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ielts essay writing for task 2.studying abroad from early age do you agree or dis agree?


<p>STUDYING ABROAD</p> <p> Studying at foreign country, has a advantages and disadvantages and these depend on situation of a person who study abroad. For example, if you study at other country by your parents's will compulsively, it will be a rough road to you. Whereas, yourself if you want to study at foreign country, it will be a good experience. In addition, it depends on a purpose that why or what you require to study abroad.</p> <p> If you want to learn English , it will be a better to study a language because the language interact with a culture. so I think that you have to study English in English-speaking country. Maybe it will be the best to learn English. Furthermore, studying abroad offer many opportunities to you such as you can many foreign people and practice English to anyone anywhere. when you only use English, you will learn much faster and speak proficiently than others who studied in their original country. </p> <p> Some students who are by force in foreign country, sometimes feel some tight situation and usually study much more than local students because they must learn a language for living abroad. So, generally they receive a lot of stress but, they have to overcome these situation. Some others live away from their's parents. Sometimes they feel lonely and homesick. They always should spend these time regardless of their's will. In this case, they may can be wrong because they usually begin to study abroad when are child without parents.</p> <p>So, I think that studying and living in foreign country require a firm will. These are never easy task. In my case, although I am studying in Canada and spend difficulty times, I wand to recommend to othersbecause I think that a better than studying in my country. If I studied English in korea, I would not have well. Even If you are studying or living in other country and experiencing difficulties, it will return to you as a good experience in your life. But, you certainly have to get over.</p>