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Julekort Sulzer


  • Instead of gifts this year, we have given a donation to children who have to celebrate

    Christmas at Stavanger University Hospital.

    We want to thank you all for sharing in an eventful year and look forward to an

    exiting 2013.

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Paul Berry, Bjrn Daleback, Anne Grethe Dullum,Tommy Engholm, Steven Ewbank, Silke Franz,

    Stle Fredheim, Oddvar Holta, Lazar Jakovljevic, Jan Erik Kluge,Ilhan Krupa, Leif Gunnar Kvamme, Vidar Krb,

    Andrew Linnen, Sigbjrn Riskjell, Jan Erik Ruud, Georg Sele, Kjell Skorstad, Trygve Ster, Einar Vetrhus, Hilde steb

  • and a Happy New Year!