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1. mens fashion suits online 2. Suits are the best fit for business settings and boardroom meetings as well as the best outfit for wedding celebrations. A finely tailored suit can do wonders for a mans personality and look. If the tailored suit has the right proportion and fit matching your body, you can get that celebrity attention be it in the boardroom or a wedding reception. 3. And now mens fashion suits online are available exclusively in great variety, color, patterns and fabric. And when you are buying fabric for customized mens fashion suits online it is important to know what suits you and make the right choice accordingly. Traditionally mens suit has always been made out from wool. 4. This fabric can be really comfortable and lightweight as well as warm and cozy as woven accordingly. This fabric is very reliable as well as drapes beautifully. Suitings are generally categorized based on their fineness. Finer yarns are smoother in appearance, softer to the touch, and produce lighter fabrics. The fabric woven out of finer yarns is generally more expensive, less durable, and more prone to wrinkling. 5. The fineness of the fabric is determined by the yarn number. For e.g. 90s, originally meant the number of 560-yard spools a spinner could get out of a pound of raw wool. 80s wool makes beautiful suitings that are perfect for work while the super 100s is more luxurious, and super 120s is incredibly smooth. For people who desire for decadently fine cloths gets fabric as fine as super 200s. 6. Talking about the weight of the fabric 10 oz, is what a yard of that particular material weighs. For warmer fabrics heavier material or fabrics are manufactured while for lighter ones the warmth is less. Fabrics with a weight of 10-12 oz are ideal for spring and fall. Lighter fabrics, also known as tropical wool without any specific weight, are quite and thus perfect for hot summers. The flannel and tweed fabrics in weights of 14 to 18 oz, are best suited for winters. These things can be kept in mind when you next order a fabric for mens fashion suits online. 7. Thank You