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views Superfast Business - offers fully funded support to help ambitious businesses in the South West with a focus on rural areas identify, maximise and profit from the opportunities that superfast broadband and new technologies present. They have a team of expert advisers, a programme of events on hot topics offering inspirational insights and practical solutions and access to IT specialists and knowledge. The service is aimed at businesses who have heard superfast broadband is coming to their area or are already experiencing good connection speeds and fulfill ERDF eligibility criteria. Register on their website today to see if your business is able to access the full support package and keep up to date with the latest technologies and information. w: e: t: 0845 603 8593


  • 1. Serco InternalSocial Media Ways to make it work for your business Matt Young @Cosmic_Matty

2. Serco Internal 3. Serco @superfastbizFacebook our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' 603 8593Stay up to date 4. Serco InternalSocial Media Ways to make it work for your business 5. Serco Internal 6. Serco InternalAverage age of Facebook user in UK?Average age of Twitter user in UK?% of pensionable age UK residents on Facebook 7. Serco InternalDid you know? Twitters fastest-growing age group? 79% increase since 2012 Facebooks fastest-growing age group? 51% increase since 2012 8. ListenGoogle AlertsTwitterFeedlyShare & converseTwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterestNewsletterContent creation & BroadcastYou TubeBlogFlickriTunes/podcastsCommunity buildingForumFacebook GroupsLinkedIn GroupsVirtual worldsSocial media engagement ladderLess timeMore time 9. Serco InternalMobileMobile PhoneorTabletaround 80% 10. Serco InternalListen 11. Serco InternalUse social media for salesListening for social cuesListening for your brand and reputationListen to hashtags for mention of needs #Check social media search termsCheck out your reputationCheck SERPs of your phrasesCheck review sitesReady crisis management plan 12. Serco Internal 13. Serco InternalListen for sales opportunitiesWhats the best way to?How do I ? 14. Serco InternalHashtag ideasIndustry specific#manufacturing#3dprintingGeographic specific#Exeter#DevonCampaign specific#innochatMedia specific#journorequest#prrequest 15. Serco Internal 16. Serco InternalListen Tweetdeck/Hootsuite 17. Serco Internal 18. Serco InternalFeedly 19. Serco InternalShare 20. Serco Internal 21. Serco InternalBe part of the communitySharing content helps you to be part of a communityAmplifying contentFuel and support the eco-system1.Helping person who created the content they will reciprocate2.Can maintain an independent point of view you can be seen as a content curator its not all about you3.Heres something someone else says what do you think? Helping stimulate conversation 22. Serco InternalFollow content worth sharingInterior Design 23. Serco InternalStep 2 share or retweet 24. Serco InternalEngage and share through influencersInfluencers like Tanya Burr? 25. Serco Internal2,391,732 subscribers on YouTube 26. Serco InternalWhos your influencer?Social Media guru 27. Serco InternalHow do you find influencers?Klout 28. Serco Internal 29. Serco InternalCreate content 30. Adapted from Media Cloverleaf by Richard EdelmanContent first strategyTradigitalE-newsForumsDigital magazinesTraditionalMediaPressSocial networks Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedInWebsiteResponsive designMobile enabledOwned ContentVideo, blogs, photosCreateOncePostEverywhere 31. Serco InternalWhat Content?Facts & figures = InfographicsShowcase your staffShowcase businesses/customers you work withPhotos and videoBlog postsInstructional, learning content for your community scientists, procurement specialists 32. Serco InternalBecome a storytellerRe-use many timesContent 33. Serco Internal 34. Serco Internal 35. Serco InternalBecome a storytellerMake it visual, engaging, emotional 36. Serco InternalReacting 37. Serco InternalVideo please1 in 3 Millennials watch online material and virtually no broadcast TV 38. Serco InternalCustomer supportCreating video content for customer retention & staff engagement and training:Sony Xperia have created a YouTube channel of all their support and advice guides. 39. Serco InternalPinterestKnow your audience75million users2/3 of holiday destination choices from the female of the house.And80% of Pinterest users are female 40. Pinterest 41. Serco InternalVine & InstagramMini videoVine -6 second videoInstagram short videoCompanies using vine as evangelists for their productsVirgin mobile, Lowes, Trident all use itSnapchat. 42. Serco InternalEasy content planning 43. Content planning6 week content plannerw/c --------- ---12345Planned events/seasonal fixturesVideoPhotosBlogFacebookTwitterPinterest 44. Serco Internal 45. Serco InternalSchedule posts for most popular times of the dayIf you schedule dont forget to be available for responsesWork with your planned business activitiesThink about seasonal opportunitiesCreate your own opportunities! 46. Serco InternalAlign your brand 47. Serco InternalCreate content with brand alignmentImprove brand penetrationNew age, audienceDifferent audienceAlign your brand with other similar brandsTell people your brand story 48. Serco InternalMulberry hand crafted in Britain brandCommissioned a series of focusses on similar brandsWedgewoodAston MartinMackintoshSaying we are like these brands #mulberryteacup 49. Serco Internal 50. Mulberry and Mackintosh 51. Serco InternalSocial Media and Thought Leadership 52. Serco InternalHighlight your expertiseShow off your opinionStart to gain followers in the sectorInfluence purchasing decisions at the right level 53. Serco InternalStart to dominate your real estate 54. Serco Internal 55. Serco InternalTEDMED.asked conference delegates to select a list of complex, persistent problems that affect millions of livesThe resulting list of 20 Great Challenges of Health and Medicine are knotty problems that require cross-disciplinary discussion. Open this discussion to the world and get a broad national debate & conference in two weeks 56. Serco InternalUsing social media to learn 57. Serco InternalLearn using BlogsBlogs are great for learning from others, reflection, story sharing, facilitating connections among people, philosophising, and much moreWriting a blog is a learning activity, of course, but reading the best blogs that are available is one of my most productive learning experiences. 58. Serco InternalFollow people you want to learn from on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedInSubscribe to blogs (using Feedly) 59. Serco InternalYouTubeHarvard Business SchoolKhan AcademyAny learningYouTube EduMost Universities YouTube channelsDo you want one?What about staff training? 60. PodcastsiTunes Leadership 61. Dont forget learning from Facebook and TwitterFollow influencers, peers, phrases of value 62. Serco InternalAnalyse your success 63. Serco Internal8 KPIs for social media1.Number of Fans and Followers - Basic but important how many followers, new followers and equally important unfollowers2. Demographics and Location Whats the % males, females, where are they based what time do they use SM, what are their interests3. Number of active followers Active users is a really important indicator as you want relevant and influential people who actively interact and engage with your company.4. Likes, Shares and re-tweets Are your posts relevant and interesting to your followers? What % of posts have interactions. IF not change engagement strategy 64. Serco Internal5. Number of comments - Are you engaging in two way conversation and whats the speed of response6. Number of mentions How often are people interacting with you?7. Traffic back to website - % of traffic from social media8. Your Klout Score - Your overall influence in social media 65. Serco Internalinsights 66. Serco InternalLikes Comments and Shares 67. Serco InternalPost detail 68. Serco InternalDemographics 69. Serco InternalMeasuring TwitterTweetailsTweetreach 70. Serco Internal 71. Serco InternalSummaryListenShareCreateBuildMeasureEvolve 72. Serco InternalAny questions?Matt