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<ul><li><p>Summertime ActivitiesEducational Summer Activities for Kids</p></li><li><p> Summer Activities for KidsNature WalkDistribute a list of things in nature (Ex: tulip, dandy lion, acorn)Take children on a 10-15 minute walk to find as many objects on the list as they canDiscuss each object and its role in nature</p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsBird WatchingDistribute a list of 10-12 different birds (ex: Robin, Cardinal, Blue jay)Have the children take the list with them whenever they are outsideCheck off the birds they spot</p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsDesign a GardenAssign partnersHave each group bring in one potted plant/flowerDesign a garden layoutPlant plants/flowers</p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsTake a TripTravel to the Brandywine ZooPlan a trip to Longwood GardensTake a trip to the Park for a picnicTravel to an outdoor pool Plan a trip to the Delaware Museum of Natural History </p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsMake a Cool TreatFrozen Lemonade on a stickStrawberry SundaesFruit salad</p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsPut on a ShowPick character rolesChoose a storyAct out the story orPut on a Puppet Show</p></li><li><p>Summer Activities for KidsMake a ScrapbookMake a CollageFlip through magazines Cut picturesPaste on a large sheet of cardboard paperBegin a CollectionCollect favorite objects such as:Baseball CardsDollsCoins</p></li></ul>