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Presented by Matt Hodkinson of Influence Agents at our inaugural Marketing Automation Live - part of Inbound Marketing Week 2014 - this presentation outlines the methodology behind a successful marketing automation effort.


<ul><li> 1. Successful Marketing Automation Matt Hodkinson CEO, Inuence Agents ! ! ! ! @matt_hodkinson! #InboundMarketingWeek </li></ul> <p> 2. The 4 Layers of Marketing Automation Layer&amp;1&amp; Layer&amp;2&amp; Layer&amp;3&amp; Layer&amp;4&amp; DistributionContentStrategyTechnology 3. CMS! Email Automation! CRM! Analytics Technology 4. CMS Ability to create pages on the y Targeted landing pages for lead capture Blogging = Trafc + Social Referral + SEO #InboundMarketingWeek 5. CMS 6. Email Automation Email still works if you set the right tone More than just auto-responders The heart of your lead nurturing effort #InboundMarketingWeek 7. Email Automation 8. CRM As much about Process as about Tools No one size ts all Must be used in Anger to properly evaluate (in our experience) Consider integration capability #InboundMarketingWeek 9. CRM 10. Analytics More than just Website statistics Use for Social, Web, Email, Lead Management, Sales and more Affords access to Growth Hacking and continuous improvement of the marketing funnel #InboundMarketingWeek 11. Analytics 12. Funnel Structure! Stages of the Inbound Marketing Funnel! Qualication &amp; Progressive Proling Strategic Framework 13. Funnels Your best prospects might not be ready to buy yet Where the timing is right, your product/service also needs to be right Where the timings isnt right, great CRM process needs to ensure no leaks in the funnel Have you got the time to hand-hold every prospect through the nurturing journey? #InboundMarketingWeek 14. Information Qualied Lead Marketing Qualied Lead Sales Qualied Lead 15. MoFu Offer ToFu Offer Thank You Page Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Quiet List 2 days 5 days 5 days 16. Progressive Proling 17. Lead Magnets Email Copy CTAs 18. Lead Magnets Know your Buyer Personas inside and out Design premium content that attracts ONLY your target buyers Compelling and relevant titles and tag-lines can accurately pre-qualify #InboundMarketingWeek 19. Email Copy Get it Opened Set the tone early - double opt-in or content delivery via email can help Compelling subject line Personalisation Get the Click-through Compelling and attractive CTA #InboundMarketingWeek 20. CTA's 21. The Lean Team Skill Set ! ! Designers! ! Developers! ! ! ! Copywriters! ! Marketers 22. Legacy Lists! Social! Communities! Inuencers! Ofine to Online Distribution 23. A Huge Challenge for Many Businesses Today Now that we have content, how do we get it seen by the right people? 24. Legacy Lists Keep it Inbound - Think of legacy email lists/ databases as a Re-activation exercise Use segmentation to maximise results Promoting content and/or social proof trumps product/service promotion then let the Marketing Automation engine do the rest! #InboundMarketingWeek 25. Social Distribution Your Social Media presence becomes even more important Do you have a large following? More importantly, do you have reach? Even more importantly, do you have TARGETED reach? Are you shing where the (right) sh are? Platform choice Social = SEO* 26. Communities 27. Inuencers When building a community from scratch seems like hard work! Efcient networking one-to-one-to-many Inuence is contextual - choose by relevance as well as reach #InboundMarketingWeek 28. Inuencers 29. Ofine to Online Inbound can compliment your outbound activities - Telemarketing, DM, Events, etc. Improve conversion rates by promoting at the top of the funnel (content) rather than the bottom (appointments) A safety net for more transactional offers #InboundMarketingWeek 30. Bringing it All Together A plan for implementing Marketing Automation in Your Business 31. Get the Tech Lots of Integrated Tools or All-in-One! Hubspot Other products are available 32. Choose your Strategy Which Funnel ts your Business? Help your Prospects move themselves through the sales funnel Learn from those whove made the mistakes 33. Create Content Design Content to Qualify Build your Team of Creatives Design Copywriting Dev Marketing oDesk, eLance, PeoplePerHour 34. Build Distribution Find your Market Fish where the Fish are Be efcient and consistent 35. Case Study 36. Case Study 37. Case Study 38. Questions? </p>