Success on a plate - ?· in St Mary's Church hall ... there was a choice of cheese and biscuits. Wines…

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  • ON the last Friday inJanuary around 80 peoplein St Mary's Church hall

    enjoyed a wine tasting evening

    with a three-course meal.

    Sommelier and raconteur Mr

    Ian Newman, ably supported

    by Mr Martin Calver, ensured

    the event was a great suc-


    Funds raised at this event

    went to the extension to the

    surgery's car park.

    To start the meal there was

    Brussels pate and Melba toast

    followed by coq au vin or veg-

    etarian alternative served with

    baked potatoes and Savoy

    cabbage. Desserts included a

    fresh fruit salad, Lane's Prince

    Albert apple and almond pud-

    ding, baked stuffed apples or

    Dr Michael's red gooseberry

    crumble. To round off the meal

    there was a choice of cheese

    and biscuits.

    Wines from around the world

    accompanied each course.

    The selection included Les

    Cal, a red wine from France,

    Casa Di Grettie, a pinot grigio

    from Italy, a South African mer-

    lot from the Robertson vine-

    yard, from Chile a Neblina

    Sauvignon blanc and to finish

    off the meal Penfold's

    Rawson's Retreat, an

    Australian chardonnay.

    Tickets were also on sale for

    the spring draw with the first

    prize being a Sony 32inch

    LCD HD television.

    Judging by the appreciative

    comments from those who

    attended it was judged a great

    success. No doubt, many are

    looking forward to next year's


    After expenses, the profit

    amounted to 617.success.

    No doubt, many are looking

    forward to next year's event.

    After expenses, the profit

    amounted to 617.


    The next few months will be busy with celebrations. The Queens DiamondJubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be taking place in London. In January the popular wine tasting event, hosted by Ian Newman and MartinCalver, was a great success. Fundraising for the car park appeal continues. Anydonations will be gratefully received. As the postage price has increased, if you would like to receive future newslettersby email please let the surgery know using

    Carol Grant, Newsletter Editor.

    Success on a plate

    Donations from the two flu clinicsduring October and Novembertotalled 847.

    Fordingbridge Surgery

    Bartons Road



    SP6 1RS

    Telephone 01425 652941

    Fax: 01425 654393


    Chairman Mrs Jackie Lydford


    Registered Charity No. 1094882

    PATRON: Murray Walker, OBE



    ALTHOUGH I have just started in a new post at Fordingbridge

    surgery, some of you may already have come across me with a

    different hat on!

    I have worked in the practice for a number of years initially as an

    occasional locum as well as long term locums for Dr Dingley and

    Dr Morris. I know the practice well and am delighted to have the

    opportunity to be a part of the team

    Qualifying from Cardiff (then known as the Welsh National School

    of Medicine) in 1984 I finished my GP training in 1988.

    I became a partner in two practices in South Wales before mov-

    ing to Vancouver for a year, following my husband's career. Kush

    became a consultant anaesthetist at Salisbury District Hospital in

    1997 and some of you may well have met him (although may not remember him, as patients

    rarely remember their anaesthetist!).

    Since 1997, I have worked at several practices in and around Salisbury.

    We have three children, now (mostly) grown up, age 22, 20 and 17. I enjoy golf, skiing and tennis

    and hate cooking!


    I am delighted to be working at the Fordingbridge Surgery.A Nurse Practitioner for seven years, I have spent much of

    that time working in Southampton. I live in Salisbury and have three children. My eldest is mar-ried, living in Wales and about to have her first child. My old-est son marries later this year. My youngest, who is still athome, is a keen rugby player and I enjoy watching him play.

    Also I love to cook and am currently enjoying renovating myold house.

    IN the past most patients with problems

    needing attention on the same day were

    offered an appointment with a doctor or

    nurse. This led to increased waiting times for

    routine appointments as many slots were

    saved for urgent problems.

    Fordingbridge Surgery is now managing the

    urgent problems more effectively and has

    increased the number of routine appoint-

    ments and reduced the waiting times. Now

    when you speak to a doctor or nurse practi-

    tioner on the telephone you will be offered

    either an appointment with the person who

    can most effectively deal with your problem,

    or an alternative option. This will give you

    more choices of how your problem may best

    be dealt with.

    The Same Day Service is designed to be

    more safer and more efficient in dealing with

    patients urgent problems.

    The telephone number to call is 01425

    653430 and lines are open from 8am.

    Appointments system changed

  • I moved to Fordingbridge from Poole with my

    husband, Jack almost eight years ago, conse-

    quently I took retirement two-and-a-half years

    ago. A nurse for 45 years, I did my training in

    Yorkshire and then left my roots to live and

    work in Harrow, as well as other areas of the

    country. I led a varied nursing career and on

    retirement I had a been a Heart Failure

    Specialist Nurse working for Bournemouth and

    Poole Primary Care Trust, and working closely

    with the British Heart Foundation.

    Since retiring life has become quite busy and

    taken on a different role from my hectic nursing

    career. I mainly do voluntary work within

    Fordingbridge and for the local community

    doing such things as helping at the Rae

    Stratton Luncheon Club and the Day Centre,

    also working for Age UK on the ASSYST


    A friend of the Victoria Rooms I help with fund

    raising to keep that beautiful building alive. I

    take an active role backstage for the

    Fordingbridge Players, and sometimes get the

    opportunity to act! I work with Southampton

    Hospital as a simulated patient, which involves

    acting scenarios to assist medical and nursing

    students during their training.

    I am delighted to have been nominated as a

    Trustee of the Friends of Fordingbridge Surgery

    and I look forward to working alongside the

    other committee members and the FOFS.

    As a FOFS and Trustee it would be much

    appreciated if any other friends would be

    prepared to volunteer their services and exper-

    tise in promoting and helping at fund-raising

    events. My contact number is 01425 653878.

    New trustee nominatedMRS ELAINE ROUSE

    SPRING DRASPRING DRAWWTICKETS for the spring draw sold

    quickly and after expenses, the profit

    has swelled funds to the tune of 601.

    The Car Park Fund now stands at


    The winner of the draw was Mr Pat

    Inskip of Fordingbridge, whose prize

    was a Sony 32 inch LCD HD televi-


    Pictured left: Mr and Mrs Inskip with

    Martin Calver.

  • FOR those who were unable to attend the annualmeeting of the Friends of Fordingbridge Surgeryon Monday, March 12 this is what the acting chair-

    man of the trustees, Mr Martin Calver had to say.Good evening and welcome to you all, and a particular

    welcome to Brigadier John Hickman, chairman of the

    newly-formed Patient Participation Group.

    It hardly seems possible that it is now more than ten

    years since the formation of the Friends of Fordingbridge

    Surgery, and exactly ten years sine we were granted

    charitable status. Much has happened during this time,

    and I am pleased to report that the charity is looking for-

    ward to the next ten years in good shape.

    2011 was an active year with much to discuss and deal

    with. The Executive Committee (which consists of nine

    trustees) has met six times during the year and issued

    two newsletters. During that time we have discussed a

    variety of issues, including:

    The potential new surgery premises in Alderholt

    The development of the Patient Participation Group

    The recently-introduced Same Day Service

    The changes within the NHS from the reform bill current-

    ly going through Parliament, and the impact on the

    surgery and its patients

    Fundraising in general, and the Car Park Appeal in par-


    Changes to the constituents of the Executive Committee

    The purchase of equipment requested by the surgery


    While not all of these required specific action from the

    Friends, it is important to understand that the Executive

    Committee keeps itself fully informed about all activity

    which may have an impact on the Practices patients.

    In August 2011 the chairman, Mike Shand, announced

    his retirement from this role and asked to stand down as

    soon as was practical. It was agreed by the Executive

    Committee that I would become acting chairman until

    this AGM. I would like to publicly record the Trustees

    heartfelt thanks for all the hard work Mike has put into

    his role as chairman over a number of years. His local

    government experience and large network of contacts

    were invaluable in supporting our activities. He was, of