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Summer Projects 2010 Town of Beech Mountain Utilities Department (Click to Advance Slides) Slide 2 Utilities Projects The Utilities Department has had a very productive summer. We have started the Meter Replacement Project, begun the hydrant repairs, begun gathering data for the engineering study, all while continuing our normal, every day duties of water and waste water treatment (a challenge while on State II Water Restriction), answering service calls, repairing leaks, etc. With all the changes in the department, we are striving to improve the quality of our service and products. Slide 3 Water Shortage From July until December we have been under water restrictions due to the dry weather. Regretfully, this has caused all of our visitors and residents hardship and inconvenience but could not be avoided. We would like to thank each of the for the help we have received in saving water and looking for problems in the system. The staff will continue to look for problems in the system, for ways to improve our water loss, and improve water quality. Photo Buckeye Lake Spillway at 8/10/2010 Slide 4 Water Shortage 12/3/2010 As of this date, Buckeye Lake full! The department has found and repaired, with the help of our meter contractor, 21 leaks since July. 90% have been on service lines 4 have been blow outs on mains. Slide 5 Meter Replacement The replacement program has seen about 400 meters replaced, and 150 cut-offs installed. Most of the meters above the Parkway have been replaced. The project has been put on hold for winter, and will restart in March or April with a completion in November 2011. Slide 6 Hydrant Repairs The department has started to repair or replace fire hydrants that have been out of service with the help of the Fire Department. They have given us a priority list and we are working through it. To date, the following has been accomplished: 3 - 6 have been repaired. 2 - 6 have been installed. 2 - 4 have been repaired. 2 - 2 blow off installed. During the spring we plan to continue work on this list until it is complete. Slide 7 Blow-Off This 2 blow-off was installed on Hemlock Spur to help water quality on a line that could not be flushed as there was previously no way to flush the lines. Slide 8 Summer Projects In addition to the special projects, we have completed 96 service calls since July, 2010. This includes both water and sewer problems. Slide 9 Utilities Projects This summer we also completed the following projects: Pump repairs at the Parkway Water Pump station. Drained, tested, and put back in service, the #2 clarifier at Pond Creek WWTP. Smoke tested all of the Pinnacle Ridge sewer basin Took dry weather measurements of 20 manholes for the Water & Sewer Study that is currently underway. Slide 10 Utilities Projects It is the goal of the Public Utilities Department to be more productive by: Focusing on reducing the customer complains by means of improving the quality of our product; Improving the service we provide to our customers.