student support strategies that drive transfer success seneca woodsworth joint transfer program

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STUDENT SUPPORT STRATEGIES THAT DRIVE TRANSFER SUCCESS Seneca Woodsworth Joint Transfer Program Cheryl Shook, Registrar Woodsworth College, University of Toronto January 27, 2012. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Seneca Woodsworth Joint Transfer Program

    Cheryl Shook, RegistrarWoodsworth College, University of TorontoJanuary 27, 2012

  • *The Seneca Woodsworth Joint Transfer Program provides students with a potential pathway from the Liberal Arts diploma program at the Newnham Campus of Seneca College to the Faculty of Arts and Science at the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.

    To be eligible to transfer, students must complete the 2-year Liberal Arts diploma with a minimum 3.0 GPA, receive a recommendation from Seneca College to transfer, and have completed at least one half course in the Faculty of Arts and Science with a minimum 60%.

    The Seneca Woodsworth Joint Transfer Program is designed for students to transfer into programs in the social sciences and humanities, and work towards Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Toronto. The program works because advising begins when students are in their initial semester at Seneca.

  • *Initial Visit- first semesterWoodsworth advising team and student ambassadors visit Seneca

    Students are given details about how the program/transfer works and transfer credit they can expectStudents are advised about how the degree program at the UofT and programs availableStudent ambassadors talk about their personal experiences in transferring from Seneca to UofTTime is made available to address individual student questionsassessing whether personal goals are a good match for the UofTInformation about students and their interests are collected as a foundation for future contact with students (we ask questions about commuting time to St. George, part-time work hours, etc.)Advising and U of T interest in the students motivates the Seneca group

  • *Second Visit-second semesterSeneca students and representatives from Seneca team visit Woodsworth and St. George campus.Campus tour, highlighting services and facilitiesSummer schedule is provided and students are encouraged to select a course or courses best suited for their academic goals (advisors available)Registration and timetable information provided Students are reminded that eligibility will be based on upon academic performance in their first two semesters at Seneca and the recommendation of the Seneca team.Seeing the campus (especially in the spring helps to motivate the Seneca group to do well on their exams)

  • *At Woodsworth, Faculty of Arts and Science, UofTStudents from Seneca apply and are those eligible admitted to the FAS as Visiting Studentsapplication fee waived. Fees are by course and funding is available for those who qualify. Orientation and advising is provided. Students are expected to keep in touch with dedicated advisor. Students provide permission for WDW to share academic information with Seneca.Currently:In the past year, 46 students registered as VS students. 2010 admitted 26 students as degree students, 2011 admitted 25, in the pre-pilot we admitted about 6 students. Student success is highstudent satisfaction is high both with Seneca and the preparation they receive and with UofT and their experience with us. New website outlining program in detail and directly linked to Seneca and student testimonials. Online application thanks to funding from MCTU will be available shortly.