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Successful Negotiation Skills. Download the Original Presentation. Download the native PowerPoint slides, from my blog: http:// / Or, check out other articles on my blog: Agenda. Definitions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Successful Negotiation SkillsGabriel DusilVP Marketing & Corporate StrategyVisual Unity . .2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #1Download the Original PresentationDownload the native PowerPoint slides, from my blog: Or, check out other articles on my blog:

2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #Agenda2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #Definitions

Resolution of conflict by mutual compromiseThe 10 Rules of Negotiation,Alan McCarthy, CatalystA dialogue intended to resolve disputes WikipediaInvolved parties resolve dispute by holding discussions and coming to an

Bargaining (give and take) process between two or more parties (each with its own aims, needs and viewpoints) seeking to discover a common ground and reach an agreementwww.businessdictionary.comDont negotiate,unless you have to.2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #4Principles2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #5Avoiding NegotiationWin:Lose Dictating Terms Take it or leave itLose:Win SurrenderUsed a controlled manner so as not to set a precedent (i.e. give in with conditions)

2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #6Avoiding NegotiationWin:Win - Problem SolvingBoth parties seek a resolutionLose:Lose - ArbitrationUnwilling to have a direct dialog? Then an Arbitrator is required

2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #7What is a Negotiation?Position OrientatedNeed a mandate before startingFollow the 5 Negotiation StagesNeed to understand both parties objectives from the negotiationIt helps to understand what are their motivations as wellAmicable negotiations seek a Win:WinIdentify if the other party is trying to do the sameBe prepared for some Creative ThinkingShared interests or Shared risk can result in a win:win2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #8Negotiation Mandate

Separate & Understand the difference betweenYour Corporate goalsYour Departmental or Regional goalsYour Personal goalsUnderstand your leverageYour Strengths & WeaknessesThe other partys Strengths & WeaknessesScenario PlanningKnow what is your bottom line (worst case scenario)What is your Walk-away priceAgree on your top line(best case scenario)Plan your goals & contingencies2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #Negotiation Is2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #10Negotiation Stages

If Conflict OccursUnderstand WhyThere is Conflict&What Can BeDone About it2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #111. Planning Tactics & StrategyTacticsAgendaConcessionsRolesVenueAuthorityDisclosuresTimingStrategiesSoft, Hard or Honorable?Keep it simple & flexible

Remember Its aboutInterests not positionsProblems not personalities2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #121. Planning - Soft, Hard or HonorableSoftHardHonorableParticipants are friendlyParticipants are enemiesParticipants are problem solversGoal is to reach an agreementGoal is conquestGoal is an amicable outcomeMake concessionsCultivate the relationshipMake Demandsas a condition of the agreementSeparate negotiatorsfrom the problemSoft on the issues & peopleHard on the issues & peopleSoft on people & hard on issuesEasily change positionDig into your positionFocus on common interestsMake offersMake threatsExplore common interestsDisclose your bottom linePush for revealing their bottom lineAvoid need to reach a bottom lineAccept a one-sided compromiseDemand one-sided gainas the price of the agreementExplore scenarios witha double-sided gainInsist on mutual agreementInsist on maintaining your positionDevelop multiple optionsAvoid a contest of wills & egosWin a contest of wills & egosInsist on objective criteriaYield to pressureApply pressureResult on common principles2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #131. Planning Team RolesLeadRecapObserveChairman over the agendaMaintains integrity of leaderMaintains integrity of companyActs as a traffic cop Summarizes each sessionWatches body languageNot always the most senior,not always the same personAnyone trusted by the leader,with good listening skillsKeeps quiet. Has excellent listening skillsGive final approvalEyes & ears of the leaderTakes notesPerson that introduces new topicsLooks for trapsLooks for trapsCan call for an adjournmentCan call for an adjournmentCan call an adjournmentOnly one to agree without a breakTakes the heat off the leaderAware of tone of proceedingsEvery team should have 3 roles. If not, then roles need to be shared2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #142. Discussion2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #153. ProposeDoPropose & provide alternativesTake the initiativeAdvance the discussionsBe realisticAdjourn during disagreementRealise their needs & limitationsDontComplain (propose alternatives)Interrupt proposalsUse emotion as a bully techniqueBe bullied by emotionStart with specific conditions and follow through with tentative proposalsConditions Start Large, Concessions Start SmallAlways summarize to ensure both sides are on the same page2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #163. Propose2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #174. Trade DosDoContinually review objectivesPlan your tradeables in advancePlan your receivables in advanceRecognise your limitationsEnsure that no one leaves until the terms of the agreement are confirmed

Todays gift is tomorrow's starting-pointTomorrows starting-point is lower than today.2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #184. Trade - DontsDontGive away free giftsConcede your low costtradeables too soonGive an inch - Trade it insteadTrade items that you dont have the authorityBluff on ultimatumsSalami the deal

What is it worth to you vs. the other party?What does it cost you?What do you get in return?What is in it for you?

2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #194. Trade

Do You Have TheAuthority?TradableItemsTimeDuration of the contract or individual itemsGoodsQuantities, Quality, Features & SubstitutesServicesSLA terms, sigma 6, 24x7, ResponseStaffPersonnel, Management, Regional officesGuaranteesGuarantors, Insurance, Liabilities, BondsMoneySRP, Discounts, Financing, InvestmentWarrantyLiability, Coverage, Duration & ExtentRiskWho carries it? Who shares it?SRP Suggested Retail Price2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #204. Trade2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #215. Agreement - ChecklistListen more, Talk less 2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #225. Agreement - Never2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage gdusil.wordpress.comPage #Synopsis Successful Negotiation SkillsEffective negotiation skills are essential to many corporate disciplines including sales, marketing, legal, technical roles. But this also plays into interpersonal relationships such as marriage, parenting and personnel management. Preparation is essential to a successful negotiation, even as far as identifying if or when it is necessary to negotiate. Amicable negotiations seek a win-win scenario - a solution that is acceptable to both parties. But not all negotiations are fair - It is important to identify whether the other party is pursuing a win:lose or win:win outcome, so that appropriate tactics can be taken. This presentation explores some basic skills, techniques, and planning methodologies for a successful negotiation.2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #TagsGabriel Dusil, Negotiation, Negotiation Techniques, Successful Negotiation, Negotiation Skills, Negotiation Mandate, Negotiation Strategy, Negotiation Tactics, Negotiation Stages2013 gdusil.wordpress.comPage #