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<p>FALL2011TRUNK SHOW PRICE LIST</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011NECKLACES</p> <p>Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace Gold N1012G $128</p> <p>Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace Silver N1012S $118</p> <p>After Midnight Necklace N195G $89</p> <p>Alexa Fringe Necklace N134G $89</p> <p>Amanda Necklace N181G $89</p> <p>Astor Five Strand Necklace N230 $158</p> <p>Audrey Cluster Necklace N138 $98</p> <p>Ava Cupchain Necklace N1019BK $44</p> <p>Avery Chains &amp; Pearl Necklace N1009S $69</p> <p>Awakening Charm Necklace N177 $79</p> <p>Bamboleo Necklace N185 $228</p> <p>Birds of Paradise Necklace N183 $178</p> <p>Bridgette Bauble Necklace N169G $69</p> <p>Camilla Necklace N182 $178</p> <p>Casablanca Bib Necklace N184 $89</p> <p>Cascading Chain Necklace N123S $69</p> <p>Chelsea Necklace -- Gold N131G $59</p> <p>Chelsea Necklace -Hematite N131H $59</p> <p>Chloe Necklace N163 $49</p> <p>Claire Necklace N130 $49</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011NECKLACES</p> <p>Clover Key Necklace N171H $59</p> <p>Contessa Jade Necklace N224 $118</p> <p>Copa Necklace N194 $128</p> <p>CZ Cross Necklace N174S $59</p> <p>Eternity Necklace N197S $69</p> <p>Ever After Necklace N205G $49</p> <p>Femme Fatale Necklace N243 $118</p> <p>Glint Flower CZ Necklace N1022S $39</p> <p>Graceful Nomad N236 $89</p> <p>Hematite Link Chain Necklace N244H $79</p> <p>Infinity Charm Necklace N221G $79</p> <p>Isadora Pearl Bib N234 $128</p> <p>Jacqueline Necklace N222 $228</p> <p>Jet Faceted Necklace N157BK $59</p> <p>Jezebel Pendant Necklace N237 $39</p> <p>La Coco Chain -- Gold N215G $69</p> <p>La Coco Chain -- Silver N215S $69</p> <p>La Coco Cupchain Necklace N167S $69</p> <p>La Coco Curbchain Gold N239G $89</p> <p>La Coco Curbchain Silver N239S $79</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011NECKLACES</p> <p>La Coco Gold Pearl Strand N133G $39</p> <p>La Coco Silver Pearl Strand N162S $39</p> <p>La Coco Turquoise Bead Necklace N191TU $59</p> <p>Leona Pendant Necklace N228 $98</p> <p>Liv Multi Charm Necklace N159 $69</p> <p>Marchesa Necklace N223 $178</p> <p>Marrakesh Bib Necklace N176 $198</p> <p>Medina Bib Necklace N199S $89</p> <p>Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace N161 $198</p> <p>Nolita Necklace N150 $198</p> <p>Olivia Pearl &amp; Ribbon Necklace N208 $44</p> <p>On the Fringe Necklace -- Gold N198G $34</p> <p>On the Fringe Necklace -- Silver N198S $34</p> <p>On the Mark Necklace N196G $49</p> <p>Panther Pendant Necklace N240 $49</p> <p>Pave Bee Pendant Necklace N168G $44</p> <p>Pave Double Bar Necklace N172G $79</p> <p>Pave Ellipse Necklace N175G $69</p> <p>Pearl &amp; Pave Rope Necklace N156l $59</p> <p>Pegasus Necklace N219 $198</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011NECKLACES</p> <p>Rachel Necklace N1007S $89</p> <p>Renegade Layering Necklace N226 $69</p> <p>Renegade Cluster Necklace N225G $59</p> <p>Revival Tassel Necklace N200 $79</p> <p>Rio Single Strand Coin Necklace N188G $98</p> <p>Rio Triple Strand Coin Necklace N187G $128</p> <p>River Lariat N180 $69</p> <p>Riviera Coin Necklace N100M $89</p> <p>Riviera Pendant Necklace N106S $59</p> <p>Signature Clover Necklace N101G $69</p> <p>Signature Dot Disc Necklace N102S $69</p> <p>Snake Orb Pendant Necklace N238G $79</p> <p>Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace N1016I $118</p> <p>Starry Night Necklace N206G $98</p> <p>Threaded Coin Pearl Necklace N1005 $59</p> <p>Threaded Turquoise Necklace N186 $49</p> <p>Together Forever Necklace N901GS $49.00</p> <p>Toujours Necklace N216 $98</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011BRACELETS</p> <p>After the Rain Bracelet B172 $79</p> <p>Audrey Cluster Bracelet B122 $69</p> <p>Bardot Spiral Bangle -- Gold B101G $59</p> <p>Bardot Spiral BangleSilver B101S $49</p> <p>Chantilly Lace Cuff B173G $98</p> <p>Clover Double Wrap Leather Bracelet- Black B138BK $59</p> <p>Clover Double Wrap Leather Bracelet- Brown B138BR $59</p> <p>Clover Single Wrap Leather Bracelet B139MT $39</p> <p>Copper Cupchain Bracelet B169CP $39</p> <p>Corso Cuff B177S $59</p> <p>Costa Azul Wrap Bracelet B114TU $69</p> <p>Devi Bangles- Gold B801G/3 $79</p> <p>Devi Bangles- Silver B801S/3 $69</p> <p>Foundation Bracelet -- Pink B133PI $39</p> <p>Foundation Bracelet -- Turq B133TU $39</p> <p>Garbo Link Bracelet B165S $79</p> <p>Hematite Cupchain Bracelet B170H $59</p> <p>Layla Stretch Bracelet B151TL $34</p> <p>Nugget Wrap Bracelet -- Gold B148G $39</p> <p>Nugget Wrap Bracelet -- Silver B148S $39</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011BRACELETS</p> <p>Paige Enamel Bangle B154 $59</p> <p>Pearl Bouquet Bracelet B161G $79</p> <p>Petra Braided Bracelet B120 $98</p> <p>Prosper Bracelet B160 $34</p> <p>Pyramid Double Bracelet Wrap -- Green B175GR $59</p> <p>Pyramid Double Bracelet Wrap -- Cognac B175CO $59</p> <p>Renegade Cluster Bracelet B164G $59</p> <p>Revival Bracelet B158 $34</p> <p>Rio Coin Bracelet B153G $89</p> <p>Serpent Bangle B167G $49</p> <p>Signature Scallop &amp; Leather Bracelet B108S $34</p> <p>Sloane Enamel Bangle B134I $59</p> <p>Soiree Pave Bracelet B817BK $36</p> <p>Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet -- Brown B817BR $36</p> <p>Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet -- Gray B817G $36</p> <p>Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet -- Ivory B817I $36</p> <p>Studded Trifecta Wrap B176 $59</p> <p>Sunset Bangle B152 $69</p> <p>Toujours Bracelet B163 $34</p> <p>Vintage Twist Bracelet - Gold (Small/Med) - B121G S/M (Med/Lg) - B121G M/L $39</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011BRACELETS</p> <p>Vintage Twist Bracelet Silver (Small/Med) - B121S S/M (Med/Lg) - B121S M/L $39</p> <p>Wishing Nugget Bracelet B159 $39</p> <p>BROOCHES</p> <p>After the Rain Brooch -- Gold BR111G $44</p> <p>After the Rain Brooch -- Silver BR111S $44</p> <p>Bee Brooch BR103 $39</p> <p>Paradise Brooch BR109 $39</p> <p>Plume Brooch BR110BW $34</p> <p>Plume Brooch BR110PU $34</p> <p>Starfish Brooch BR102 $44</p> <p>Vintage Starburst Brooch BR104S $49</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011EARRINGS</p> <p>Adrienne Chain Earrings E1006S $39</p> <p>Amelia Drop Earrings E134G $79</p> <p>Ava Cupchain Earrings E1012S $24</p> <p>Azure Couture Earrings E100TU $79</p> <p>Baby Flower Post Earrings E109G $29</p> <p>Bardot Hoop Earrings -- Gold E132G $39</p> <p>Bardot Hoop Earrings -- Silver E132S $34</p> <p>Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings E152G $49</p> <p>Charlize Teardrop Earrings E900TU $34</p> <p>Cleo Fringe Statement Earrings E146 $49</p> <p>Coin Pearl Earrings E1004 $29</p> <p>Corso Hoops E153S $39</p> <p>Deco Drop Earrings E113S $44</p> <p>Delicate Drop Earrings E111G $24</p> <p>Devi CZ Hoop EarringsGold E802G $49</p> <p>Devi CZ Hoop EarringsSilver E802S $44</p> <p>Essential Ball Stud -- Gold E128G $29</p> <p>Essential Ball Stud -- Silver E128S $29</p> <p>Estate Chandelier Earrings E150 $49</p> <p>Fringe Hoop Earring- Silver E104S $44</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011EARRINGS</p> <p>Fringe Hoop Earring- Gold E104G $49</p> <p>Garden Party Chandelier Earrings E1007TU $54</p> <p>Glint Flower CZ Earrings E815S $39</p> <p>Grace Pearl Earrings -Grey/Silver E1002GR $34</p> <p>Grace Pearl Earrings -Ivory/Gold E1002I $34</p> <p>Heiress Hoops -- Gold E148G $44</p> <p>Heiress Hoops -- Hematite E148H $44</p> <p>Jill CZ Hoop Earrings E810S $69</p> <p>Juliette Gem Drop Earrings E142SM $59</p> <p>Ladybug Studs E112G $24</p> <p>Marchesa Studs E139 $29</p> <p>Paradise Studs E122G $24</p> <p>Pearl Bouquet Earrings E131G $39</p> <p>Pearl Drop Earring E1013S $29</p> <p>Perfect Faceted Earrings E617BKS $39</p> <p>Petra Fringe Earrings E114S $59</p> <p>Renegade Mini Cluster Hoop E137G $29</p> <p>Renegade Mini Drop Earrings E135G $24</p> <p>Rio Chandelier Earring -- Gold E124G $39</p> <p>Rio Chandelier Earring -- Silver E124S $39</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011EARRINGS</p> <p>Rio Coin Drop Earrings E125G $29</p> <p>Riviera Coin Earrings E108S $39</p> <p>Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings E106S $49</p> <p>Signature Clover Drop Earrings E105G $54</p> <p>Small Fringe Hoop Earrings -- Gold E129G $29</p> <p>Small Fringe Hoop Earrings -- Silver E129S $29</p> <p>Soiree Earrings -- Gold E1001G $39</p> <p>Soiree Earrings -- Silver E1001S $39</p> <p>Soiree Studs -- Hematite E126H $24</p> <p>Soiree Studs -- Gold E126G $24</p> <p>Star Fish Earrings E110S $34</p> <p>Sun Disk Hoops - Gold E707V $39</p> <p>Sun Disk Hoops - Silver E707S $34</p> <p>Toujours Earring E133 $34</p> <p>Tudor Studs E147S $39</p> <p>Turquoise Sea Drop Earrings E808 $29</p> <p>Wanderlust Fringe Hoop Earrings E123S $34</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011CHARM BASES15 Delicate Chain- Silver N848S $24 18 Delicate Chain Necklace- Gold N800G $34 18 Delicate Chain Necklace- Silver N800S $29 30 Circle Link Chain Necklace- Gold N801G $59 30 Circle Link Chain Necklace- Silver N801S $49 Delicate Ball Station Chain -- Gold N1024G $39 Faceted Ball Chain Ruthenium N217 $49 Faceted Ball Chain Silver N218 $49</p> <p>Silk Ombre Bases with Charms Grey - N117GR $14</p> <p>Silk Ombre Bases with Charms Pink - N117P $14</p> <p>Silk Ombre Bases with Charms Teal - N117TL $14</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011CHARMS Birthstone Briolette Charms $19Jan Birthsone Charm - Garnet Gold - C803GG Silver - C803GS Feb Birthstone Charm - Lavender Amethyst Gold - C803AMG Silver - C803AMS March Birthstone Charm- Aquamarine Gold - C803AQG Silver - C803AQS April Birthstone Charm- CZ Gold - C803CZG Silver - C803CZS May Birthstone Charm- Chrysoprase Gold - C803CHG Silver - C803CHS June Birthstone Charm- Rainbow Moon Stone Gold - C803MG Silver - C803MS July Birthstone Charm- Enhanced Ruby Gold - C803RG Silver - C803RS Aug Birthstone Charm- Peridot Gold - C803PG Silver - C803PS Sept Birthstone Charm- Lapis Gold - C803LG Silver - C803LS Oct Birthstone Charm-Pink Quartz Gold - C803TG Silver - C803TS Nov Birthstone Charm- Citrine Gold - C803CG Silver - C803CS Dec Birthstone Charm- Turq Gold - C803TUG Silver - C803TUS Birthstone Charm- Carnelian Gold - C803CAG Silver - C803CAS Breast Cancer Awareness Birthstone Charm- Rose Quartz Gold - C803RQG Silver - C803RQS</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011CHARMS Initial CharmsSignature A Charm- Gold Signature A Charm- Silver Signature B Charm- Gold Signature B Charm- Silver Signature C Charm- Gold Signature C Charm- Silver Signature D Charm- Gold Signature D Charm- Silver Signature E Charm- Gold Signature E Charm- Silver Signature F Charm- Gold Signature F Charm- Silver Signature G Charm- Gold Signature G Charm- Silver Signature H Charm- Gold Signature H Charm- Silver Signature I Charm- Gold Signature I Charm- Silver Signature J Charm- Gold Signature J Charm- Silver Signature K Charm- Gold Signature K Charm- Silver Signature L Charm- Gold Signature L Charm- Silver Signature M Charm- Gold Signature M Charm- Silver Signature N Charm- Gold Signature N Charm- Silver Signature O Charm- Gold Signature O Charm- Silver Signature P Charm- Gold Signature P Charm- Silver Signature Q Charm- Gold Signature Q Charm- Silver Signature R Charm- Gold Signature R Charm Silver Signature S Charm- Gold Signature S Charm- Silver Signature T Charm- Gold Signature T Charm- Silver Signature U Charm- Gold Signature U Charm- Silver Signature V Charm- Gold Signature V Charm- Silver Signature W Charm- Gold Signature W Charm- Silver Signature X Charm- Gold Signature X Charm- Silver Signature Y Charm- Gold Signature Y Charm- Silver Signature Z Charm- Gold Signature Z Charm- Silver CAG CAS CBG CBS CCG CCS CDG CDS CEG CES CFG CFS CGG CGS CHG CHS CIG CIS CJG CJS CKG CKS CLG CLS CMG CMS CNG CNS COG COS CPG CPS CQG CQS CRG CRS CSG CSS CTG CTS CUG CUS CVG CVS CWG CWS CXG CXS CYG CYS CZG CZS $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29 $34 $29</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011CHARMS</p> <p>Symbol CharmsSignature Cross Charm - Gold Signature Cross Charm - Silver Signature Heart Charm - Gold Signature Heart Charm - Silver Signature Peace Charm - Silver Signature Star Of David Charm - Gold Signature Star of David Charm - Silver Signature Wishbone Charm - Gold Signature Wishbone Charm - Silver C817G C817S C814G C814S C903S C825G C825S C815G C815S $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16</p> <p>Relationship CharmsSignature Mom Charm - Gold Signature Mom Charm - Silver Signature Sister Charm - Gold Signature Sister Charm - Silver C813G C813S C819G C819S $39 $34 $39 $34</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011CHARMS</p> <p>Whimsical CharmsSignature Love Script Charm -- Gold Signature Love Script Charm -- Silver Signature Leaf Charm -- Gold Signature Leaf Charm -- Silver Signature Pansy Charm -- Gold Signature Pansy Charm -- Silver C824G C824S C823G C823S C822G C822S $39 $34 $39 $34 $44 $39</p> <p>Signature Love CharmGold C810G $24</p> <p>Signature Love CharmSilver C810S $22</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011RINGS</p> <p>Aurora Cocktail Ring R117SM $49</p> <p>Belle Fleur Ring R105H $49</p> <p>Camilla Ring R113 $49</p> <p>Eternity Band -- Gold R110G5-9 $39</p> <p>Eternity Band -- Rose Gold R110RG5-9 $39</p> <p>Eternity Band -- Silver R110S5-9 $39</p> <p>Harmony Band Rings R109G5-9 $69</p> <p>Nouvelle Ring R118S $49</p> <p>Renegade Cluster Ring R114G $44</p> <p>Soiree Trio Ring R115H $49</p> <p>Stackable Band Rings R802GS/55-59 $39</p> <p>Stackable Deco Rings R805S5-9 $49</p> <p>Vintage Cluster Ring R104G $39</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011GIRLS</p> <p>Allie Pearl &amp; Ribbon Necklace N125 $29</p> <p>Allie Pearl &amp; Ribbon Bracelet B117 $16</p> <p>Dylan Necklace N211 $24</p> <p>Friendship Bracelet Blue - B147BL $19</p> <p>Friendship Bracelet Pink - B147PI $19</p> <p>Friendship Bracelet Turq - B147TU $19</p> <p>Friendship Bracelet Yellow - B147Y $19</p> <p>Kristin Charm Necklace N126 $26</p> <p>Kristin Pearl Bracelet B116 $16</p> <p>Kristin Ring R102P $14</p> <p>Little Dottie Bracelet B119 $16</p> <p>Little Dottie Necklace N129 $29</p> <p>Little Girls Foundation Bracelet -- Pink B146PI $22</p> <p>Little Girls Foundation Bracelet -- Turquoise B146TU $22</p> <p>Mini Charlotte Necklace N148G $39</p> <p>Mini Soiree Bracelet - Ivory B118I $16</p> <p>Mini Soiree Necklace N124 $24</p> <p>Peace Swap Charm Necklace N212 $34</p> <p>Tatum Bracelet B162 $12</p> <p>Tatum Necklace N210 $29</p> <p>US</p> <p>PRICE LIST FALL 2011GIRLS</p> <p>Tween Stud Pack - Set of 3 E121 $29</p> <p>TOTES</p> <p>Jewelry Roll -- Navy SG007 $44</p> <p>Jewelry Roll -- Teal SG003 $44</p> <p>Large Jewelry Travel Case -- Navy SG006 $138</p> <p>Large Jewelry Travel Case -- Teal SG002 $138</p> <p>Medium Jewelry Travel Case -- Navy SG005 $98</p> <p>Medium Jewelry Travel Case -- Teal SG001 $98</p> <p>US</p>