sudden cardiac death syndrome

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Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome. Alexis Cortez-Bautista University of California, Merced. What is SCD?. SCD has a broad definition depending on who is studying it. Who does it affect. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome

Sudden Cardiac Death SyndromeAlexis Cortez-BautistaUniversity of California, MercedSCD has a broad definition depending on who is studying itWhat is SCD?

Anyone can be affected by this disorder and is most of the time unexpected, however a group that has seem to be commonly affected is Athletes and active healthy peopleWho does it affect

Studies have shown that there are many risk factors that may contribute to Sudden Cardiac Death includingCongenital heart diseaseMutations in SQTS genesEpilepsyRisk FactorsHamilton, Leslie E., Lew,Emma O., Matshes, Evan W. (2011) Grown-Up Congenital Heart Disease and Sudden Death in a Medical Examiners Population. Journal of Forensic Sciences. 56:1206-1213 Koyak, Zeliha. Harris, Louise,. de Groot,,Joris R., Silversides, Candice K., Oechslin,Erwin N., Bouma, Berto J., Budts, Werner., Zwinderman, Aeilko H., Van Gelder, Isabelle C., Mulder, Barbara J.M.(2012). Sudden Cardiac Death in Adult Congenital Heart Disease.Circulation. 1944-1954.

Congenital Heart DiseaseLahtinen, Annukka M., Noseworthy , Peter A., Havulinna, Aki S., Jula, Antti , Pekka J. Karhunen, Kettunen, Johannes, Perola, Markus., Kontula, Kimmo, Newton-Cheh, Christopher.,Salomaa, Veikko. Common Genetic Variants Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death: The FinSCDgen Study. PLOS ONE. 7.7:1-7Wisten, Aase., Bostrom, Ida Maria., Morner, Stellan., Stattin, Eva Lenna. (2012) Mutation analysis of cases of sudden unexplained death, 15 years after death:Prompt genetic evaluation after resuscitation can save future lives. Resuscitation. 83:1129-1234

MutationsBardai, Abdennasser., Lamberts, Robert J., Blom, Marieke., Spanjaart, Anne M., Berdowski Jocelyn., van der Staal, Sebastiaan R., Brouwer, Henk J., Koster, Rudolph W., Sander, Josemir W., Thijs Roland D., Hanno L. Tan. (2012) Epilepsy Is a Risk Factor for Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the General Population. Plos one. 7.8:1-5

EpilepsyBecause this disorder is so spontaneous, the most common approach to study this disorder is through retrospective observationsThere might be an advantage to performing research on people with the risk factorsApproachesScreenings using ECG have the potential to identify changes in the heart that could lead to SCDScreenings