studio lighting - setups & examples (reflector, umbrella & softbox)

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Studio Lighting Setups & Examples All sample photos (c) sasi shanmugarajah

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  1. 1. Studio LightingSetups & Exampleswww.photoblazr.comAll sample photos (c) sasi shanmugarajah
  2. 2. What is the difference between: Bare bulb lighting, Umbrella lighting, and Soft-box lighting?
  3. 3. Bare bulb/Reflector lightingReflectorStrobe Harsh light (strong contrast) Strong shadows
  4. 4. Face level Bare bulb/Reflector lighting hard shadows
  5. 5. Low next to ground, pointing up Bare bulb/Reflector lighting hard shadows
  6. 6. Above facelevel Bare bulb/Reflector lighting hard shadows
  7. 7. Umbrella Lighting Softer light (lower contrast) Softer shadows
  8. 8. Main light Fill light Umbrella light softer shadows
  9. 9. Umbrella light softer shadows
  10. 10. Soft-Box lighting Softest light (lowest contrast) Softest shadows
  11. 11. Note the softer shadow due to a softbox Soft-box light softest shadows
  12. 12. Soft-box light softest shadows
  13. 13. Soft-box light softest shadows
  14. 14. Strobe with blue gel Softbox on boom, above head level, pointed down
  15. 15. Studio Lighting Tips Increase/decrease aperture to reduce flash exposure on subject Increase/decrease shutter speed to reduce ambient light exposure
  16. 16. Studio Lighting Tips Start off at manual mode 1/125s, F/8 Increase/decrease strobe power to get right exposure Keep shutter speed between 1/60 1/160 s
  17. 17. For more photography tips visit: