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Student Teaching Experience (portfolio)


Philippine Normal UniversityNational Center for Teacher EducationInstitute of Teaching and LearningDEPARTMENT OF FIELD STUDY AND PRACTICE TEACHINGManila

PORTFOLIOA. IntroductionThis portfolio is a window of my whole experience as a practice teacher in Makati High School (MHS), my second home for almost two months. I will share with you my wonderful journey in practice teaching through this work.I remember what my professor in Educ 4 class shared with us, so I brought it with me in this trip, The Seven Qualities of Highly Effective Teachers by Linc Fisch1. Highly Effective Teachers Care2. Highly Effective Teachers Share3. Highly Effective Teachers Learn4. Highly Effective Teachers Create5. Highly Effective Teachers Believe6. Highly Effective Teachers Dream7. Highly Effective Teachers EnjoyEvery single moment of my stay in MHS, I remind myself of these qualities. It helped me get through the challenges and trials that kicked in my way.This work wouldnt be in completion without the help of a lot of people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Anabelle Palmiery for the support and encouragement she never fails to give us. To my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Regina G. Gauna for molding, guiding and helping me in every aspect that she can. To the whole MHS community, for their warm welcome and for their hospitality. To my students who I will surely miss. To my fellow CTP Practicumers, for the support and laughter that we shared that helped us hurdled this practicum. To my parents, for their, unending love and support. Above all, I lift up this work to our Almighty God the greatest teacher of all. I am very thankful that I have not let this opportunity pass me by, which I have allowed myself to try and experience the nobility of the teaching career. I never regret enrolling for my Practicum A, through this I gained confidence and I can now say that Im ready to be a teacher.B. Rationale for Practice Teaching What is Practice Teaching?According to the Merriam and Webster Dictionary, practice teaching means teaching by a college student under the supervision of an experienced/certified teacher. Marais & Meier (2004:221) assert that the term teaching practice represents the range of experiences to which student teachers are exposed when they work in classrooms and schools. Marais and Meier (2004:221) further argue that teaching practice is a challenging but important part of teacher training. Teaching practice is meant to provide for the authentic context within which student teachers are exposed to experience the complexities and richness of the reality of being a teacher.Practice Teaching, based on my experience, is applying what weve learned from our Prof Ed subjects into practice. It exposed me to the real life school setting, mentoring from my cooperating teacher and from day to day experience handling the students. What are the benefits you expect to derive from Practice Teaching?I expect to maximize my potential on being a teacher by this internship. I assume that, I would be able to develop my skills and improve my strategies in teaching. I hope I will be able to manage my assigned class and that I can utilize different teaching strategies. While doing this practice teaching I hope I can evaluate what traits should the teacher must possess and utilize it in my future teaching career. I believe that the practice teaching experience will increase my understanding of the students nowadays and will help me in dealing with challenging situations in the future.

C. Readiness for Practice Teaching What made you take up teaching as career?CTP students are often described as late bloomers in teaching profession. I graduated with bachelors degree in Business Administration Major in Operations Management. I decided to take up CTP because my heart is really in teaching kids. Confucius said Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. True enough, when I started to work as a tutor, I enjoyed every single day going to work. I want to share my knowledge and skills to the kids because I want to inspire them in becoming a better person. I want to be a tool of someone elses success. I believe that taking up this course will help me improve every aspect of my teaching abilities. Discuss your professional readiness for practice teaching. Cite instances that will support your self-assessment. The question Am I really prepared to teach? strikes me the most upon pondering on the career Im taking now. I have both passions in teaching and on dealing with people. So, I am glad that what I love the most is the journey of where am I right now. Honestly, I cant really say that Im 100% prepared to teach when I enrolled in Practicum A. Im still in the context of neither doubting nor thinking if Im really sure on it. However, Philippine Normal University provided me with sufficient knowledge such as the different theories and strategies that I can apply in my actual teaching. The application of these theories and strategies depends on me. Along with proper skills, I know I can create a friendly classroom environment. My performance on this will surely have a direct bearing on my performance in the future. Right now, Im taking everything as a firm challenge of my dedication to every work entrusted to me by the society as well as my personal choice of career. What matters the most is the truth that education will really be the benchmark of success accompanied by the belief that God is the source of life, love and hope.

D. The School Environment

Makati High School is a public secondary school in Gen. Luna St. Poblacion, Makati City headed by Dr. Danilo M. Romero. The school offers facilities and academic programs that could facilitate favorable learning for the students.

VISIONMakati High School envisions a value-laden, academically competent, and globally prepared studentry under the guidance of committed teachers who are experts in their fields of discipline in the New MillenniumMISSIONTo achieve this vision, we commit ourselves to: Integrate all efforts towards attaining excellence in Science and Technology, Mathematics, English, Culture and the Arts; Seek continues professional development attuned to the needs of the students; Create an ideal teaching-learning environment through world-class facilities which are kept outstandingly clean and orderly; Lead modest lives bearing witness to what we teach; and Use all our facilities to be truly honed in the sciences, culture and the arts and be equipped with virtues of a well-rounded individual in the New Millennium

Describe The Services Offered By The School

Makati High School is staffed with trained faculty members committed to producing graduates who are globally competent and God-fearing. MHS is a learner centered school where in students are encouraged to develop their intelligences through proper training and supervision. The school provides services and facilities which they can be utilized to improve their knowledge and social being.

The school is equipped with modern facilities namely, computer laboratories, air-conditioned faculty rooms, well- ventilated classrooms, science laboratories, state of the art T.L.E building, automated school library and a functional audio-visual room (Rubern H. Santos Hall).

MHS also offers an Open High School System, A program that caters to the need of those who want to finish high school but prevented by employment, poverty, physical handicap and other reasons. Through modular instructions, Students are not required to report duty in school. They are given modules to work at home and are required to report once a week.The school provides distinct and developmental programs which supplement and strengthen the curricular offerings and for the realization of the vision-mission. Student Activity Program Music & Arts Program Computer Program Sports Program School Health Program





Dental Room


Gallery Hall

What Can You Suggest To Improve These Services?I have interviewed few students about the services of their school. They recommended having a gymnasium for their PE class. We all know that students nowadays like fun activities. They can enhance their interpersonal skills.

E. The Classroom Environment

Evaluate Your Classroom.

A classroom plays an important role in maximizing learning of the students. All classrooms in MHS were student-friendly. The rooms are well-lighted, well- ventilated and clean. The classrooms were neither hot nor cold. Compared to the public schools in other cities, MHS provides classrooms that are conducive for learning. The walls of each room were designed creatively. The rooms were spacious enough for the students to seat apart so they can freely move. There were cabinets to store the school materials making it organized and uncluttered. The classrooms displayed quotes and sayings of what kind of attitude MHS students should possess.

Write Suggestions You Made To Improve It

It may be helpful for students to add electric fans inside each classroom. There are instances wherein the electric fans are not functioning well. The students cannot focus in their lessons because they are irritable. I also hope that they could repair some chairs that were wrecked already.

F. Meeting the Pupils/Students Describe your pupils/studentsMy cooperating teacher handles five classes (5 sections) in third year level. There are two student teachers assigned to her, I am one and the other is Ms. Romero. To accommodate the two of us in practicing our specialization, she divided the class into two groups, the boy group and the girl group. I handle the boys while Ms. Romero handles the girls. The T.L.E. class is only held once a week for four hour