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  • Bucks Online…your virtual campus – Summer 2020

    Online Credit Courses Offer Flexible Choices eLearning: Classes are taught completely online, proctored testing may be required.

    Hybrid: Some on-campus classroom sessions are replaced with online components.

    Technology: Classes are taught via live web conferencing.

    All courses follow the same master course outline, require the same work, fulfill the same program requirements, and receive the same credit.

    Online Student Services • Advising and Counseling • Library • Bookstore • Testing • Financial Aid* • Academic Success Center

    *Check the website for Financial Aid applications, eligibility, and requirements. Visit:

    Benefits of Online Courses n “Attend” a course at anytime, from anywhere.

    n Access course material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    n Learn 21st Century skills - critical to workers in today’s world - by learning, researching, and communicating using up-to-date technologies.

    n Earn a certificate or associates degree online.

    n Do In 2 – flexible scheduling helps you stay on track to finish your associates degree in two years.

    Things To Consider n Between 50-100% of your course work will be completed online. Do you

    have regular and convenient access to an Internet connected device?

    n The work required for successful completion of an online course is no less than that of a face-to-face course. Do you have 7-10 hours per week to spend on each 3 credit course you register for? Additional hours per week are required for condensed modular sessions.

    n All online courses are instructor led just as face-to-face courses are. Still, are you able to handle college-level work and study independently?

    n Online courses offer convenience, not ease. Being comfortable with technology will ensure a positive learning experience.

    n Your learning style can help you determine if an online course is appropriate for you. The Bucks Online office has an online assessment tool that can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses as an online student. Just contact us.

    n Our online courses have specific start and end dates. The schedule of coursework, assignments, and due dates are determined by each instructor. Are you self-motivated and self-disciplined? Are you able to keep yourself on-time and on-task?

    Application and Registration Procedures Application and registration procedures for online courses are identical to that of on-campus courses.

    Detailed information is available online at

    Hint: Be sure to read the Faculty Syllabus ( for the specific online courses you are considering.

    Getting Started Online Visit the Faculty Syllabus,, and make note of details regarding any orientations, mandatory meetings, textbook information, proctored testing, and other special information.

    Contact your instructor, using the Contact Information found on the Faculty Syllabus, with any questions or concerns about the specific course.

    Follow the information found in the Course Access section of the Faculty Syllabus. It will tell you which online course management system your course is using.

    If your course is using the Canvas system and you are unfamiliar with it, prior to the start of your course please visit the Canvas Basics course (no login required) at to learn about Canvas. You will have login access to Canvas approximately two weeks before classes begin. However, access to your online class will begin on the first day of classes and not before.

    Getting Support Depending on your needs, there are three support avenues available to you:

    Your Instructor is the best place to turn to when you have course specific questions such as assignments, course materials, tests, expectations, etc.

    Bucks Online staff answer general questions regarding online learning and can help with online course technologies. The Bucks Online website acts as a gateway to all of the student services available to online learners and provides a detailed listing of online course offerings.

    Phone: 215-968-8052 Email: [email protected] Web/Live Chat:

    The Help Desk and Service Centers provide help with student technology needs, including Canvas, Microsoft Office, logins and passwords.  Assistance is available in-person and online. Their website ( provides many self-help interactive tutorials.  Check their website for contact information, hours, and locations.

    Bucks County Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (267) 284–5000. The Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Commission on Postsecondary Accreditation.

    Bucks County Community College does not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, veteran status, union membership, or any other legally protected category. 19407

    Library 312 Newtown Campus 215-968-8052 • [email protected] Website & Live Chat:

    Bucks County Community College


    Bucks County Community College


    Bucks County Community College


    Bucks County Community College


    Your Virtual Campus

    Online Summer Sessions

    May 20, June 10, and July 1




    Summer I - 6 weeks: May 20 - June 30 Summer I - 12 weeks: May 20 - Aug 11 Summer II: - 9 weeks: June 10 - Aug 11 Summer III: - 6 weeks July 1 - Aug 11


    SUMMER 2020

  • Course Course title 20/S1 May 6 wk

    20/S1 May 12 wk

    20/S2 June 6 wk

    20/S3 July 6 wk

    ACCT103 Introductory Accounting E E E

    ACCT105 Financial Accounting E,H E E

    ACCT106 Managerial Accounting E E, H

    ACCT250 Auditing E

    ACCT255 Advanced Accounting E

    BIOL101 Biological Science I E E

    BIOL102 Biological Science II E

    BIOL115 Basic Human Anatomy E E

    BIOL121 Biological Principles I E

    BIOL122 Biological Principles II E

    BIOL181 Human Anatomy and Physiology I E E E

    BIOL182 Human Anatomy and Physiology II E E

    BIOL228 Microbiology H H

    CHEM101 Chemistry A E

    CISC100 Digital Literacy E E

    CISC110 Introduction to Information Systems H E E

    CISC113 Visual Basic Programming I E

    CISC115 Computer Science I E

    CISC127 Spreadsheet Concepts & Applications E

    CISC128 Comparative Operating Systems E

    CISC143 Essentials of Networking E

    CISC213 Computer Science III (JAVA) E

    CISC215 Database Des & Application Dev E

    COLL101 College Orientation Seminar E E

    COMM105 Interpersonal Communication E E

    COMM110 Effective Speaking E E

    COMM111 Media & Society E

    COMP107 Introduction to Academic Writing E E

    COMP110 English Composition I E E

    COMP111 English Composition II E E E

    COMP114 Technical Writing E E

    COMP115 Creative Writing I E

    COMT101 Introduction to Theatre E E

    CRIJ110 Introduction to Criminal Law E

    CRIJ120 Criminal Evidence E

    CRIJ130 Criminal Investigation/Forensics E

    CRIJ160 Introduction to Juvenile Justice E

    CRIJ210 Terrorism E

    ECON111 Principles of Economics – Macro E E

    ECON112 Principles of Economics – Micro E E

    EDUC105 Foundations for Early Learning PreK-4 E

    EDUC130 Early Develo & Learning II H

    EDUC150 Sci & Mat Exper-Young Children H

    EDUC160 Intro to Exceptionalities E

    EDUC170 Lang/Literacy Dev PreK-4 H

    EDUC200 Integrated Arts, MVmt. & Play E

    FREN110 Elementary French I E

    FREN111 Elementary French II E

    GEOG110 World Geography T

    GUID101 Intro to Guided Studies E

    HIST111 History of Western Civilization I E

    HIST113 Global History: Ancient/Medieval World E

    HIST114 Global History: Modern World E

    HIST139 World War II E

    Course Course title 20/S1 May 6 wk

    20/S1 May 12 wk

    20/S2 June 6 wk

    20/S3 July 6 wk

    HIST146 East Asia E

    HIST151 U.S.History: Young America E E

    HIST152 History: Modern America E E

    HIST190 African-American History E

    HIST199 History Property Research & Doc E

    HIST203 Internship for Historic Preservation E

    HIST239 American Pop Culture: Hist. of Rock E

    HLTH103 Life and Health E, H E E

    HLTH110 Responding to Emergencies H

    HLTH120 Nutrition E E


    HLTH120N Nutrition (by Reg’d Dietician) E E


    Historic Preservation Field Studies


    HOSP100 Intro to Hospitality Mgmt. E

    HUMN111 Humanities I E

    HUMN112 Medieval and Renaissance Worlds E

    HUMN120 Survey of World Religions E E

    ITAL110 Elementary Italian I E

    ITAL111 Elementary Italian II E

    KINS170 Individual Fitness & Wellness H H

    KINS180 Foundations of Phy Educ & Exer E E

    LAWS100 Intro: Paralegal Studies E

    LAWS210 Real Estate Law/Conveyancing E

    LITR205 English Lit to 19th Century E

    LITR206 English Lit 19th – 20th Century E

    LITR232 American Lit fro