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  2. 2. 2 Meet your hosts! Pia Heilmann Director of Sales Jenna Keegan Director of Demand Generation
  3. 3. Why is marketing & sales alignment crucial at events? Events are the most successful way to reach C-Suite decision-makers Chief Nation 3 Companies with marketing & sales alignment are 67% better at closing deals and extract 208% more value from marketing. Marketo US Marketers spent over $100B on events in 2015the highest spend category in marketing Demand Metric
  5. 5. Planning your event strategy? Involve sales early & often! We decide which cities and markets to go to together Show data to backup your choices Deciding on accounts for account-based marketing? Dont forget geography! 5 BEFORE the event
  6. 6. Our motto? Its marketings job to provide the room, its sales job to fill it! 6 BEFORE the event
  7. 7. Marketing: 7 BEFORE the event Plan experiences and content that prospects will want Provide a list of target attendees Air cover invitations: email, social, ads Create invitation templates for sales Keep sales up to date on registrations Sales: Identify prospects at all stages that would benefit from face time Send personal invites & reminders where relationships exist Set clear (and attainable!) goals Strategize about customers, other prospects, or internal team members that it may help to connect prospects withCreate a Slack channel for your event!
  8. 8. Keeping your Sales Team Accountable Set attainable goals Communicate expectations and set engagement goals Think of it as discovery-calls:opportunities::registrations:attendees Get buy-in with contests! Metrics to measure on: registrations, attendance, engagement at events, etc. Strategize, strategize, strategize. What is holding a prospect back from progressing? 8 BEFORE the event
  9. 9. Now that youve driven registrations together, how do you maximize the face-to- face time? Engagement Mapping! BEFORE the event
  10. 10. Pre-event Engagement Mapping Meet with sales, marketing and any other internal attendees Assign engagement owners to registrants Need to get sales excited about engagement mapping? Share the Revenue Potential (the opportunity value of all event registrants)! BEFORE the event
  11. 11. DURING the event Focus on accounts with greatest potential impact Avoid congregating with your team Discuss bump and exit strategies Keep the sales team accountable for engagement & note taking
  12. 12. Fast data turnaround into CRM and marketing automation Conversation notes into CRM Create an event SLA so there are clear and consistent expectations around follow-up from marketing and sales AFTER the event
  13. 13. AFTER the event Revenue Potential Influenced Opportunities Sourced Opportunities Revenue In The Room ROI What do we measure?
  14. 14. AFTER the event
  15. 15. Takeaways Plan your events WITH sales, not FOR sales Clearly communicate goals and expectations Use engagement mapping to optimize face-to-face time Incentivize on-site team to record conversation notes Create SLA for timely and relevant follow-up Measure everything! Great results drive alignment!
  16. 16. Questions? Pia Heilmann Director of Sales @pia_elisabeth Jenna Keegan Director of Demand Generation @jennakeegs