succession planning: here’s one crisis you can avoid!

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Succession Planning: Heres One Crisis You Can Avoid!. 2012 AIRS Training and Education Conference Jackie Hall | Pathways Consulting Inc | May 23, 2012. Welcome!. Individually rate: 1 = very low; 7 = very high. How valuable an experience do you plan to have? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Succession Planning:Heres One Crisis You Can Avoid!2012 AIRS Training and Education ConferenceJackie Hall | Pathways Consulting Inc | May 23, 2012

  • Welcome!How valuable an experience do you plan to have?

    How engaged and active do you plan to be?

    How invested are you in the quality of the experience of those around you?

    Individually rate: 1 = very low; 7 = very highDiscuss with those around you

  • Learning Objectives Recognize importance to organizational viabilityComplete succession readiness checklist Understand three methods to developKnow steps in creating a planLearn about real-life example

  • References/ResourcesCompassPoint Executive Search & Transition Succession Planning templates,

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation Executive Transition Monograph Series,

    Chief Executive Succession Planning, Nancy R. Axelrod

  • Succession Fire DrillWhat would you need to do?What would you need to know?

  • Its ImportantRisk managementResiliencyShared leadershipEnergizingGenerational need

  • OK, if its so important, why do we resist doing it???

  • Succession Planning for NonprofitsNot about heir apparentNot a one-time eventFosters shared vision/strategyBuild bench strengthSound infrastructure and transition plan

  • Why Might You Initiate It?New board leadershipCEO evaluationBoard self-assessmentStrategic planning Organizational crisis

  • Organizational Life Cycle

  • How Ready are YOU for a Smooth Transition?

  • Possible Approaches to Succession PlanningStrategic Leadership DevelopmentTemporary/EmergencyDeparture-Defined

  • Steps in Emergency Succession PlanningIdentify priority functionsDecide who should coverDefine procedures (short-, long-term)Establish process for acting executiveDraft communication planImplement documentation/cross-trainingBuild in a review process

  • Departure-DefinedAdditional ConsiderationsPersonal and professional issuesEstablish time framesBuild into strategic planDetermine executive search strategyExecutive Emeritus role?

  • Case Example

    Marguerite RedwineChief Executive Officer

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Emergency Succession PlanChallengesSuccessesLessons Learned

  • Departure-DefinedSuccession PlanChallengesSuccessesLessons Learned

  • Action Planning Use Readiness Checklist Identify Critical Gaps Information and Contact Inventory

    Begin the Conversation: Get Started!

  • Questions?Takeaways?

  • *Ground RulesAsk QuestionsShare Your ExperienceOne ConversationStay Focused/HereMinimize Mobile Device Use

    ****Importance of Succession Planning to Organizational ViabilitySound risk management practiceIncreases organizational resiliencyShared leadership is more effective all aroundEnergizes and reassures the boardBoomer generation of nonprofit executives some with over 20 years of experience are heading toward departureThe next generation tends to want shared leadership models and a healthy work/life balanceFunders see succession planning as an agency strength distinguishes your agency/leadership

    *Why We Resist It? Ask open-ended to attendeesBoards consider it a B priority; takes time, or dont even think about it, too awkward to discuss with current CEOFunders may have trust/comfort with a strong leader and there is fear the funders will pull backTypical strong CEO must abandon model of heroic leadership and be willing to share authorityCEO and Board may not have time, commitment, or knowledge to undertake this unless it is set as an agency priority. (Like disaster planning, it critically needed but hard to find time to develop with other pressing responsibilities.)*Its not about grooming an heir apparent; most NPs cant support concentrated leadership roles at the top. Succession planning is an ongoing process, separate from the CEO Search process, and involves Shared understanding of current and future strategySustained attention to creating conditions for CEO successBuilding bench strength in staff, board members and key volunteersEnsuring a sound infrastructure and transition plan is in place for the next CEO search

    *Transition to a new board chairPerformance evaluation of CEOBoard self-assessmentNew strategic planning cycleOrganizational breakdown or crisisSignificant board or staff turnoverA founder who has not grown with the organization

    *Discussion: Where is AIRS is on this cycle? [Informs the critical leadership skills needed]


    # 11 Note fm MR: We are working on centralized document location and access. I have a master calendar for CEO/agency responsibilities**********