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Event styling for a wide range of venues by Evolve Events


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As long As there is imAginAtion in the world disneylAnd will never be finished

w a l t d i s n e y

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Page 4: Styling Brochure

the ultimAte for Any events compAny is to embellish And

trAnsform exciting And

unique spAces into even more

desirAble AreAs or conversely

reinventing And breAthing life into dull And

mundAne spAces to represent

whAt the client wishes to

communicAte to its Audience

gAry peters director, evolve

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Page 6: Styling Brochure

people to entrust ...

at evolve, we believe that we are as only as creative as the people we employ so we

carefully handpick individuals with unique skills and talents so that we ensure that no matter how challenging the project is we will always

over deliver ensuring our clients are hugely overwhelmed by our creative efforts/treatments.

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Corporate Party, warehouse

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we specialise in product launches, exhibition design Product display, Celebrations, Pitches, awards shows, Parties, Marquees, Press days and anything involving

the creative or functional transformation of space.

to begin with ...

Page 9: Styling Brochure

Corporate Reception, Roof Gardens

Page 10: Styling Brochure

Floristry, draping, display, bespoke furnishing, stage and set design lighting, bars, props and of

course perfection and originality.

we loveproviding ...

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Chill Out / Bar, Car Park

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we always listen and always ask questions and always present several options for any given project so that our clients can be part of the overall creative experience and partnership.

without client relationships, you are left with a very open brief.

we never disappoint and are invited back by 93% of our clients.

pAssionAte ...

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seated dinner, Kent House Knightsbridge

Page 14: Styling Brochure

cAn i hAve some more?

Over the past 9 years our styling work has been experienced by david Beckham, 19 entertainment, Red Bull, samsung, M&C

saatchi, nokia,whitechapel Gallery Kensington Palace, Guardian, aegis Media & Virgin ...

and they still keep coming back for more.

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Farewell dinner, Fulham Palace

Page 16: Styling Brochure

Party area, Red Bull, warehouse

Page 17: Styling Brochure

evolve Client dinner, 7th year anniversary, Kent House Knightsbridge

Page 18: Styling Brochure

‘gAry And the teAm At evolve hAve done A greAt job in stAging A number of greAt events for 19 entertAinment.’

simon fuller

Page 19: Styling Brochure



as P




d as

a t


e, V





Page 20: Styling Brochure


uct l


h w

ith a


s th



k ar


Page 21: Styling Brochure

aGM dinner for Bank, Kensington Palace

Page 22: Styling Brochure

‘m&c sAAtchi And evolve hAve worked together on mAny projects over the lAst 10 yeArs rAnging from intimAte sociAl functions for lord sAAtchi to the Agency christmAs pArties for over 300

people. innovAtive, creAtive, industrious And thorough Are just some of the quAlities i would Attribute to their teAm.

sAm pocknell, m&c sAAtchi

Page 23: Styling Brochure

Black and white Christmas theme, M&C saatchi

Page 24: Styling Brochure

dressed Marquee, Fulham Palace

Page 25: Styling Brochure

Media Company, Pitch for General Motors

Page 26: Styling Brochure

‘you reAlly took on boArd our tAste And ideAs. we wAnted elegAnt but cAsuAl, A relAxed pArty with An eAsy orgAnic feel to it – And you put it All together for us And somehow

creAted exActly whAt we Asked for.’

wedding client

Page 27: Styling Brochure









Page 28: Styling Brochure

Business to Business dinner, Roundhouse

Page 29: Styling Brochure

Kensington Palace, Reception

Page 30: Styling Brochure

‘i wAnted to sAy A huge thAnk you to All for your hArd work in turning this event Around – the product displAys looked fAntAstic, our clients were delighted And it wAs

so lovely to work with you All’

tAlk pr

Page 31: Styling Brochure

Chill Out area, the Bridge

Page 32: Styling Brochure

Red Bull Party

Page 33: Styling Brochure




, HQ





Page 34: Styling Brochure

‘innovAtive, creAtive, industrious And thorough Are just some of the quAlities i would Attribute to their teAm’

m&c sAAtchi

Page 35: Styling Brochure

1950’s themed Bar

Page 36: Styling Brochure

Company’s 5th year anniversary, Golden square Reception

Page 37: Styling Brochure

wedding R

eception, Fulham Palace

Page 38: Styling Brochure

‘creAtivity is the evolve hAllmArk’

lord sAAtchi

Page 39: Styling Brochure

Fashion show, Guanabara

Page 40: Styling Brochure

wedding R

eception, FUlham


Page 41: Styling Brochure

lounge for dinner Party, soho Review Bar

Page 42: Styling Brochure

Projection onto Fabric

Page 43: Styling Brochure

table setting

Page 44: Styling Brochure

awards show, aegis Media

Page 45: Styling Brochure

Product display, lingerie Brand

Page 46: Styling Brochure

for inspiring And originAl styling ideAs for your event pleAse contAct gAry peters on 020 7610 2890

website And emAil Address: [email protected]