Supreet's birthday PPT 2012

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Supreet's birthday PPT 2012


  • 1. TELMASA presentsTHE Consultant !?

2. Tomorrow is celebrated as World consulting day .Now you know why !! Celebrated across Continents 3. A real time practitioner!! When we study, he studies When we dont study, even then he studiesBut what???? 4. Operations Just in TimeA perfect planner Breakfast 9:55 AM Snacks 5:25 PM Dinner 8:55 PM Night Canteen 1:55 AM 5. Finance - Arbitrage Creative RG CARTS End term : They taught, but he got !! Self RG PVGCO: He reflected but outcome deflected 6. Strategy Suggestion please! He TAUGHT strategy to Profs, in MESS !!! Supreet!! Rides in every project literally!Rest of his teammembers Slide Master - A staunchbeliever of commercial breaks !! 7. Perfect Marketing Mix4Ps as a PGP1:PANDA .. PANDA.. PANDA.. PANDA7Ps as a PGP2: 8. Economics A living legendPareto He makes himself better off, while making others worse-off (Mess account!) !!Ask Known popularly among the batch KIND and GENEROUS !! 9. His favorite pass time @ D-topRemote _____ Monitoring 10. Why is he called The Consultant! The first ever ICON secy of IIM B International projects for ICON, withhandsome rewards(to whom?) Launched 30+ projects in one term surpassingprevious records! 11. Spiritual Master : Swami Supreetanandasquotes "Give me a chance to stand on earth and I willmove the world I am ready to be a life long virgin to become aconsultant. Dare to speak to me in Hindi. I can rip you offfront, back and diagonal. Guy1: What do people do after marriage? Sup: I dont know. I can only give suggestions 12. Dear All,ICON brings to you a unique opportunity to work with SHOE forGLORY A Hooshing academy promoted by Supreet Kumar (AceGLOBEL consultant ).Please note that this is not a paid project. The project is expected tostart as soon as the shortlisting of the students at D-Base at 1 AM.If interested, please come up with one good Hawai Chappal !!The shortlisted candidates will be provided with free consulting advice.Regards,The Consultant Fans Association, Yenkipaadu village, AP !