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messages in movies


<ul><li> 1. Free-Write Think of a movie. Write down one message from the movie and provide an example from the movie. Think about cultural engagement? Does this have a bigger impact or could it be relatable today? Be prepared to discuss </li> <li> 2. Movies and illnesses The film helped raise awareness of individuals on the autism spectrum but created misleading impressions. ---Possible Thesis statement A Beautiful Mind and Schizophrenia http://www.addictiontreatmentmagazine. com/culture-media/schizophrenia/ What other movies can you think of that may have an underlying message about illness? </li> <li> 3. Bush and War Movies </li> <li> 4. Why would it be important to produce war movies after 9/11? Why would Hollywood rise to the occasion? How are these movies acting as propaganda? Think about movies about war since then. How has 9/11 been portrayed in these films? </li> <li> 5. Anti-Communist Movies The Red Scare and a Godless Nation gacy_of_hollywood_1.html What about theses films? What types of government are they portraying favorably or otherwise? Divergent Hunger Games </li> <li> 6. Further Examples Accepted Ides of March Ides of March 2 Superman Mean Girls You've got mail As we watch these clips, think about what subplots are being presented. What are the issues or themes you see emerging? Try to push past the clich. </li> <li> 7. Things to think about Look at the year it was produced Think about cultural context of the film What made headlines this year? Political Environmental Social What seems to be the issue at the heart of the film? How is the issue portrayed? Sometimes these issues are front and center/ other times they are more subtle. Be Observant! </li> </ul>