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Sunday School Coordinator Page 1 Revision 1/15/15 Sunday School Coordinator 1. PURPOSE: The position of Sunday School Coordinator is established according to the Constitution and By-Laws of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. The purpose of the Sunday School Coordinator is to assist the congregation in planning, developing and providing a Sunday School course of instruction to meet ministry goals and also provide recruitment opportunities for Trinity Lutheran School. This position is well suited to members who are passionate about teaching children and young people, and want to use their talents and gifts to help them grow in their walk with the Lord. 2. TERM OF OFFICE: 1 year appointed by the Pastor and Board of Education 3. QUALIFICATIONS: The Sunday School Coordinator may be a teacher from the Trinity Lutheran School or a competent layperson. The person in this position serves as an example of Christian leadership through their own worship, devotional life, and personal conduct. In accepting the appointment as Sunday School Coordinator, they shall commit to personal growth in the knowledge of Gods Word through regular worship, Bible class participation, personal study and meditation, and be responsive to spiritual guidance given by the pastor(s). They must be a member in good standing with the congregation. 4. RELATIONSHIPS: This position shall report to and be responsible to the Pastor and Board of Education. The Sunday School Coordinator shall have a good working relationship and communicate regularly with the Pastor and Board of Education, as well as the Sunday school staff and parents. The Pastor will Superintend the Sunday School. 5. RESPONSIBILITIES: The Sunday School Coordinator will coordinate all activities of the Sunday School and its faculty under the direction of the pastor(s) and the Board of Education. A. Propose course of instruction for approval by the Pastor. B. Work with the Board of Education to obtain competent and qualified teachers for age groups attending, and develop a schedule of assignments as needed to administer the program of instruction. C. Participate in congregational recruitment activities, and provide routine updates and announcements of Sunday School enrollment and activities throughout the school year.


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