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Suki’s Kimono By: Chieri Uegaki. Genre: realistic fiction. #1. Where did this story take place? A. In an American city B. In a Japanese town C. At a costume party D. At a dance school. A. In an American city. #2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sukis KimonoBy: Chieri UegakiGenre: realistic fiction

  • #1Where did this story take place?A. In an American cityB. In a Japanese townC. At a costume partyD. At a dance school

  • A. In an American city

  • #2Yumi and Mari probably did NOT want Suki to wear her kimono to school because they A. worried that Suki looked more beautiful than they did.B. thought Sukis kimono was dirty and needed to be washed.C. wanted Suki to wait until they could wear matching kimonos.D. thought that Suki would embarrass them by looking different.

  • D. Thought that Suki would embarrass them by looking different

  • #3Sukis obachan had given her the kimono. Obachan is another word for A. mother.B. grandmother.C. sister.D. friend.

  • B. grandmother

  • #4At the festival, Suki tried to be like her obachan byA. dressing like an American.B. speaking Japanese.C. dancing gracefully.D. trying new kinds of foods.

  • C. Dancing gracefully

  • #5What did some of the other students do when they first saw Suki in her kimono?A. They ignored her.B. They ran away.C. They laughed.D. They clapped.

  • C. They laughed.

  • #6Where did Suki learn to dance?A. At a festivalB. At her schoolC. At her homeD. At a park

  • A. At a festival

  • #7After Suki danced in front of the class, she thought she was in trouble becauseA. two boys pulled her sleeve.B. someone in the class started to laugh.C. everyone was quiet and looked at her.D. the teacher asked her to sit down.

  • C. Everyone was quiet and looked at her

  • #8Suki tucked her handkerchief in her obi. An obi is MOST like a A. hatB. shoeC. belt D. dress

  • C. belt

  • #9What lesson can be learned from this story?A. If you work hard in school, you will have a bright future.B. It is important to care what others think about you.C. If you have a problem, ask someone for help.D. It is always best to be yourself.

  • D. It is always best to be yourself.

  • #10What did Sukis classmates think of Suki after she danced for them?A. They thought she was funny.B. They were afraid of her.C. They felt sorry for her.D. They admired her.

  • D. They admired her.

  • #11Why did Suki have a better first day at school than her sisters?

  • Yumi and Mari were disappointed that no one noticed them even though they wore new clothes. Suki didnt care if anyone noticed her because she wore something that was special to her.

  • #12How can you tell Suki cares about her obachan?

  • She wears the kimono to school because it was a special gift from her grandmother, and at school, she sat straight and tall like her grandmother always did.

  • #13How do people sometimes act when they see someone who looks different?

  • They sometimes make fun of people who look different because they are not comfortable around that person.