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Want a beautiful bucket tote? Follow these easy instructions on how to simply sew a wonderful everyday bucket tote bag.


2011 All rights reserved. No part of this pattern may be reproduced in any form. The written instructions, photographs, templates, and illustrations, are intended for personal use, noncommercial use.

*Please feel free to share a link to this pattern. Materials: 2 fat quarters of Fabric for Outside of Bag (A) 2 fat quarters of Fabric for Bag Lining (B) Embellishments for front of Bag Fabric for Pocket (6x8) and Strap (5x42) (C) yard of Interfacing (optional) Snap Closure (optional) with all optional materials just skip in directions and move on to the next step.Please read all instructions before beginning.

Instructions: 1. Print out pattern for bag and line up pattern according to diagram. Tape and cut out pattern.

2. Mark the printed pattern with F on front side, flip over and mark B for backside. This is important so

that your cut piece will match up when pinned together. 3. Press fabric then cut 1 F & 1 B side of pattern with fabric A. Repeat with fabric B. 4. With fabric A cut two 3x24 strips for the sides. Repeat with fabric B. 5. Cut 1 F & 1 B side of pattern from interfacing, along with two 3 x 24 side strips. 6. Taking the F piece of fabric A embellish with

appliqus, beads, embroidery, or whatever design you choose. Remember to leave a inch seam on the edges.

7. Iron/Sew interfacing to wrong side of fabric A. You may need to trim interfacing so that it is a little smaller than the fabric. 8. Pin one of the 3 side of fabric As side straps with right sides together. Leaving seam, sew along 3

side creating one very long strip of fabric. Repeat with fabric B. 9. Pin Fabric As F piece to the long side strip you just created, making sure right sides are together. Start in the middle bottom of F piece and the middle seam (created in step 8) of the side strip. Then working up the sides, pinning each side one at a time. You may have extra side fabric at the top and we will tuck this in later. Your corners should look like this picture.

10. Sew side strip to F piece backstitching at beginning an end. Then pin B piece of fabric A to the other side of the side strip just as you did in step 9. Sew. Turn right side out and you should now have the outer shell of your bag.

11. With fabric C cut a rectangle 6x8. Fold rectangle in half with the right sides together and pin. Starting in the middle of a side sew around rectangle stopping an 1 from beginning stitch. This should leave an opening (see picture). Cut corners without cutting stitches and push fabric thru opening so right side of fabric is now outside. If you have a tag that you would like to sew onto the pocket place where you would like it and sew it on.

12. Place pocket onto right side of piece B of fabric B about 3 inches from the top. Pin and sew the sides and bottom of rectangle to create pocket. 13. Pin side strip of fabric B to piece F like you did with fabric A in step 9.

14. Repeat step 10 with fabric B EXCEPT this time leave a 3 opening at the bottom and do not turn right side out. * If attaching a snap closure this is the time to attach stud end to lining. 15. Take outer shell (Fabric A) and put into lining shell (Fabric B). Right sides of both shells should be facing each other. Any extra side panel fabric, that is not lined up at the top, fold over and pin to the wrong side of the fabrics. Line up side panels of outer shell and lining together. Pin around the top and sew leaving seam. 16. Carefully pull outer fabric thru the 3 opening of the lining. Then finger press the raw edges in and topstitch the 3 opening closed. 17. Push lining inside the outer fabric and press around the top. Then topstitch around the top of the bag. *Anyone with snap closure this is the time to line up the outer snap with the stud and attach. 18. Last step is to make the strap. Cut a rectangle 5x42 in fabric C. On the long sides of the

rectangle, press raw edges in on both sides. Do the same for the short sides so all raw edges should be on the wrong side of the fabric. Fold in half length wise. With right sides out, sew around the entire rectangle. Place strap 2 down on the outsides of the sides of the bag. Pin and sew. Strengthen strap by sewing an x from corner to corner of where strap is attached. 19. Enjoy your new Summer Bloom Bucket Bag!!!