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Studio Practice 4

Studio Practice 4Iacovos Ioannou Illustration studentU1359160Adaptation, interpretation and appropriationSelf-negotiated project: Tittle : Parallel UniversesAim : The aim of my briefing is to practice, master and develop my techniques in drawing and focus on the visual impact of my drawings. The idea is to draw repeatedly the same thing using different techniques and materials each time creating parallel drawings. At the end I must find a way to link everything together.

Choosing a nude woman figure as my main

The reason why I have chosen this specific photograph is because I think that the body shapes and texture allow me to be playful and flexible with the techniques and the materials 1st Technique One line techniqueThe figure appears to be very isolated than its original size. The technique works for the shadows of the body as well as for the movement. The figure has a nice energy.

2nd Technique Charcoal The figure appears to be bigger than its original size, the technique is very loose and playful. Using charcoal helps to create strong contrast, shadow and lot of marks.

3rd Technique - ClassicClassical way of drawing using pencil. The drawing looks more realistic than the previous drawings. There is a good quality in the lines. The pencil exposes the shapes of the bones.

4th Technique Black penThis drawing gives you the a strong sense of the head that leans up. This technique uses a lot of small lines which helps to shape the figure and the shadows.

5th Technique - CharcoalI have used charcoal as I did before but this time I have not used a loose technique but I tried to give a more realistic sense of flesh and shape. I have used white charcoal as well to give emphasis on the bright parts on the figure. On some parts of the body I have not used lines instead I have used just filling.

6th Technique Acrylic with out outline I have used acrylic paint mostly brown, yellow and dark yellow colour. It is a very simplistic technique however the result and the quality is very poor. I have used straight away the paint without making any outline and probably that affected the result.

7th Technique Lunch of the new technique Trigger points or Starting points

This is my new technique, an idea that was a long time in my mind. In this technique you define one or more points. Then you start drawing from that point and all your lines should start from that point. At the end those points are more emphasized. In the case of my drawing I have defined three points, the breast and the vagina.8th Technique Black markerIn this technique I have used a black marker for the outline and a black pen for the filling. For the filling I have used many straight parallel lines.

9th Technique Acrylic with outlineThe results are much more better that the previous attempt with paint. The outline works positively and helps to create better shapes and contrast.

10th Technique Dots Technique This techniques is as simple as it sounds. However I have to admit that this technique requires patience, concentration and consistency. The dots are actually the main subject in shaping and shading the woman figure.

11th Technique Soft pastels This is my favorite drawing because I believe the texture of the skin is very successful and realistic. This is the only technique that actually provides a 3D experience to the viewer.

12th Technique One line technique and colourIn this drawing my decision was to choose among two different colours in this case green and pinky red. The colours help to expose all the different and extreme shapes that are made because of this specific technique.

Choosing the weevil to practice more This is the second picture that I have chosen to practice with. I chose this photograph because I like the colours and the shapes.

1st Technique - CrayonsFor this drawing I have used crayons. There is a graphic designed tone on the weevil with flat and bright colours.

2nd Technique Colour pencils For this drawing I have used colour pencils. I believe that this is the more classic and simple way to add colour in your illustration.

3rd Technique One line techniqueEven though I have used this technique for the previous photograph I wanted to make it again to see if such a colorful subject could be illustrated in this kind of technique.

Parallel Universes Middle step 1st CaseOne scene that combines at least 6-8 (or more) techniques in the same drawing. The drawing it could be anything as long as it provides the chance to the artist to use a variety of techniques. 2nd CaseA motion of a figure ( or something else). For example: A woman that stands in a room, goes at the window and then sits on the chair. Divided into 6-8 scenes(drawings) each one with a different technique.Case 2This is a quick illustration that shows an example of how the story could look like. However a decision of the techniques should be made.

Alternative case

This is a quick illustration that shows how the alternative case works. However It is not more likely to chose this case as it has no big difference than what I did in practice.