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Success Through the Magic of Personal Power

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Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting. ALDOUS HUXLEY




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"Life is a search after power; and this is an element with which the world is so saturated . . . that no honest seeker goes unrewarded." RALPH WALDO EMERSON

PrefaceThe two absolutely necessary elements for your success of any kind are: 1. Desire 2. Power As for desire, we all possess it in healthy abundance. You and I want to advance ourselves in whatever areas we fancy and in the shortest time possible. We all wish for more prosperity and prestige in our businesses and professions. As perfectly normal individuals we want greater achievement and satisfaction in affairs of love and sex. Every person hopes to command respect and popularity from those around him. Most importantly, we ask for a future rich in comfort and security. All of these plus much more can be won by youif you thoroughly understand the other side of the golden cointhat of Power. If your dreams are to come true, desire must be matched by the enabling energy. Without personal Power a man's wants and needs are painfully elusive, always disappointingly out of reach. The powerless man misses the markand consequently misses the pleasures of the luxurious life. Fortunately, no one, including you, need do without any longer. The Power Principles you are about to discover will see to that. The purpose of this book is to show you how to turn your many rightful desires into possessed treasures. The means by which you can achieve these miracles is through the discovery and use of your natural talents and skills and energies. More Power to you! That is what you can expect to receive and actually win. What, precisely, do we mean by Power? Take as an example that universally admired character trait vii



which is called daring. What fantastic worlds open magically before the man who dares! That force alone conquered fame and fortune for men like Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Hernando Cortez. As you will see in following pages, the very same daring which won victories in their vastly different areas can guarantee your victory in your particular world. Ever feel desperate and confused, as if it's just no use trying any longer? Within this book you will find some amazing ideas about the Poweryes, the Powerof a desperate condition. You will be clearly shown the way to turn confusion itself into a weapon for triumph. Thousands of others have vaulted skyward with this secret force and so can you. It was the Power of a compelling personality that contributed largely to the world-wide prominence of heroes like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Winston Churchill. Rest assured that you will shortly be learning to use this force for your own prominence and enrichment. A commanding personality holds enchanting authority over people and circumstances. That is a worthwhile reason why you should start right now to build your personality-power. This is but a small portion of good things to come. Power for wondrous achievement will be a revealed secret, for it flows in abundance through the man or woman who takes but a bit of time to find it. So ... from this page onward we will venture together toward the prize of more personal Power. VERNON HOWARD

150 Specific Aids to More Personal Power1. To remind yourself of how resourceful you really are: see page 41. 2. For banishing discouragement: see page 126. 3. Fifty rights you should claim right now: see page 71. 4. How to conserve your energies: see page 24. 5. For an exciting story of forthright action: see page 66. 6. What to do whenever you run into a so-called failure: see page 177, point 24. 7. If you want to make a woman's heart flutter: see page 98. 8. To discover a wealthy secret for achieving twice as much in half the time: see page 130. 9. The power of drastic action which changes things: see page 191. 10. If you feel lifeless and unenthusiastic toward your job: see page 109. 11. To impress yourself with your basic personality-powers: see page 91, point 2. 12. For a humorous illustration of the values found in careful investigation: see page 144. 13. If you are bothered by pressure of any kind: see page 36. 14. The power of thoroughness: see page 7. 15. To learn the values of Creative Curiosity: see page 58. 16. For a 12-word summary concerning prosperity which will help your job or profession: see page 168. 17. If you think life is too complex to control: see page 190. 18. The power of receptivity: see page 144. 19. If you want to solve problems the easy way: see page 121. 20. To build the kind of leadership that attracts followers: see page 105, point 5.ix



21. A definition of genuine action power: see page 68. 22. The power of enlightened self-interest: see page 24. 23. How one man turned impatience into self-command: see page 49. 24. For encouraging and inspiring yourself as you plan your financial increase: see page 169, point 9. 25. For bouncing back toward victory: see page 1. 26. The importance of decisiveness: see page 14. 27. To uplift your powers of aggressiveness and initiative: see page 115. 28. For succeeding at anything at all: see page 129, point 10. 29. Practical illustrations of how you can employ science-power: see page 148. 30. To conquer jittery nerves: see page 111. 31. For information worth $50,000: see page 15. 32. To discover a vital principle for personal attractiveness: see page 86. 33. Why you should think in terms of personal participation in success: see page 135, point 6. 34. For the first rule in exerting authority and influence: see page 93. 35. The power of a quiet mind: see page 54. 36. How to free yourself from false feelings of guilt: see page 73. 37. For building and maintaining sound health: see page 187. 38. A few things known by the powerful individual: see page 198. 39. For a helpful definition of realistic thinking: see page 179. 40. Your sources of strength: see page 5. 41. How the power of attention puts you in command and keeps you that way: see page 45. 42. To learn a powerful money-making principle which anyone can use, with rich reward: see page 157. 43. How to win mastery over distressing thoughts: see page 204, point 3. 44. How mental flexibility will help you in your job or profession: see page 28. 45. The problem of weight-control: see page 186. 46. To realize that you now possess all the power you need: see page 2.

150 SPECIFIC AIDS TO MORE PERSONAL POWER 47. Unprofitable notions to deduct from your time-thinking: see page 137. 48. A belief in financial fullness that will guide you toward allaround prosperity: see page 165, point 2. 49. What to do when you are uncertain: see page 69. 50. A pair of all-important principles for altering circumstances: see page 184. 51. Why you should be willing to fail time and time again: see page 172. 52. Your possibilities for building a newly powerful personality: see page 80. 53. To discover what a knowledge of human nature will do for you: see page 93. 54. For developing more energy: see page 78, point 4. 55. How to guarantee fresh contacts which uplift your fortunes: see page 201, point 9. 56. To develop constructive attitudes toward your creative forces: see page 62. 57. The power of assumption: see page 11. 58. If you want to perform small miracles that will lead to greater ones: see page 38. 59. How to make one good thing lead to another: see page 154. 60. For a practical plan that will help you to attract new opportunities for advancement: see page 201, point 8. 61. For an illustration of the power of experimentation: see page 61. 62. How to use the dictionary as a financial guide: see page 159. 63. The values of decisiveness: see page 18. 64. If you want a sure-fire system for plunging beyond your present condition to discover new worlds: see page 113. 65. The difference between genuine thought-power and pseudo thought-power: see page 204, point 4. 66. Secrets for making up your mind: see page 20. 67. For winning new success wherever you want it: see page 64, point 6. 68. A natural birthright concerning sex: see page 71, point 4. 69. How factual thinking can help your job or profession: see page 180.




70. To keep yourself encouraged in your power-planning activities: see page 38. 71. To chart yourself and your powers: see page 6.72. If you want to be more clever than ever: see page 92, point 9.

73. What you can do to change inferior conditions into superior circumstances: see page 190. 74. To review nine vital points in personality development: see page 91. 75. For outwitting failure every time: see page 176, point 1. 76. The powerful connection between observation and worthwhileideas: see page 55.

77. For an excellent example of the influential man: see page 100.78. To investigate a thinking process which should be eliminated from your mind: see page 203.

79. The power of non-compromise: see page 42. 80. To conquer fear and move forward with confidence and consistency: see page 32. 81. If you want more time power in your business affairs: see page 131. 82. For valuable definitions of science-power which serve your every need: see page 143. 83. For a cha