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Day 3 of VBS Bible skits


<ul><li><p>SuperHero U Day 3 Noah builds an ark Bible Story: Genesis 6:9-22 Bottom Line: Give your all to help, even if it takes all your time. </p><p>Setting and Background: Create a hidden location off stage to be Noahs workplace. In the workplace have some wood, a saw, and a hammer for Noah to use to simulate building the ark. On stage, use two low dividers to create three spaces: 1) an area for Noahs family (left), 2) an area for the people of the world (right), and 3) an area for Noah to interact with his family, other people, and God (center) . One person stands in the right area to represent the evil people of the world. A man and woman stay in the left area to repre sent Noahs wife and his son, Japeth. When Noahs family and the evil man are not part of the action, they sit in the back of their areas. A young boy or girl (8-16, the younger the better) remains off stage until the last scene. During the main part of the story (Noah Builds an Ark), Noah alternates between working out of sight and coming forward to interact with his family, the evil man, and God. At the start of the story, Noahs family and the evil man sit in the back part of their respective areas. Noah kneels out beyond the center stage section. Noah talks to himself and God to set up the story for the children. </p><p>Story: Warping Wendy introduces. Hi everybody! It's Warping Wendy again! Who did we visit yesterday? ...David! Now, David listened to God even though he was scared. But there are other times when it can be hard to listen to God, right? What about when listening to God takes up all your time? Well, today we're going to talk about someone very special who spent all of his time following God's plan. Let's see what happens. (Do warp away sequence) (SFX: Do warping or swooshing sound as they travel in time into the story) An Impending Flood </p><p>Noah: (Looking upward to heaven) Ill be honest, I didnt believe You when you first told me. You planned to destroy every living creature. You said you would flood the world. Flood the world? O great God of Heaven, I didnt know where all that water would come from. Noah: (Looking down at the ground) Who am I kidding? I still dont know where all the water will come from. And, truly, great God . . . please do forgive me . . . but there are still times Im not sure I believe You. At least I dont believe that I understood what You told me. You said that you would save me . . . me and my family. But who am I, great God of Heaven, that you would be mindful of me ? Who is my family, that You would show such mercy on us? Noah: (Looking again at heaven) And this task you have given me . . . building this enormous ark. I dont understand why. Ive known you, great God of Heaven, since I was born. I have walked with you and talked with you since I became a man. I know Your power knows no bounds. You do not need this ark to achieve your purpose. (Lifting his hands to heaven) So why? Why do you ask this of me? I have </p></li><li><p>already worked for many years, and there is much yet to do to complete my task. Why have you given me such a heavy load? (Noah pauses, waiting for an answer from God, but none comes.) Noah: But it is not my place to question your ways, O great God of Heaven. It is only my place to do as you ask. An ark you have asked me to build. An ark I shall build. (Noah exits to his workplace (out of sight) at the back of the stage. Noah uses the tools to simulate building an ark.) Noah Builds an Ark </p><p>(Noahs wife moves to the center of her area, leans on the barrier, and looks back toward where Noah works. In a few moments, Japeth joins his mother at the barrier. He looks alternately to his mother and to where his father works.) Japeth: (With concern) What is it mother? Noahs wife: (Looking briefly to Japeth, before looking back to where Noah works) Nothing, son. Its nothing. Japeth: (Placing a hand on his mothers shoulder) Mother, somethings changed over the past several months. For years you went about your business at home while father worked. But now . . . .more and more I see you here, watching him. What worries you? Noahs wife: (Looking at Japeth) This is hard work, son. And your father and I arent young anymore. He is well past 500. I know he has many, many good years ahead of him. (Holding Japeths hands with hers) And you and your brothers are so good, helping your father with his work. But I see the toll its taken on him. His whole body aches in the evenings and it is harder for him to rise with the sun. I dont understand why God has asked this of him. (Noah walks out from his workplace to the center area of the stage. Noahs wife and Japeth startle and try to hide their concern for Noahs health. Noah hugs his wife across the barrier.) Noah: How are you, wife? I love to see you come out as I work. I appreciate your company. (Noah rubs his back and groans, trying to work out a kink) Noahs wife: I love you, husband. But I worry about you. That pain in your back seems to be getting worse. Are you sure you must continue (stopping before she completes the thought) . . . No, no. Im sorry, my love. You must follow our Gods instructions. (Noahs wife and Japeth return to the back of their area. Noah walks out beyond the center area and kneels before God.) Noah: O great God of Heaven, you know all things and are always faithful. Hel p me understand. My wife is right; these aches are always with me now. And I miss her, o great God. I spend so much time building Your ark, that I see her, and my boys, less and less. (Bowing his head to the ground) But your </p></li><li><p>ways are higher than mine. I need not understand because I trust you o great God. I shall complete my work. (Noah rises and returns to his workspace. Noah uses the tools to simulate building an ark. As Noah walks through the center area of the stage, the evil man &amp; evil lady come forward in his area and call out as Noah leaves. Warping Wendy warps into the crowd of evil man and evil lady. She attempts to hide behind a plant.) (SFX: Short warping or swooshing sound as Warping Wendy enters scene) Evil Man: (Sarcastically) Hey Boat Man! Ready to set sail? Oh, wait, theres not water anywhere around here! (Points at Noah and laughs cruelly)(Evil lady laughs) (After Noah is working out of sight, Japeth moves to the center of his area and pretends to do some kind farming work plowing, planting seeds, pulling weeds, harvesting grain, etc. Japeth ignores the Evil Man as he taunts him. Japeth moves the plant as he farms. Exposed Warping Wendy then pretends to be a part of the evil crowd by jeering along.) Evil Man: (Sarcastically) Oh, look! Its Boat Boy! Why plant crops? Why till the ground? Why pull up weeds? I thought your god was going to flood the world. Isnt that what your kooky old man says? (Laughs) Evil Lady: Your old man is just wasting his life and yours too. What a shame! You could be out having fun with us. WW: Yeah! Evil Lady: Hey, where did you get that outfit from? WW: Oh, I made it. Evil Lady: interesting. (she grabs a tunic off evil man and clumsily creates a cape for herself to wear and model as if on a runway) (Evil Man and Evil Lady wait for a reaction from Japeth, but Japeth continues his work without acknowledging them.) Evil Man: (Louder) Hey, Boat Boy! Im talking to you. Hey! I know your old man is crazy. What are you, deaf? (Evil Man picks up a stone (wadded up piece of paper or bean bag), throws it at Japeth, and hits him. WW is completely shocked but continues to try to fit in evil crowd. Japeth stands, rubbing whatever part of his body the stone hit. Evil Man and evil lady and WW return to the back of their area, laughing. As they leave, Noah returns, and sees Japeth hurt. Noah begins to walk toward Japeth, bu t Japeth leaves, returning to the back of his area. Noah changes direction, walks beyond the center area, and kneels before God.) Noah: O great God of Heaven, I give You all I have to give: the devotion of my heart, the work of my hands, the hours of my day, and (choking up) my familys peace. But great God, I do not understand </p></li><li><p>why You have laid this labor on me. I can take the taunting of my neighbors. Their words do not hurt me; I know they are just words. I know You love me and shall carry me through everything. But to watch my family (choking up again) . . . great God, to see my family ridiculed and hurt . . . my family hurt, o great God. Help me understand, my God. Why must I build this boat? What is it all for? (Noah mutters what is it all for? and quietly sobs as the young child comes up and sits next to him. Noahs tone is always gentle and loving as he talks to the child. If the child is young enough for it to be appropriate, the child should nestle into Noah as their conversation continues, like a grandfather with his grandchild.) What Its All For </p><p> Child: (Tugging on Noahs robe) Mr. Noah? Noah: (Sniffing and wiping an eye to regain his composure. Speaking gently) What is it, child? Child: Why are you building the big boat? Noah: (Placing an arm around the child) Why do you ask, child? Child: Father said God told you to build the boat. Noah: Thats right, child. He did. Child: Why did He ask you to do that? Noah: Because the worlds broken. And God wants to fix it. Child: How is it broken? Noah: Nobody loves each other anymore. And nobody loves God. Its sad. And it makes God sad, because He loves everyone. So God told me to build the boat. He said Hes going to wipe out all the hate, all the meanness, all the selfishness. God said Hes going to start over with love. Child: Does God love me? Noah: (Hugging the child, as age appropriate) Oh, yes, child. God loves you very much. And God wants you to love Him back. Child: (Pauses, in thought) If I love God back, does that mean I have to listen to him? Noah: Yes, child, if you love God, then youll want to listen to Him. Child: Does that mean I cant always do what I want? Noah: Sometimes. Sometimes God will ask you to do something, and you might not want to do it. </p></li><li><p>Child: (Pauses for several moments, thinking, before responding with some saddness) Then I dont think I can love God back. Im sorry, Mr. Noah. (Child stands and walks slowly offstage. Noah sadly watches the child leave.) Noah: (Looking toward heaven) I understand now, o great God of Heaven. Im not building the ark for me or my family. (Glancing back in the direction the child left) Im building it for them. You still love them. Youre hoping theyll change. This ark is for them. I understand, great God. Ill keep building, my God. And I wont stop until you say its time. It can take as long as you want, great God. All the time you need, o great God. Ill give You all the time You need. (Noah stands and walks back to his workplace. Lights dim) Warping Wendy closes. Wow, if ever there was an example of someone who selflessly gave their time for the work of the Lord--it's Noah! Did you know it is said that it took him between 75-100 years to build the ark? Then after it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, he and his family had to wait another 150 days aboard the ark until the flood waters vanished. That is a lot of time spent working for and waiting on God. However, because he was willing to help no matter how much time it took, he and his family were spared from the flood and Noah went on to live hundreds more years. Have you ever had to wait that long for something? Well, see later! Bye! (WW runs off stage) </p></li></ul>