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<p>HOW TO PARAPHRASE</p> <p>HOW TO PARAPHRASESummary</p> <p>5 techniques</p> <p>1. USE SYNONYMSYou should select a topic that you know about</p> <p>You should select a familiar topic</p> <p>...or one that you want to know more about.</p> <p>....or one that you are interested in.</p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASEORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASE</p> <p>2. USE a different part of speechYou can try brainstorming. (noun)</p> <p>You can try to brainstorm. (verb)</p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASE</p> <p>Change the sentence from active to passiveYou need to consider the general purpose of the topic. The general purpose of the topic should be considered.</p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASE</p> <p>4. Use a negative form[About Lindas bad habits]</p> <p>She likes to hide behind her speech notes. Dont hide behind speech notes.</p> <p>Furthermore, she sways from side to side like an ulik mayang dancer.</p> <p>Dont sway.</p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASEORIGINAL TEXTPARAPHRASE</p> <p>5. Combine sentences using connectors &amp; conjunctions</p> <p>She likes to hide behind her speech notes.Furthermore, she sways from side to side like an ulik mayang dancer.</p> <p>Dont hide behind speech notes.Dont sway.</p> <p>Dont hide behind speech notes and dont sways. </p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTSPARAPHRASEUSING CONNECTOR</p> <p>Combine sentences using connectors &amp; conjunctions[About Yani, a great speaker]Yani does not shout when she gives her impressive speech. But her voice is loud enough to be heard at the back of the class, and still sounds pleasant to people sitting in front.</p> <p>When delivering a speechvoice should be loud enoughvoice still sounds pleasant</p> <p>When delivering a speech, your voice should be loud but still pleasant. </p> <p>ORIGINAL TEXTSPARAPHRASEUSING CONJUNCTION</p>