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<p>About us</p> <p>Our philosophyPoliana is a family enterprise, whose efforts to create the best olive oil there is, began in 2008. Originated from a small village in the Southern Peloponnese called Poliana (hence the name), in 2010 we dynamically entered the Greek olive oil market, presenting a collection of superior extra virgin olive oils, each having a unique personality.This is the Dragonea Skliris family, who respecting the family tradition, organically cultivates its own orchards (located in Fichtia Mycenae Argolis &amp; Niochori Meligalas Messinia), not mixing the three different varieties of olives they have chosen, so as to produce three excellent and unique extra virgin olive oils, without the intervention of any chemical or non-biological procedure.</p> <p>The Orchards</p> <p>The Argolis Orchard</p> <p>Located in Fichtia Mycenae (Northern Peloponnese) , in an extremely picturesque 42 acre (17 hectares) orchard, in which apart from the olive trees one can come across pines and wild forest vegetation, lies our first privately owned traditional orchard, which has about 1,400 Manaki variety olive trees and 1,000 Koroneiki variety olive trees.</p> <p>Privately Owned Stone Mill Grinder</p> <p>In the Argolis Orchard the biggest of the two, we chose to build our very own olive oil mill, choosing stone mill grinders as the best means of extracting oil of excellent quality, cold press extraction (max 18C) so as to keep all of the oils nutritional components (vitamins, antioxidants, phenols, etc.) along with the great taste. Combining the afore mentioned means with traditional hand picking of the olives and contemporary state of the art technology, we have managed to produce the best olive oil possible, unfiltered and not refined in any way.</p> <p>The Messinia Orchard</p> <p>Own second 17 acre (7 hectares) owned orchard lies at the feet of Ithomi Mountain in Messinia (Southern Peloponnese) , surrounded by a steep creek and a small river, which is natures way of protecting the olive trees from frost in the winter along with parasites and extreme heat in the summer. There, one can find about 1,000 Koroneiki variety olive trees, which are over a hundred years old. There, during harvest period, the olives are hand picked and taken daily to our stone mill grinder in specially constructed boxes (in order to achieve air circulation and the olives not to squash between themselves), so that the oil will be extracted on the same day.</p> <p>the Products</p> <p>The Poliana supreme extra virgin olive oils are single variety olive oils, having unique nutritional facts and qualities such as:</p> <p> Origin terroir (location, soil, microclimate, olive varieties)</p> <p> Organic cultivation and traditional way of picking the olives (hand picked)</p> <p> Traditional way of the olive oil production (stone mill grinder cold extraction at max 18C)</p> <p> Application of contemporary knowhow and technology and product certification.</p> <p>We decided to keep our olive oils separated due to the following factors:</p> <p>a) the olive variety they are made of is different from one another, and</p> <p>b) the geographical characteristics of each orchard are unique, giving therefore each of our single variety olive oil a distinct taste.</p> <p>Single Variety Olive Oils - Special Characteristics</p> <p> POLIANA Extra Virgin Manaki Argolidos Olive Oil</p> <p>Soft and fruity in taste, the mildest of the three, is full bodied and has a flowery aftertaste.</p> <p> POLIANA Extra Virgin Koroneiko Argolidos Olive Oil</p> <p>Spicy and peppery it has a strong, distinct taste and leaves you with a faint feeling of chamomile and green apple, as well as aroma of olive leaves.</p> <p> POLIANA Extra Virgin Koroneiko Messinias Olive Oil</p> <p>Classical Greek olive oil with balanced taste. It consists the equilibrium of the two above mentioned oils. It is full bodied, leaving an earthy aftertaste.</p> <p>Gourmet Collection - Special Characteristics</p> <p>Using organic herbs and citrus fruits from our land and grinding them in the stone mill along with the olives, we have created a range of gourmet olive oils, that are ideal for marinades for meat and fish, salads, desserts.</p> <p> POLIANA Gourmet Olive Oil with ORANGE</p> <p>Strong taste and aroma and very fruity, it is ideal for marinades, green salads and stews.</p> <p> POLIANA Gourmet Olive Oil with WILD THYME</p> <p>Soft taste, leaving a strong aftertaste of wild thyme, it adds a twist to boiled vegetable salads as well as white fish.</p> <p> POLIANA Gourmet Olive Oil with LEMON</p> <p>Its lemony taste makes it great for all kinds of meat and fish and for yoghurt salad dressings.</p> <p>CERTIFICATIONS</p> <p>We are under the procedure of getting the certification of organic cultivation from DIO (certification and inspection organization of organic products) in September 2011, since we have been cultivating organically for the past five years. The orchards are also certified by AGROCERT with AGRO 2.1 &amp; 2.2 certifications of determination of pesticide residues, that no pesticides of any kind are detected in our orchards (samples randomly taken: leaves, soil, fruit). Last but not least, we are certified with GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) International certification of integrated management (certificate nr. 3460/10).</p>


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