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  • INTRO:

    Every year the fashion industry produces countless new style trends,

    but only some of them catch the fancy of the masses. The one

    shoulder top is one such fashion trend that gained much popularity

    by helping the women wearing them completely unique and

    dramatic look.

  • If you are looking for summer cotton tops designs that provide a

    perfect combination of edgy, sexy and sophisticated styling, then the

    single shoulder top is definitely what you should opt for. Even if you

    have never tried this trend, now is the perfect time to do so. Try the

    following style tips to make sure that you rock in your latest fashion

    wear this season.


    You might be feeling a bit nervous about wearing the style for the

    time and the best way to overcome your nerves is by choosing a

    solid color for your single shoulder top. The solid colors will not only

    enhance your confidence level, but will also help to draw the

    attention away from the coquettish glimpse of skin. At the same

    time, it will highlight the unique style that you are supporting

    creating the perfect look and effect.


    Here is some good news! You do not need to spend a fortune on

    buying cotton dresses online that match the best with one shoulder

    top. In fact, wearing it in a simple way over your regular pair of jeans

    or matching it with a high waist trouser or skirt in a contrasting color

    will do the trick. For a better effect, you should actually tuck the top

    into your high waist trouser or skirt.


    You do not need too many accessories to get that perfect look with

    your one shoulder top. In this respect, the experience of buying this

    attire is completely different from other cotton dresses online

    shopping. You just need to pick the right top without searching for

    the matching accessories and end up saving both time and money.

  • In case you really want to accessorize, then wearing a decent choker

    that is neither too fancy nor too glittery along with a pair of

    appealing danglers is more than enough.


    Layering and one shoulder top do not go hand in hand so dont even

    think about covering your one shoulder top with a jacket or cardigan.

    This is one style that is designed to show off your shoulder and not

    hide it, so just drop the idea of using layers when you wear this one

    attire. You can always opt for other womens cotton dress online

    shopping that is perfectly fit for a layered look.

  • BELT IT UP -

    Belts not only enhance the beauty of the one shoulder dress, but

    also help to highlight your perfect silhouette in a graceful manner.

    From simple and slim belts to broad ones with gorgeous patterns,

    you can go for different looks and styles that match perfectly well

    with the single shoulder top. You can even use the masculine

    looking belts that you have recently purchased while doing cotton

    shirts online shopping to get a cool and funky look.

  • In fact, you can even shop for single shoulder tops that come with an

    attached belt made from the same fabric. Tie it up at the side in a

    butterfly knot or wear it in front like a bow placed on your midriff, it

    is sure to create a stunning effect.

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