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Your 2010 guide to summer camps in the Fairbanks, Alaska, area


<ul><li><p>Your 2010 guide to summer camps in the Fairbanks area</p></li><li><p>2 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sunday, April 18, 2010</p><p> STOP STOP</p><p> NORTH STAR DRIVING SCHOOL DRIVERS EDUCATION CLASSES</p><p> 490-2523 Instructor: Scott Putman Check our website for classroom information and or changes.</p><p> </p><p> Basic Class or Classes including Class D Road Test</p><p> The number one killer of teenagers is car </p><p> accidents!!! Summer special! Sign up with a friend and both will get the road test for free Classes offered weekly</p><p> We offer a military discount</p><p> BE SAFE</p><p> 16365 604-4-18-10SFK</p><p> 12</p><p>36</p><p>33</p><p>74</p><p>-4-1</p><p>8-1</p><p>0S</p><p>FF</p><p>K</p><p> A CAMPING EXPERIENCE YOULL NEVER FORGET! (at Harding Lake)</p><p> Call 479-0562 or check our website </p><p> for registration, </p><p> information and prices.</p><p> Scholarships are available.</p><p> Spaces are still available for the following camps:</p><p> Outdoor Skills Camp 5 - 7 June 13 - 18 Explorers Camp 3 - 6 June 20 - 25 Adventure Camp 7 - 10 July 5 - 10 H 2 0 Camp 8 - 12 July 11 - 16 Junior Camp 4 - 6 July 18 - 23 Discovery Camp 4 - 7 July 25 - 30</p><p> Event Grades Dates</p><p>This Summer Fun for Kids supplement is provided as a public service to our readers.A word of caution: parents must approach listings in this guide and check references as </p><p>they would any advertised activity for their children. These listings are not endorsements.We hope these pages help show parents the many activities available to Fairbanks area </p><p>children and families, and that it is useful in building ideas and fi nding things your children might enjoy through the summer months.</p><p> Cover photo credits: Alaska Conservation Camp, Camp Li-Wa, Fairbanks Tennis Association, Wild Rose Summer Camp</p><p>INDEXAcademic/Special-Interest Camps .... 2-5Day Camps .................................... 5-7Faith-Based Camps ..................... 7-9 Family/Group Camps ......................... 9Fine Arts Camps .......................... 9-12Overnight Camps ....................... 12-13School-Age Day Care ....................... 13 Sports Activities ........................ 13-15Sports Camps ........................... 15-18 Summertime Programs .............. 18-20</p><p>MORE RESOURCESFor help in choosing a safe summer camp </p><p>for your child and a free parent guide checklist, visit</p><p>African-American Male Math Initiative</p><p>Sponsor: Communities in Schools of Alaska, Fairbanks North Star Borough School Dis-trict</p><p>Ages: K-6Dates and times: June 7-18, </p><p>7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.</p><p>Location: JP Jones Commu-nity Center</p><p>Description: The camps focus will be on improving stu-dents math skills using the Every-day Math Curriculum. Students will be exposed to local busi-nesses and business owners who use mathematics on a daily basis, small-group instruction from tutors who are trained in teach-ing the Everyday Math Curriculum and enrichment activities that will expose them to various forms of art, physical fitness and sports. </p><p>Cost: FreeContact: April Norem, pro-</p><p>gram coordinator, 452-2521 or 267-235-5127</p><p>Alaska Business Week Program</p><p>Sponsors: Tesoro Alaska, BP, State Farm, Icicle Seafoods, TOTE and the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce</p><p>Ages: Finishing grades 9-12Dates and times: Aug. 8-14; </p><p>participants live on campusLocation: University of Alaska </p><p>Fairbanks campusDescription: This unique pro-</p><p>gram provides an intensive week of discovery learning on campus. Working with business leaders and competing with other compa-nies, 100 students from through-out Alaska will gain hands-on </p><p>environment and corporate responsibility. Students gain confi-dence when facing real-life work-place issues, teamwork, money management, networking and more. At the end of the week, students defend their companies in front of a panel of business leaders, and they also produce a product or service to be pre-sented to potential stockholders for investment purposes. Deadline to apply is June 1. Applications and information available at or call 907-856-2010.</p><p>Cost: $325. Some needs-based scholarships are available.</p><p>Contact: Ann Ringstad, 459-5922,</p><p>Alaska Conservation Camp basic camp</p><p>Sponsor: Alaska Department of Fish &amp; Game, the Outdoor Heritage Foundation of Alaska, the National Rifle Association of America, the Friends of the NRA, the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee and many community sponsors and volunteers </p><p>Ages: 11-14Dates and times: Basic camp </p><p>No. 1 June 7 -11; basic camp </p><p>ACADEMIC/SPECIAL-INTEREST</p><p>CAMPS</p><p>ACADEMIC/SPECIAL-INTEREST CAMPS</p><p>Continued on Page 3</p><p>Summer fun for kids</p></li><li><p>3Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sunday, April 18, 2010</p><p>Sunday School: 9:45 AMSunday Worship: 11:00 AMWed Bible Study/Prayer: 6:30 PM</p><p>First Baptist Church- Fairbanks</p><p>Meet the family!</p><p>805 Sixth Avenue (behind the TVC building)Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 456-4923</p><p>Retired Army guy </p><p>for a Pastor!</p><p>Member SBC-</p><p> 17365576-4-18-10SFFK</p><p>No. 2 June 14-18; times are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and one overnight campout</p><p>Location: ADF&amp;G Hunter Edu-cation Indoor Shooting Range, 1501 College Road; Creamers Field and Migratory Waterfowl Refuge; and various locations near Fairbanks</p><p>Description: Basic camp is a day-camp program designed to promote understanding of Alaskas natural resources and conservation, and to give youths hands-on experience in hunting, fishing and related outdoor skills. Camp activities include the Alaska Basic Hunter Education Course, firearms safety, shooting, wildlife identification, fishing, map and compass, outdoor survival, basic camping skills and more. Camp-ers who complete the camp may earn Basic Hunter Education Cer-tification from the Alaska Depart-ment of Fish &amp; Game.</p><p>Cost: $195Web site: www.aimcomm.orgContact: Cathie Harms, 459-</p><p>7231, or John Wyman, 459-</p><p>7292; or</p><p>Alaska Conservation Camp advanced</p><p>Sponsor: Alaska Department of Fish &amp; Game, the Outdoor Heritage Foundation of Alaska, the National Rifle Association of America, the Friends of the NRA, the Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee, and many community sponsors and volunteers </p><p>Ages: 12-16 who have attended basic camp or com-pleted the Alaska Basic Hunter Education Course</p><p>Dates and times: June 21-25; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.</p><p>Location: ADF&amp;G Hunter Edu-cation Indoor Shooting Range at 1501 College Road; Creamers Field and Migratory Waterfowl Refuge; and at various locations near Fairbanks</p><p>Description: The Alaska Conservation Camp advanced camp is a day-camp program designed to promote understand-ing of Alaskas natural resources and conservation, and to give </p><p>youths hands-on experience in hunting, fishing and related out-door skills. Activities might include firearms safety, shotgun or muz-zleloader rifle shooting, archery, wildlife identification, fly fishing, fly tying, bird box construction, GPS and outdoor navigation, canoeing, outdoor survival, shelter building, camping and field cook-ing skills, and more. The camp includes a hike and overnight camping trip. </p><p>Cost: $195Web site: www.aimcomm.orgContact: Cathie Harms, </p><p>459-7231, or John Wyman, 459-7292; or</p><p>CAFE Teen International Culinary Arts Academy</p><p>Sponsor: UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning </p><p>Ages: 13-17 with a limit of 20 students</p><p>Dates and times: May 24-28, 9 a.m. to noon</p><p>Location: Hutchison Dining</p><p>Description: This program is a culinary adventure for teens. </p><p>Explore recipes from Africa, France, Japan, Spain and the U.S. In addition to learning a variety of cooking methods, top-ics covered include kitchen safe-ty, kitchen etiquette, food safety and presentation. A demonstra-tion of skills will be presented at the end of the course.</p><p>Cost: $240Web site:</p><p>mer/youth-programs/culinary-arts/Contact: Erica Franich, </p><p>474-7021;</p><p>CAFE Youth Baking BlitzSponsor: UAF Summer </p><p>Sessions and Lifelong LearningAges: 9-16 with a limit of </p><p>16 studentsDates and times: June 1-4, </p><p>9 a.m. to noonLocation: Hutchison </p><p>DiningDescription: This four-day </p><p>workshop focuses on baking basics. Learn to make pie crust, a variety of quick breads and yeast breads. Plan on getting elbow deep in dough and hav-ing lots of creative fun in the kitchen. </p><p>Cost: $200Web site:</p><p>mer/youth-programs/culinary-arts/Contact: Erica Franich, </p><p>474-7021; </p><p>CAFE Kids Cooking</p><p>Sponsor: UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning</p><p>Ages: 6-9 with a limit of 20 students</p><p>Dates and times: June 7-11, 9 a.m. to noon</p><p>Location: Hutchison Dining</p><p>Description: This camp focuses on fun food that you can make and eat, including biscuits, pretzels, muffins and tortillas. Cook individual cas-seroles and make ice cream, cream cheese playdough and freezer jam. Learn kitchen safety and etiquette, food presentation and how to clean up efficiently. On the last day, campers can invite two guests to an English tea party, with campers as a host/hostess.</p><p>ACADEMIC/SPECIAL-INTEREST CAMPS</p><p>Continued from Page 2 </p><p>Continued on Page 4</p></li><li><p>4 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sunday, April 18, 2010</p><p> 12</p><p>36</p><p>33</p><p>75</p><p>-4-1</p><p>8-1</p><p>0S</p><p>FF</p><p>K 1</p><p>23</p><p>63</p><p>37</p><p>5-4</p><p>-18</p><p>-10</p><p>SF</p><p>FK</p><p> 12</p><p>36</p><p>33</p><p>75</p><p>-4-1</p><p>8-1</p><p>0S</p><p>FF</p><p>K</p><p> Grades 8 - 12 July 17 - 24</p><p> Call 479-0562 or check for registration &amp; information</p><p> Canoe Camp</p><p> Cost $350</p><p> YOUR TICKET TO SUCCESS</p><p> For complete 2010 camp and registration information:</p><p> Amy Phelps (907)474-1996 or Phil Shoemaker (907)474-6809</p><p> 18364258 4-18-10SFFK</p><p> Alaska Volleyball Camps Beginner</p><p> Skills Camp July 5-7</p><p> Intermediate Skills Camp July 13-16</p><p> Advanced Skills Cam p July 19-22</p><p> NEW!!! NEW!!! JUMP START Athlete Development Program A dynamic physical training program for girls &amp; boys grades 7-12</p><p> June 15- August 5</p><p> 13365603-4-18-10SFK</p><p></p><p> To register, call</p><p> 456-4782 Camp Grade Dates Teddy Bear Camp 13 July 25July 27 GS Brownie Adventures Camp 34 July 18July 24 GS Junior Camps 46 Session 1: July 18July 24</p><p> Session 2: July 25July 31 Survivor Camp 710 July 25July 31</p><p> Girl Scout Resident Camp</p><p>Cost: $240Web site:</p><p>mer/youth-programs/culinary-arts/Contact: Erica Franich, </p><p>474-7021; </p><p>CAFE Tween International Culinary Arts Workshop</p><p>Sponsor: UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning</p><p>Ages: 10-12 with a limit of 20 students</p><p>Dates and times: June 14-18, 9 a.m. to noon</p><p>Location: Hutchison DiningDescription: Are you in need </p><p>of a culinary experience beyond what is hiding in the fridge? This class will take you on an inter-national tour of recipes from Africa, France, Japan, Spain and the U.S. Prepare, present and consume culinary delights from each countrys cuisines while learning the basics of food safety, kitchen etiquette and cleanup. Invite two guests to the final class to enjoy world-class creations.</p><p>Cost: $240Web site:</p><p>mer/youth-programs/culinary-arts/</p><p>Contact: Erica Franich, 474-7021;</p><p>Camp TalkaboutSponsor: Talkabout Inc.Ages: 4 years to young adultDates and times: June 7-11, </p><p>9 a.m. to noonLocation: Ken Kunkel </p><p>Community Center in Goldstream Valley</p><p>Description: Camp Talkabout is designed to give individu-als who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication an opportunity to develop their skills in a fun, motivating, no-pressure environment. Campers participate in activities designed to support the development of their AAC skills. This is a great opportu-nity for AAC kids of all ages to develop increased independence and socialize with other children who communicate the same way they do.</p><p>Cost: $300Web site: Talkaboutinc@</p><p>yahoo.comContact: Mandy Hernandez or </p><p>Jaina Hulbert-Billings, 452-4517,</p><p>Denali Science CampSponsor: Denali Elementary </p><p>School, FNSB School DistrictAges: Grades 1-6Dates and times: June 7-11, </p><p>grades 4-6; June 14-18, grades 1-3; June 21-25, grades 1-3; daily camp 8:30 a.m. to </p><p>3:30 p.m.; extended stay avail-able 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.</p><p>Location: 1042 Lathrop St., Fairbanks</p><p>Description: Denali Science Camp is a weeklong hands-on science experience for youths grades 1-6. Mornings are filled with enrichment, study and dis-covery and afternoons with experi-ments, dissections, field trips, observations and guest present-ers. Tents and meals are provided for an overnight at Chena Lake Recreation Area.</p><p>Topics offered include insects; birds; chemistry; rocket science; extreme Alaska animals; green power from the sun, wind, tides, water and biofuels; geology; phys-ics of toys to explore Newtons laws and build fun projects; and discover the answers to many questions.</p><p>Cost: $215 for daily camp; additional $20 per week for extended stay</p><p>Web site: dnl.k12northstar.orgContact: Pat Jacobson, </p><p>488-1249,</p><p>Fairbanks Suzuki Institute</p><p>Sponsor: Fairbanks School of Talent Education in coopera-tion with the Fairbanks Symphony Association and University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Music</p><p>Ages: 4-18Dates and times: June 1-6Location: University of Alaska </p><p>FairbanksDescription: The program is </p><p>open to violin, viola, cello and flute students studying the Suzuki method. The course includes a master class, repertoire and Daloroze class. Intermediate and advanced classes also include technique and chamber group classes.</p><p>Cost: $250-$425Contact: Sally Endestad, </p><p>459-8126, sendestad@hotmail </p><p>Jovenes Aventureros: Spanish for Young Adventurers</p><p>Sponsor: UAF Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning</p><p>Ages: 7-10 with a limit of 18 students</p><p>Dates and times: June 1-11, 9 a.m. to noon</p><p>Location: Honors House on the UAF campus</p><p>Description: Want to take advantage of your youngsters innate ability to absorb language? Spanish camp is designed for youths. The camp includes lan-guage games, musical activities, cooking and outdoor activities, all in a friendly and patient environ-ment. No prior experience with the Spanish language is necessary.</p><p>Cost: $285Web site:</p><p>/youth-programs/leadership-academic</p><p>Contact: Erica Franich, 474-7021;</p><p>Mad Scientist CampSponsor: Institute for </p><p>Science and MathematicsAges: Grades K-8Dates and times: Grades K-2, </p><p>July 5-9, 12:30-3:30 p.m.; grades 3-5, July 12-16, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; grades 6-8, July 26-30, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; grades 3-8, Aug. 9-13, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.</p><p>Location: 2925 Horner CourtDescription: This is an active </p><p>day camp that offers a mixture of group explorations, games and independent studies to help camp-ers explore, discover and invent ways that make math and sci-ence fun. The camp offers classic science experiments in biology, physics, chemistry, computers and robotics plus many opportunities </p><p>to incorporate scientific principles into creative hands-on projects.</p><p>Cost: $195 half-day; $295 full-day</p><p>Web site:</p><p>Contact: Michael Donaldson, 479-6860,</p><p>Mediation Training basic</p><p>Sponsor: North Star Youth Mediation</p><p>Ages: 12-18 Dates and times: June 7-11, </p><p>9 a.m. to 1 p.m. dailyLocation: Randy Smith Middle </p><p>SchoolDescription: When your friends </p><p>are in conflict, do they come to you for hel...</p></li></ul>