summer registration begins february 26 - armory moore, mfa tracy nakayama, mfa elonda norris, mfa...

Download Summer RegistRation Begins FeBRuaRy 26 - Armory   Moore, MFA Tracy Nakayama, MFA Elonda Norris, MFA Ruby Osorio, MFA Laura Parker, MFA Elisa Saether, MFA E Salcedo, MFA Kristofferson San Pablo, MFA Peter Sheldon, MFA Sara Simon, MFA Kati Thoma

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  • Art Classes for Children, Teens, Adults & Families

    RegistRation Begins FeBRuaRy 26

    Studio ScheduleJune 30 august 29, 2014Dates:


  • The Armorys unique education and exhibition programs encourage children and adults to expe-rience, understand and appreciate contemporary art while being involved in the creative process of art making. Many of our Studio art classes visit the Gallery during the session and artworks in the exhibitions become sources of inspiration when creating art in class. Techniques and ideas used by the exhibiting artists are also learned in some classes.

    The Armory is committed to hiring dedicated, professional art-ist/educators with demonstrated sensitivity to and understand-ing of the developmental needs of individuals. It is our goal to provide a nurturing environment in which individuals are given the freedom to express themselves while receiving the neces-sary tools for creative growth.

    stuDio FaCuLtyAllison Alford, MFAAndr Barnwell, MFAAllison Behrstock, MFASandy Biery, MA/ADTRNaomi Buckley, MFARebecca Bennett-Duke, MFADavid P. Earle, MFADenise El-Hoss, MFANaomi Fox, MFASandra Gallegos, MFAMichelle Glass, MFAJoel Glassman, MFAOnya Hogan-Finlay, MFACarolyn James, MFALindsay Kessner, MFAGrace Lacques, A.A.Patricia Liverman, MFAJustin Lowman, MFANuttaphol Ma, MFAMelissa Manfull, MFAAnne McCaddon, MFAKeith Monda, MFAMelanie Moore, MFATracy Nakayama, MFAElonda Norris, MFARuby Osorio, MFALaura Parker, MFAElisa Saether, MFAE Salcedo, MFAKristofferson San Pablo, MFAPeter Sheldon, MFASara Simon, MFAKati Thoma, MFAAriane Vielmeter, MFACarrie Whitney, MFAMichelle Wiener, MFAMarisa Williamson, MFAJacob Yanes, MFA

    stuDio PRogRaM staFF

    Carrie Whitney Director of Studio Program

    Grace Lacques Manager of Studio Programs

    Natalie Kovacs Studio Assistant

    Did you know Armory members receive 10% off on classes? See page. 31 for details and membership form.

    We are committed to making our programs accessible to all. Thanks to our loyal supporters, we can offer tuition assistance. See page 29 for information.

    Each year the Armory brings the power of art into the lives of thousands of individuals through education and exhibition programming. A host of government agencies, private foun-dations, and corporations provide essential support to sustain the quality and reach of Armory programming. We extend our thanks to the following institutional funders:

    Government: U.S. Department of Education, National Endow-ment for the Arts, Institute of Museum and Library Services, California Arts Council, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission, Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division, Pasadena Department of Public Works, Pasadena Water and Power, Pasadena Human Services and Recreation, City of Pas-adena Human Services Endowment Fund, Pasadena Unified School District, and The City of Pasadena.

    Foundations: The Wallace Foundation, The James Irvine Foun-dation, The Eisner Foundation, Allequash Foundation, Surdna Foundation, The Ahmanson Foundation, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Rose Hills Foundation, The Getty Foundation, The Durfee Foundation, The Michael J. Connell Foundation, Pasadena Art Alliance, Pasadena Community Foundation, Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation, The Green Founda-tion, Mericos Foundation, Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, Z Clark Branson Foundation, Rowe and Gayle Giesen Trust, California Community Foundation, Fletcher Jones Foundation, Ann Pep-pers Foundation, Georgia B. Ridder Foundation, Good Works Foundation, National Charity League of San Marino, Pasadena Arts League, and the Edmund A. and Marguerite L.A. Burke Foundation.

    Corporations: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Capital Group Companies, One Colorado, John Caldwell Design, Opus Bank, Morton Capital Management, Macys, Chapman Insurance, Wells Fargo Private Bank Pasadena, Western Asset Man-agement, Vromans, Everson Royce, Avanessi, Brighton Re-tail, Robert Meyers Studio, United Parking, and Pasadena Fire Fighters Local 809.

    Summer at the ArmoryOur Summer program is designed to accommodate your busy schedule. The session is nine weeks long, offering a variety of scheduled programs for all ages. Please see the appropriate section within this brochure for details regard-ing specific ages. Important Note: Due to the overwhelming popularity of our summer classes, early registration is highly recommended.

    Supervised LunchesOur staff and volunteers will supervise a snack time and lunchtime program for children enrolled in consecutive class-es. We are happy to offer free supervision for children, but sack lunches and snacks must be provided from home.

  • Preschool and beginning classes focus on introducing a variety of materi-als, concepts and techniques. Classes are filled with challenging, playful and imaginative activities. Classes for older children are designed to enhance skills, broaden concepts, and provide an ex-panded creative experience. (We kindly ask that children be toilet trained.)

    Unless otherwise noted, tuition is$100 for 5 class meetings

    Tuition for members is $90

    Materials included

    Tuition assistance available

    Dance & Art su14.1Explore movement and art! Students will explore patterns of time, space and rhythm through creative movement and mixed-media art projects.Ages 3-4 / Sandy Biery

    Collage It! su14.2 Well tear, cut, rip and paste our way to making wonderful masterpieces. This art form has endless possibilities for artistic expression.Ages 5-6 / E Salcedo

    Rocks and Minerals su14.3 Historically, rocks were used as some of the first artists canvases. Students will investigate rocks and minerals through art and look at art made on and with rocks. Theyll create observational drawings of ancient rocks, grow crys-tals and create geodes.Ages 7-9 / Melanie Moore

    Self Portrait Sculpture su14.4 Students will investigate sculpture and different sculptors who have made self portraits from ancient times to the present. Theyll learn to work with clay, papier mache, plaster casting and basic armature building. Ages 9-11 / Naomi Buckley

    Kaleidoscope su14.5Students will explore all the colors of the rainbow. Theyll make wildly color-ful drawings, paintings and sculptures to create their own rainbow worlds.Ages 3-4 / Melanie Moore

    Animals in Art su14.6Students will look at different ways artists draw, paint and sculpt animals. Theyll read and create stories about their favorite animals and memorialize them in an art piece.Ages 4-5 / Kristofferson San Pablo

    Things that Fly su14.7 Well use various materials to make wonderful and imaginative winged creatures through drawing, painting and collage.Ages 5-6 / Anne McCaddon

    Handmade Houses su14.8 Sometimes artists live in their artworks. Sometimes they have a vision of a whole city. We'll look at houses made by artists, wonder about their inspira-tion and use many materials to create their own spaces. Through form or function, students will gain insight into their unique vision.Ages 6-8 / Tracy Nakayama

    Ceramics su14.9 Students will learn how to use the pot-ters wheel as well as some hand-build-ing techniques to create functional and nonfunctional ceramic pieces. Theyll also explore various methods of glaz-ing, surface texture and alternatives in firing. Each class offers new experienc-es and projects so students may take this class more than once.Ages 7-9 / Michelle Wiener

    Photography su14.10Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of photography by making Rayograms and pinhole cameras. Using both science and imagination, students will discover how photography is an extension of themselves.Ages 9-11 / Michelle Glass

    Monday through Friday Classes for Ages 3-11

    Week 1June 30July 3 (No class Friday, July 4)

    Week 1 classes meet 4 times only Week 1 tuition only $80 ($72 members)

    8:30 10am

    10:30am Noon

  • Enchanted Forests su14.22Students will create magical lands with castles in the sky, enchanted fairylands and mysterious lakes. Using a variety of materials, theyll make unusual flowers, trees and the creatures who live there.Ages 3-4 / Lindsay Kessner

    Faces, Friends & Family su14.23 Students will learn to express themselves with paint, clay and found objects as they read and share stories about families and friends. Theyll make pictures of them-selves and their family, including the furry members.Ages 5-6 / Melanie Moore

    Poster Art su14.24Students will design posters using various materials, including ink, stencils, stamps, collage and photographs. Emphasis on composition, conveying messages

    Superheroes su14.17 Superpowers activate! Students will talk about their favorite superhero and their special powers. Using drawing, painting

    and collage, theyll make art inspired by superheroes. Put on your capes. Ages 3-4 / Ruby Osorio

    Storybook Lands su14.18Well read many stories and even make up some stories of our own. Then well make paintings and collages with clay, fabric, buttons and more, creating art about the characters and places in our stories. Ages 5-6 / Allison Behrstock

    Rockets, Comets & the Milky Way su14.19 Students will blast off into outer space in rockets made from interesting materials. Theyll paint comets that glow in the dark, learn about stars and create mobiles of the planets.Ages 6-8 / Rebecca Bennett Duke

    Painting People su14.20 Learn how to draw and paint facial fea-tures and body proportions. Students will look at artists who paint people in many different mediums and styles.Ages 7-9 / Ariane Vielmetter

    Stop Motion Animation su14.21Students will be introduced to basic animation concepts, using techniques of stop motion animation. Theyll animate objects, sa