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  1. 1. How to Achieve Successful Selling
  2. 2. You Must Know Your Products!
  3. 3. You will not be successful at selling if: You are guessing the details You do not know what product is best for your client You are not confident
  4. 4. There are three impactful ways to prepare for selling:
  5. 5. Write a Script
  6. 6. Role Play
  7. 7. Believe in the products and know how they work
  8. 8. You will NOT be successful if:
  9. 9. You do not develop rapport with your client
  10. 10. You do not listen to your clients needs
  11. 11. Your business proposal does not make sense
  12. 12. The worst mistake you can make is:
  13. 13. Not following -up with your client Not following through with your sales proposal
  14. 14. By following the proper steps, you will be Successful in Selling!
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