Sunday School Prayer List for August 30th

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<p>Sunday School Prayer List: 8 30 - 15Miranda Drama teacher from schools husband passed awayLucas Friend was hurt playing basketball (concussion) possible legal troubleLindsey Patient at work, family having trouble making decisionsRebecca Mom is sickRebecka Teammate has fractured tibia, pray for a quick recovery and sanityLuke Friend back home not receiving the love of Christ and learning the wrong theologyBen Sister having trouble at her job (teacher), dealing with poor leadership and frustrating children, pray for a new teaching job or any door to open Josiah Brother back home having too much time at work, pray for him to balance responsibilityMara Brother is traveling across several states to go to college only with his motorcycle, pray for a quick transitionJared - Family is adopting a child from Columbia, pray for blessingsDan Several unspokenAlly Changing major Mara Needs a jobBri - Family is traveling to Turkey, siblings are starting school there</p>


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