> <p>2004 Ink stained pack Collect Runs Double intention Celebrities</p> <p>`</p> <p>Anup Kiran</p> <p>1959 HUL introduced surf excel laundry soaps to powder superlative whiteness, first national detergent brand on TV 1970 Launch of nirma Lalitaji based on price value equation 1990 Concentrate and mid priced powder segments launch of ariel and Surf Ultra Daag Dhoondthe Reh Jaaoge, It promised the best stain removal 1996 Surf launches Surf Excel- complete cleaning and care Jaise bhi daag ho, surf excel hai na</p> <p>2003 Simple Laundry, Surf Surf Excel blue Jayega nahi jayega, Actresses - Revathi and Shabana Azmi 2005 Dirt is good Agar daag lagne se kuch acha hota hai, toh daag ache hain 2006 Rin supreme bar to New surf excel bar Current Rs 350-crore premium detergents market. Surf Excel currently has a 65 per cent marketshare in this segment followed by P&amp;Gs Ariel which has a share of about 30 per cent.</p> <p>Strong brand portfolio. ` Price , quantity and variety. ` Reach of the products. ` Social responsibility of the company. ` Competitive advantage. ` Success in slogan like STAIN WINS And STAIN IS BAD High quality manpower.`</p> <p>` ` ` ` ` `</p> <p>Strong competitors. High price. Substitute products. High spending on csr. Lack of competitive strength. Not spending much money on R&amp;D.</p> <p>` ` ` ` `</p> <p>Changing lifestyle of people. Increasing volume of production. Niche target market, Geographical export and import. Development on R&amp;D.</p> <p>` ` ` ` ` `</p> <p>Competition from the giants like P&amp;G. Economic life cycle. Introduction of local products. Constant price war. Increasing production and labour cost. Political effect.</p> <p>` Briefly</p> <p>describe the promotional method followed by HLL. State the factors that led HLL to choose such a promotional method.</p> <p>HLL followed both above the line and below the line promotional strategies.Below the line promotions: </p> <p>Word of mouth. Campaigning across the country over 1000 schools. Different prize offers viz Rs. 5lakh scholarship for students, Zenith Personal Computers, Oxford Dictionary etc,. Promoting through celebrities like Jonty Rhodes, Sania Mirza, Tina Chatwal and many others. Television Commercial. It was aired during India-Australia cricket series to have an impact on students.</p> <p>Above the line promotions: </p> <p>` ` ` `</p> <p>Drastic fall of prices of Ariel and Tide. Still to be the market leader. Brand awareness. Targeting the potential customers.</p> <p>`</p> <p>What measures did HLL take to ensure that the promotional campaigns did not run into trouble due to the use of cash prizes and other gifts? What are the drawbacks associated with this kind of promotional campaign?</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Jonty Rhodes donating the cash prize worth 1lakh rupees to a Mumbai based NGO. The promotion was projected in such a way that the offers are provided to help aid the students financially who wanted to pursue higher education. All different categories of offers were related to the educational benefits of students.</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Customers may be loyal only until the offers are available. Customers will further expect different offers for the same product. Cost incurred on offers and for celebrities.</p> <p>What are the objectives of the Win with Stains campaign? How far do you think celebrity endorsements will help in fulfilling the objectives of the campaign?</p> <p>Objectives of the Campaign: Unique Consumer promotion build underscore the core promise of Surf Excel -which is stain removal. Growth in sales volume. Targeted at woman and school going children. To build an emotional connect. Effect of celebrity endorsements on the campaign objective:Quick Sales Quick connect Short hand for brand values Brand differentiation</p>