Student Perceptions of a Cloud Assessment Learning Environment

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Student Perceptions of a Cloud Assessment Learning Environment. Dr Tony Rickards Curtin University - Australia Dr Aaron Steele Universal College Of Learning- New Zealand. Image sourced from: http:// - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sustainable Technology use in Professional Learning Communities: Three Perspectives of Encultura

Student Perceptions of a Cloud Assessment Learning EnvironmentDr Tony RickardsCurtin University - Australia

Dr Aaron SteeleUniversal College Of Learning- New Zealand

Australia New Zealand

Southern SurprisesImage sourced from: when collaborative sharing via a cloud computing tool are utilised for continuous assessment over a sustained period of time.

The Cloud Assessment Learning Environment

CloudAssessmentLearningEnvironmentStudent perceptions of the cloud assessment learning environment.

Conceptual change in student understanding of the cloud assessment learning environment?

This StudyTeacher Student Interpersonal Behaviour in the Cloud based Learning Environment.

Outcomes not linked exclusively to a particular technology, but a philosophy of teaching and supervision.Secondary FociiLIQ (Lecturer Interaction Questionnaire)CAQ (Cloud Assessment Questionnaire)Concept mapsClass & focus group interviewsWritten lecturer descriptionsParticipant & virtual participant observationsOnline analytics & statistics from MoodleAttendance records (50 Students/ 1 Teacher)Achievement levelsInstruments and DataAlpha ReliabilityScaleCAQ1CAQ2Monitoring.85.85Google Docs.72.71Feedback.91.97Cloud Storage.78.83Preference.78.77N = 48 CAQ 1, n = 40 CAQ2Reliability of CAQFactors Examined

MonitoringGoogle DocsCloud StorageText Editor PreferenceFeedback

Positive and Negative Perceptions

What do you think about your lecturer being able to see your assignment for the duration of the assessment?What do you think about using Google Docs for this assignment?Example ItemsInitial leniency with BugsFeedback seen as highly valuablePersonal preferences shaped perceptions and expectationsDocs generally seen as valuableSeamless link between in class and out of class work (Flipped Classroom facilitation effective) Positive and Negative Perceptions

Pre and Post data collection

Students had curious excitement and an expectant conceptual view.

This evolved to be a clearly refined, detailed, and experience based understanding of the Cloud Assessment Environment.Conceptual ChangeOpen SourceNot Institutionally constrainedAvailable after the study period has endedStudent retains control and accessTruly International / Global functionality

Other Advantages

But wait, there is more..This research was a PhD StudyThe Research paradigm was applied to the supervisionThe study utilised Skype, Outlook, Google Docs and WordThe model is being applied to 40 new HDR projects nowWhats Not in the PaperAll students and their teacher, my student, begin with a Blank Document..

.. that is shared immediately.

Professional learning goals are set immediately.

Day 1Professional Learning Model

ThesisProposalCloud environment allows rapid prototyping multiple authors at a distance Internationally or locally.Collaboration is synchronous or asynchronous to suit participants.Single version drafts always current.Easily transferred to Institutionally compliant platforms.Finally: Sustained OutcomesDr Tony RickardsScience & Mathematics Education CentreCurtin UniversityWestern SteeleSchool of Business & ComputingUniversal College of LearningNew

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