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SESSION 2A - ‘Bus Rapid Transit – Stories from 2013


  • 1. Surat Bus Rapid Transit SystemAbhijit Lokre, Associate Professor / Faculty of Planning, Centreof Excellence in Urban Transport, CEPT University,Ahmedabad

2. Surat Bus Rapid Transit SystemApril 2013An Initiative of :SURAT MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONAbhijit Lokre / Associate Professor / Faculty of PlanningCentre of Excellence in Urban Transport, CEPT University, Ahmedabad 3. Surat today Population - 45.85 Lakhs (2011) Municipal Area 326.51 sqkm 2nd largest city in Gujarat 9th largest city in India Large Migrant Population-56 % of the citys population-80% of those living in squatter settlements-50% Migrants from other states Manufacturing City: (Diamond & Textiles)- 42 % of the worlds total rough diamond cutting andpolishing- 70 % of the nations total rough diamond cutting andpolishing- 40 % of the nations total diamond exports- 40 % of the nations total man made fabric production-18 % of the nations total man made fibre exportSuratDelhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor 4. Surat With No Public Transport 5. Challenge for Surat to create Sustainable High Quality Public TransportSurat with Limited Public Transport 6. Rapid Growth 38 lakh population High City Mobility 38 lakh Passengertrips per day Inadequacies in the road networkIncomplete Road NetworkMissing HierarchyLack of uniformity In ROWConstraints River, Canal, Khadi, RailwayLineMobility Challenges Inadequate Public Transport3-Wheelers act As Public Transit (7-9 lakh trips)100 buses introduced recently (45 000 trips) Intrusion Of Regional Goods And PassengerVehicles Into The Cities High Road Fatalities Congestion Sensitive Air Quality 7. Corridor Assessment Traffic Generators/ Destinations Socio- Economic Factors Travel Demand Factors affecting BRTS implementation:Critical Consideration:Post Improvement Service Quality (perceived) - DifferentUser Groups Nobody should be facing worsening situation Existing Private Vehicle users Must at least receive samelevel of service. Preferably improved level of service Mass transit Users Must receive substantially improvequality of service 8. Existing RoadsProposed RoadsLegend:HaziraIndustrialEstateAirportSuratRly. stnAmroliSarthanaSachinGIDCProposed ring roadnetwork 110 kms.Proposed radial roadnetwork 215 kms.Future road network(2035)Existing river bridges- 7Proposed river bridges7 +1 wideningExisting RuB- 7Existing RoB - 4Proposed RoB/RuB - 15Structuring urban road networkPROPOSALSdetails 9. SURAT BRTSPhase 1 10. Wide RoadsSelecting Network in Phase 1 - Wide Roads 11. No RoadsSelecting Network - No Roads 12. Selecting Network - Slum Upgradation 13. TRANSIT VOLUMES07-06-11 01:16MODULE: 6.22CEPTUNIV....kpEMME/2 PROJECT: UTP MODEL FOR AHMEDABAD IPTS PROJECTSCENARIO :2000 Year 2000-base year modelWINDOW:91247/ -15779113441/866.513LINKS:type=2TRANSIT LINES:r1 r11r12 r2r3 r4r5 r6r7 r8r95000040000300002000010000SCALE: 400030881150542021318445054353338173161773011189351571843425243198792689978654811140994017169631841888591453413750188725791051115923118331578854607113881350224443889215920102091998617669255221640629171205281644574224648582365320534154682196019487784419662445317196230848410104132536723229199294370081772837932214902300610294165911418316839166401851815532226951454919913 10262180381673616802652625820384265629132301026718664149932498418081144481984993348677467324852639032048320949 14819538145864817011Demand on existing road (without canal road) Demand on existing road (with canal road)BRT DemandSelecting Network Canal Road BRTSCreating new opportunitiesDemand follows Supply 14. SURAT BRTS NETWORK Phase 1+2+3PHASE 1 Year of Sanction 2008 Start Year of implementation 2009 Phase 1 Corridors 30 km Corridor 1 (10 km) Completion date 2013 Corridor 2 (20 km) Completion date 2014PHASE 2PHASE 3 Network length - 42 kms Network length - 30 kms`Kosad EWSValakSarthanaSimadaMagob citylimitGajera junc.Dabholi charrastaJahangirpuraAdajanpatiaPalDumas resortONGCDaksheshwarSt. Thomasschool junc.AnuwratDwar.ChowkBhagalKatargamRailwayStationUdhanaDarwazaAaimataKharwarnagarHirabaugAmroliParvat patiya11233455969710A10A8888810BSachinSachinGIDCElevatedcorridor`Kosad EWSValak Junc.SarthanaSimadaMagob citylimitGajera junc.Dabholi charrastaDaksheshwarChowkBhagalKatargamRailwayStationUdhanaDarwazaAaimataKharwarnagarHirabaugAmroliParvat patiya3455969710A10A8888810BSachinSachinGIDC- Phase I-Phase II- Phase III- Phase IVLEGEND- Major JunctionsElevatedcorridorPHASE 4 3.5 km long elevated corridorconnecting railway station and citycenter 15. Public Transport CoverageBRT Network Length: 102 km.Feeder Network Length: 157 km.Total PT Network Length: 250 km.Built up coverage: 80%Total Built up area: 166 sqkm.Built up covered: 133 sqkmSURAT BRTS NETWORK COVERAGE 16. Wide RoadsPhase 1 Work StatusCORRIDOR 1Udhna Sachin (10 km) Road work - Scheduled to becompleted and operational by May,2013 Prototype Bus Stop completed 19 bus stops under construction Scheduled to be completed andoperational by May, 2013CORRIDOR 2Canal Corridor (20 km) Canal edge lining work underconstruction Road work under construction Bus stops tender uploadedLegendBRTS Phase 1 network(30.5 kms.)BRTS Phase 2+3 network(72 kms.) 17. 50 Bus Stations (Phase 1 30 kms.)75 Bus Stations (Phase 2 42 kms.)59 Bus Stations (Phase 3 30 kms.)500-600 meter spacingSitilink - Transit Line diagram 18. Phase 1 - Ongoing Work at Udhana Sachin corridor 19. Phase 1 - Ongoing Work at Udhana Sachin corridor 20. Phase 1 - Ongoing Work at Canal RoadCanal edge work in progressWorking days 7-10 days in a Month due to flowof water by Irrigation dept. 21. Phase 1 StatusPrototype Bus Station Completed Prototype Bus Station CompletedActivity Area Trees retained along Footpath 22. BRTS Bus Station Prototype Implemented 23. Phase 1 Status : 19 Bus stations nearing Completion 24. Phase 1 Status : 19 Bus stations nearing Completion 25. BRTS Bus Station along Canal 26. Fuel stationBus parking areaDrivers facility WorkshopStaff parking area AndFire exitServicesWorkersfacilityBus parking areaGeneralInspectionBRTS Workshop & Depot facility:Under Construction at Bhestan 27. SURAT BRTSBRTS Facilities Workshop, depots, Drivers FacilityBRTS Interchange station, BRTS Control Centre 28. Under Construction (Phase I)Plot to be finalized from SMC for Phase IPlot to be finalized from SMC for Phase II2.5Km distance to reach origin of BRTRouteKosadJahingirpuraDumas Resort(TP 65 Vesu- Bharthana- Althan)Plot to be reviewed and allottedBhestanSaroli City LimitMagob(TP 53- Magob Dumbhal Draft)Plot to be reviewed and allottedValakPalStrategic location of workshop depot shall minimize deadkms. During start of oprations.Proposed location towards the starting point of routesScrutinize availability of plot within 2-5 kms.Proposed BRTS Bus Workshops & Depots 29. Workshop and depot at BhestanProposed BRTS Bus Workshops & Depots 30. Drivers drive buses in criticalUrban traffic conditions Responsible for Passenger safety Lack of rest between trips andschedule often affects physicaland mental state Basic facilities like drinking water,toilet facility, rest room proposedat end terminal locationsNeed for Drivers facility 31. JahangirpuraKosadValakMagobSachinONGC CircleDrivers facility and end terminal 32. Drivers facility and end terminal 33. HaziraGems &jewelryparkDiamondindustry/marketsSouth Guj.UniversitySurat Rly. stnApparelParkSachin GIDC KharwarnagarJunctionTextileMarketsPublic institutionsPandesaraGIDCAIRPORTRAILWAY LINEREGIONAL BUS TERMINALS(GSRTC)RAILWAY STATIONSBRTS PHASE I CORRIDORSUdhna Rly Stn.Utran Rly Stn.Transit Line DiagramBRTS Phase I CorridorsBRTS Interchange Station at KharwarnagarA MAJORTRANSFERSTATION! 34. Existing Traffic movement Proposed Traffic movementExisting and Proposed Traffic MovementsBRTS InterchangeStation 35. 3 bus bays per directionOvertaking lanesInterchange areaCommon entry pointsBRT + BRTInterchangeTicketingPassengeraccessPaid areaEasy PassengertransfersBRTS Interchange at Kharwarnagar 36. BRTS Interchange at Kharwarnagar 37. BRTS Control Centre at KharwarnagarTender process in progressSitilink Operations, Management and controlATCS control room 38. BRTS Control Centre at KharwarnagarSitilink Operations ControlAudio Visual roomCall centreCard InitializationITS enabledATCS Control room 39. SURAT BRTSOperations Plan 40. BRT NetworkFeeder NetworkPublic Transit Network 41. BRT Network:Speed: 23 km/hr.HDW: 5 min.Feeder Network:Speed: 18 km/hr.HDW: 10 minPass. Volume per DayBRT NetworkFeeder Network34000BRTS + Feeder Network Volumes 42. JahangirpuraPalONGC circleSachin GIDCMagobValakAmroliHirabazaarSuratRly StnDabholiKharwarnagarBRTS Routes 11 trunk routes 43. SURAT BRTSInnovations in Transit Oriented DevelopmentDeveloping Public Spaces along BRTS 44. Existing canalBRT LanesBRT Interchange StationSplit FlyoversMixed traffic lanesPedestrian pathsAvailable plotsKharwarnagar junction design proposal15,889.62 sq.m.5525.18 sq.m.PARCEL APARCEL BPARCEL C3000 sq.m.Parcel A : TRANSIT HUB / Offices/ commercial/ retail/ hotels/restaurants/ entertainment zones- multiplexParcel B : BRT control station / Public parks / amphitheatreParcel C : Rehabilitation of project affected units 45. THE TWO PILLARS OF SURAT : THE TEXTILE AND DIAMOND INDUSTRYCONCEPT:THE PROGRESS OF SURAT IS HUGELY INDEBTED TO THE TWO MAIN STAY INDUSTRIES THE TEXTILEAND THE DIAMOND IN WHICH SURAT IS A GLOBAL POWER TO RECKON WITH. THE CONCEPT OF THEENTIRE PROJECT IS TO PAY TRIBUTE TO THE TWO INDUSTRIES AND THEREBY RECOGNISE ITSCONTRIBUTION IN MAKING SURAT ONE OF THE FASTEST DEVELOPING CITIES OF THE WORLD.THE FOLDS OF THE TEXTILE AND THE GLITTER OF THE POLISHED DIAMOND BECOME IMPORTANTELEMENTS IN THE CREATION OF THIS ICONIC BUILDING OF SURAT WHICH SHALL ASPIRE TO BECOMETHE ULTIMATE PUBLIC DESTINATION IN THE CITY OF SURAT.Concept The Hub 46. STAR RATEDHOTELHI-ENDRESTAURANTOFFICESOFFICESHELIPADRETAILSRETAILSOFFICE PARKING