sum ergo cogito _ i am therefore i think (paraphrase of descartes)

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  • Sum Ergo Cogito _ I Am Therefore I Think (paraphrase of Descartes)
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  • Why is it important to be a critical thinker? Accelerating change Intensifying complexity Escalating interdependence Increasing danger
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  • The overview THE STANDARDS must be applied to THE ELEMENTS As we learn to develop INTELLECTUAL TRAITS
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  • The Standards All thinking must be assessed for quality using universal intellectual standards Clarity Accuracy Precision Relevance Depth Breadth Logic
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  • The Elements All thinking can be analyzed by identifying its eight elements We think for a Purpose, Goal, Objectives Within a Point of View Based on Assumptions Leading to Implications & Consequences We use Information (data, evidence, facts, & experiences To make Inferences & Judgements Based on Concepts & Theories To answer a question or solve a problem
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  • NICK - You Challenge my Assumptions He dances, skis, swims, bikes, loves, and makes us laugh
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  • An Example Genetically Modified Foods Purpose to investigate the health risks of GM foods. Point of View - That the sale of GM foods should be banned until the long-term impacts on humans and animals can be determined. Assumptions There are environmental hazards, human health risks and economic concerns with GMF.
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  • Implication & Consequences GMF could affect our immune systems, result in mono-crops, increase the level of allerginecity Evidence, Data Council of Canadians, Sierra Club of Canada, Cornell University, Iowa State University, Greenpeace) Inferences & Interpretations The growth of GM crops should be halted until all of the risks have been identified and dealt with.
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  • Concepts & Theories - That corporations are more interested in profits than the long-term effects of GMFs. Question What are the human, health, economic, and ecological ramifications of GMFs?
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  • The Traits The u ltimate goal of critical thinking is to foster the development of intellectual traits and dispositions Fair-mindedness Intellectual humility Intellectual courage Intellectual autonomy Intellectual empathy Intellectual perseverance Intellectual integrity Confidence in reason
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  • Traits Fair- mindedness- looking at other viewpoints (Monsanto) Intellectual Humility - What dont I know about GMFs. Intellectual Integrity - I need to hold myself to the same standards of evidence and proof as I do Monsanto.
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  • Two Barriers to Critical Thinking 1. Egocentric Thinking the tendency to view everything in the world in relation to oneself, to be self-centered. To see the world in self-serving terms
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  • Barriers contd 2. Sociocentric Thinking Tendency to view everything in the world in relationship to ones group, to be group-centered. Because most people are egocentric, they form groups that are centered on themselves
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  • Two primary tendencies of egocentric and sociocentric thought Seeking to get what the individual (or the group) wants without regard to the rights and needs of others Rationalizing the beliefs and behaviours of the individual (or the group) irrespective of whether those beliefs and behaviours are rational.
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  • The overview THE STANDARDS must be applied to THE ELEMENTS As we learn to develop INTELLECTUAL TRAITS