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  • Islamic Association of Collin County

    Sunday Islamic School


    Policy document

  • The Islamic Association of Collin County Sunday Islamic School

    Dear Parents: Assalam-o-Alaikum;

    Alhamdulillah, all thanks and praise be to Allah (SWT) for giving us the precious gift of our lives, our children, whom we cherish, provide

    guidance to and from whom we receive inspirations. We thank Allah (SWT) for the innocence and beauty of our children and for the

    opportunity to raise them as strong and pious Muslims.

    All of us will continue to strive to do everything we possibly can on behalf of your son or daughter, and we are particularly working to

    make certain that you are apprised of all our policies and procedures at the IACC Sunday Islamic School.

    We make our sincerest duaa for happy, profitable, and successful school days in the years ahead. And my success in my task can only come from Allah. In Him I trust and unto Him I turn. (Hud, 88)

    Wassalamu Alaikum,


  • The Islamic Association of Collin County Sunday Islamic School IMPORTANT POLICY INFORMATION Dear Parents: Assalam-o-Alaikum;

    We urge you to read these policies with the student(s). Sunday School

    will observe these policies and will account all participants to adhere to

    these policies as well. Your acceptance of enrollment validates these policies for each student. These policies and procedures are in effect

    for all current students and apply for the duration of their enrollment.

    Wassalamu Alaikum,

    Sunday School Administration

  • IACC Sunday School Mission Statement

    The IACC Sunday Islamic School intends to provide a place and

    environment for students to acquire and practice Islamic Education. We attempt to assist and equip our children with Islamic knowledge to

    follow the Islamic way of life while living in a non-Islamic environment.

  • IACC Sunday School Teachers Schedule


    1. Observance of Masjid Etiquettes 2. Admission/Enrollment 3. School timings & Holidays 4. Attendance 5. Dress Code 6. Shoe Policy 7. Books 8. School Supplies 9. Homework 10. Quizzes & Examinations 11. Report Cards 12. Personal Property 13. Discipline & cleanliness 14. Fee payment 15. Student Early Release Policy 16. Student Injury Policy 17. Visitors

  • 1. Observance of Masjid Etiquettes

    Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices during Sunday School and Prayers. A zero tolerance policy will be in effect.

    Devices will be taken away from students and parents will have to retrieve from the Sunday School office.

    Dress according to the dress code policy [see details below]. Keep shoes on the shoe rack.

    During Dhur prayers books and bags are to be kept in one of the classes (ones behind glass doors/walls) and not in the prayer

    hall. After prayer, leave in an orderly manner and line up to retrieve

    shoes. Chaos can harm your brothers and sisters especially the

    little ones. Prior, during and after prayers, it is mandatory that students do

    not talk/make noise. A recommended practice is to do dhikr. Noise through talking prevents your fellow brothers and sisters

    from focusing on their prayers. Distribution or posting of fliers is strictly prohibited.

    No overnight sleeping without prior approval. Help keep the masjid clean and use its resources (water, paper

    towels, etc), as if they were your own. This is the house of Allah (swt), so treat it better than your own home.

    Follow the Islamic guidelines in bathroom usage. Monitor small children closely. Keep them beside you before;

    during and after prayers i.e. do not allow them to run around. If a child begins to cry, it is ok to pick him or her up and continue

    the prayers. T-shirts with inappropriate messages and displays, e.g., skulls,

    faces or explicit phrases are not allowed.

    Make sure your car is parked in the appropriate/designated spots.

  • 2. Admission/Enrollment

    The child must be 5 years of age by September 1 to be eligible for enrollment in Level 1.

    The child is required to be enrolled by his/her parent or guardian.

    The registration application form must be completely filled through IACC Sunday School website. The application(s) WILL

    NOT be processed unless ALL required information has been entered/provided, i.e.: all emergency numbers, doctors addresses etc.

    For returning students all previous dues must be paid in full to

    date. Required identification and records must be provided to the

    school to enroll the student. If a child is requested for admission in a class higher than

    his/her age group, Sunday School will conduct a comprehensive

    examination based upon the requested classes curriculum to validate the students knowledge. The student must score 90% or better for admission in the requested grade.

    For new students moving into the area and requesting

    enrollment after the school year begins, they will be accepted in to IACC Sunday School based on availability of seats in the

    requested class(es). If seats are not available, they may be placed on the waiting list and will be given special consideration.

  • 3. School Timings & Holidays

    Masjid (Grades 3 to 10) : 10:15* AM to 2:15 PM

    A+ Prep School Center(Grades 1 to 2) : 10:30* to 1:30 PM

    * Drop-off time. Classes start 15 minutes later.


    1. Praying Dhuhr at the Masjid is a part of the Sunday School. Students are not allowed to leave prior to Dhuhr Salah. Parents

    are strongly recommended to join Salah with their children. Let us practice what we preach our children.

    2. School trimmings will be the same all year round. 3. Parents are strongly encouraged to drop off before 10:30 AM so

    that students can join classes in timely manner. Any one arriving after the School start time will be considered tardy.

  • In general Sunday school will follow the PISD holiday schedule.

    Examples are March break, where no Sunday school will be held on Sunday.

    In addition, there will be no Sunday school during the last 2 weeks of

    Ramadan and Eid.

    4. Attendance In order for a student to receive maximum benefit from his/her Islamic

    education, weekly school attendance is required. However, unforeseen

    circumstances and illnesses may require the student to be absent on certain occasion. Therefore, the Sunday Islamic School has adopted

    the following attendance regulations:

    In all cases, a note from the parents must be presented to the teacher stating the purpose of the absence, the date & it must

    have a parent/guardian signatures. This form needs to be submitted prior to, on the day of absence or the following next

    week either by hand, through e-mail or IACC website. Chronic absences may also result in administrative disciplining of

    students. After 2 consecutive absences, a call will be made to the students parents to determine the reason(s) for absence.

    After 4 consecutive absences, the students name will be removed from our class rosters, and no monies will be refunded.

    Daily participation is deemed an important part of the learning

    process; the school reserves the right to not promote any student who is chronically absent for any reason.

    A student who arrives in after the class has started will be considered tardy.

    Parents are responsible for bringing their children to Sunday School on time.

    It is advisable that students who are sick and have contagious ailments like the cold/flu and are coughing remain at home until

    they feel better. Be considerate of your fellow brothers and sisters who may become infected if this policy is not followed.

  • 5. Dress Code

    In order to preserve the sanctity of the Masjid, we require all students to wear appropriate dress while in the Masjid. We ask that parents

    ensure that students maintain a proper standard of dress, which displays respect for Masjids etiquettes.

    Girls are required to wear a hijab [preferably an abaya] or other coverings for their heads.

    Girls are required to wear long sleeve shirts. It is recommended for both boys and girls to wear modestly

    loose clothing. Parents are also required to respect Masjids etiquettes and

    dress appropriately while on Masjid premises. Parents are the

    role models for their children and they must show respect and help their children in respecting the Masjids manners as well.

    All sisters who are a part of Sunday School staff are required to wear obyah.

    6. Shoe Policy

    IACC Policy requires all School School students and parents to

    place the shoes on the shoe racks provided. It is unacceptable to have shoes and bags lying on the floor in

    the masjid.

    7. Books

    The School furnishes required books for the semester at no

    additional cost. Students are required to bring books to class every Sunday.

    Students are expected to take care of their books. School will charge the cost of the books in case second copy

    needs to be acquired, for example, if original books are lost etc.

  • 8. School Supplies

    Students are expected to bring pencils, erasers, paper, binders, notebooks, and any other items they may need to properly

    function in the classroom. These items are in addition to tex