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<p>1.</p> <p>At the start of the story, describe the test that Charlie is given; how does it make him feel? (use adjectives) The test that is given to Charlie is an inkblot test. It makes him feel scared and nervous. 2. Why does Charlie carry around a rabbits foot in his pocket? What does this say about the person he is? Charlie carries around a rabbits foot because he thinks it is for good luck. Charlie is superstitious. 3. Algernon and me had the same amazed to do. Explain what Charlie means here and what the test with Algernon is about. Charlie means that Charlie and Algernon had the same maze to do. Charlie and Algernon race against each other to see who can finish the puzzle the quickest. 4. Compare and contrast Charlies feelings before and after surgery. Charlie is scared, nervous, and anxious when he takes different tests. He is very motivated as he is taking the tests. After surgery he gets frustrated, angry and thinks the tests are stupid because he nothing is happening after the operation. 5. Why doesnt Charlie like to race with Algernon? Charlie doesnt like to race with Algernon because he always beats Charlie. It makes him feel dumb. 6. What is the purpose of the TV that Dr. Strauss has given Charlie? The purpose of the TV is to teach Charlies subconscious as he sleeps. 7. What does Charlie mean when he talks about having two minds? The two minds that Charlie is referring to are the conscious and the subconscious. 8. How does Charlie feel about Robinson Crusoe? Why?Robinson Crusoe is the first hard book Charlie finishes. Charlie can relate to Robinson Crusoe because even though they are both smart, they are both alone and have no friends. Charlie wishes that he doesnt live a lonely life without friends.</p> <p>9. Throughout the story, how have Charlies feelings for Miss Kinnian changed? What is Miss Kinnian worried about?Charlie begins to develop feelings for Miss Kinnian. He notices how beautiful and lovely she is. Charlie becomes in love with Miss Kinnian. Miss Kinnian is worried that she made a mistake by having Charlie undergo the surgery.</p> <p>10. How is Charlie treated by others as he becomes smarter? Give examples.People look at him strange: His landlady says: theres something might strange about you, Charlie. Them changes. I dont knowWho knows what you done to yourself to get so smart all of a sudden. Like everybody around heres been saying, Charlie, its not right (p. 22). Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur: looks at me strangely and turns away from me (p24).</p> <p>STUDY GUIDE #2 KEY1.</p> <p>When was the first time Charlie had the feeling of shame burning inside him? Why did he?Charlie had the feeling of shame burning inside when his friends invited him to a party. His friends kept tripping him as he danced with Ellen. (April 20th) He felt ashamed because everyone was laughing at him and he felt naked. This was the first time he realized that his friends wanted him around just to make fun of him.</p> <p>2. Why are the doctors uncomfortable around Charlie now? How are they acting?The doctors are uncomfortable around Charlie because he is more knowledgeable than the doctors. When Charlie tries to talk to them, they look at him strangely and turn away. (p. 24) 3. Why was Charlie upset about the incident with the dishwasher? (May 20th) Charlie was upset about the incident with the dishwasher because Charlie used to be just like the boy who dropped all of the dishes. He is mad because he had forgotten what the old Charlie Gordon was like. 4. How is Algernon changing? How is Charlie Changing? Algernon is changing by becoming less cooperative, he doesnt run the maze anymore, his motivation has decreased, hes vicious and his appetite has decreased. (p. 27) Charlie is becoming forgetful, irritable and emotional. He wont let people see him. He is unable to read the books he used to. 5. Explain the Algernon-Gordon effect? The Algernon-Gordon effect is Charlies report of trying to increase the levels of human intelligence. "Artificially induced intelligence deteriorates at a rate of time directly proportional to the quantity of the increase." It means that although there was a surgical procedure to speed up the rate of intelligence, Charlie and Algernon would regress mentally. (p.30)</p> <p>6. What happens to Algernon and how does Charlie react?Algernon dies and Charlie buried him in the backyard and cried.</p> <p>7. What do we learn about Charlies family?Charlies mother and father argued a lot. His father was drunk all the time and ran away with another woman. His mother, on the other hand, told Charlie that he had died. 8. What happens when Charlie goes back to work? A new guy starts to make fun of Charlie but Joe Carp stood up for Charlie.</p> <p>9. What is the theme of the book?The theme of the book is about how society mistreats a person with an intellectual disability. There is a strong emphasis on intelligence and how society views the importance of intelligence.</p> <p>10. Do you think it was a good thing that Charlie had the operation? Why or why not?Good: Charlie is able to read and learn more than he ever could before the operation. Bad: He understands why he is mistreated, becomes cold, bitter and more alone than ever before.</p>