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  • Student Government Meeting Minutes Joint Session

    August 23, 2013 Start: 13:06 P.M.

    I. Call to Order: By President Brandi Green

    II. Approval of the Agenda:

    A motion to amend the agenda to include roll call after Pledge of Allegiance and swearing in new officers and senators under new business by Liz. 2nd by Jessica, on consent, passed.

    A motion to scratch out Senate Clerk until after elections, 2nd by Josh, on consent, passed.

    A motion to approve agenda as amended, 2nd by Jessica, on consent, passed.

    III. Pledge of Allegiance

    IV. Roll Call:

    • President: Brandi Green-P • Vice President: Jessica Neely-P • Public Relations: Josh Gammon-P • Parliamentarian: Kayla Conkling-P • Treasurer: Bea Chang-A • Secretary: Mary Ainesworth-P • Speaker of the House: Cecliey Thomason-P • Deputy Speaker: David Canoy-P • Standing President of the Senate: Jessica Allen-P • Senator: Bryce Hall-Business-P • Senator: Elizabeth Black-PSCJ-P • Senator: Jason Perkins-History Politician-P • Senator: Jessica Allen-P • Chief Justice: Chelsea Blackmore-P • Associate Justice: William Burr-P • Associate Justice: Jonathan Lyons-P • Alpha Sigma Alpha-1 present, 1 voting • Alpha Sigma Tau-1 present, 1 voting • Biology Club-4 present, 2 voting • Campus Crusade for Christ-A • CCPSA-3 present,1 voting • Chemistry Club-1 present, 1 voting

    • Chi Alpha-1 present, 1 voting • Christians in Action-1 present, 1 voting • College Democrats-A • College Republicans-A • Criminal Justice Society-4 present, 2 voting • Epsilon Sigma Alpha-1 present, 1 voting • Gay-Straight Alliance-1 present, 0 voting • Geo Science Club-1 present, 0 voting • Kappa Kappa Psi-2 present, 2 voting • Kappa Signma Fraternity-3 present, 2 voting • NASA-3 present, 2 voting • OIL-2 present, 1 voting • Pre-Health Club-2 present, 1 voting • PLC-2 present, 2 voting • Phi Chi-1 present, 1 voting • PsySSR-3 present, 1 voting • Spanish Club-2 present, 1 voting • SAAC-1 present, 1 voting • SODA-2 present, 1 voting • Student Theater Association-1 present, 1 voting • Student Broadcast Association-2 present, 2 voting • National Student Association-1 present, 1 voting

    V. Guest Speaker:

    Caleb Leggett (Admissions)-Two new programs: Academic Workshops and Peer Mentor program.

    Dave Hoffman (Destination RSU)-Saturday October 12, juniors, seniors, and transfer students. We want to see students having success on campus.

    VI. Advisor Report:

    Candice Apt (SGA Advisor)-Welcome everyone-Student Activities for 2 ½ years, Updates: Forms to get funds and Student Leader Round Tables-learn from each other.

    VII. Presidents Report:

  • Brandi Green-Looking forward to a great year, a few things we are talking about are: Appointed Jessica Allen as acting President of the Senate until after elections and having a military event for the OMA, current enrolled Veterans, and active military. We are going to be selling flags and placing them in remembrance. Absent policy-a new policy has been put into place.

    VIII. Executive Committee Reports:

    • Vice President: Jessica Neely-Senior, Community Counselor Major • Public Relations: Josh Gammon-Communication Major, RSU Radio, we are working on the T-shirts for the SGA; we

    have 3 different social media forms. • Treasurers: Bea Chang is absent so here is Jessica Neely to give the report-there is 3 different levels: Level 3 is the

    top-must have total of 6 activities for the year-$902.77, Level 2-must have total of 3 activities for the year-$375. Level 1-must be in good standing-$41.67. The activities-One must be a registered campus event, a fundraiser event, and a campus wide event. To get money fill out the funds request forms, it will go in from of the EC for a vote, then through the house for a vote.

    • Parliamentarian’s: Kayla Conkling-Medical Major, Senior. • Secretary: Mary Ainesworth-Computer Science major.

    IX. Senate Reports:

    (Acting) President Pro Tempore: Jessica Allen-Handicapped buttons and ramps, the Finals schedule, skateboarding to class, mowing during finals. Look forward to a great year.

    X. House Reports:

    Speaker of the House-Ceciley Thomason-We have a big chance to change things through resolutions and looking forward towards great opportunities.

    Deputy Speaker of the House-David Canoy-Social Science Major

    XI. Elections:

    The appointments for Election Board will be different this year; the office will oversee the ballot box, so we need 7 people to count the ballots after elections. Everyone needs to put your organizations name on a piece of paper and put in hat so we can draw the lucky seven. 1. ASA-1, 2. SAAC-2, 3. NASA-3, 4. PHI CHI-1. Election Board Sept. 6 @ 5pm.

    XII. Open Elections:

    House Clerk: This is a very important role, any volunteers-Bethany Henley.

    XIII. New Business:

    Swearing in new officers and Senators-Chief Judge: Chelsea Blackmore-Psychology Major swears in.

    XIV. Announcements:

    Organizations Introductions:

    Greek Life-Field Day tonight @ 7pm in the Centennial Lot

    Water balloon fight Sept. 4th @ 7pm in the Centennial Lot

    RSU has a choir and we really need volunteers, Tuesdays @ 6pm

    There is a mail box outside of the SGA office for any paperwork (Funds request, etc.)

    XV. Adjournment:

    End of meeting time: 14:10

  • Student Government Meeting Minutes House Meeting

    August 30, 2013 I. Call to Order: 1:01 p.m.

    II. Roll Call:

    • CJS absent • College Republicans absent • GSA absent • STO absent

    III. Approval of the Agenda:

    Gavin motioned to approve Agenda

    Lauren seconds

    IV. Reports:

    Advisor: Candice

    Student Organization handbooks (Also on website)

    Event Planning checklist

    • Hosting an event-start at least 6 weeks out • Funds requests must go through both House and Senate after being approved by EC

    o Can take up to 3 weeks to go through • Campus events that are open to public can be found on the website for organizations to look at for scheduling • Forms to turn in to SGA:

    o Funds request (if using SGA funds) at least 4 weeks in advance o Research exact cost for any items you might need o Event registration 1 month in advance o Make sure companies you are purchasing supplies from are approved vendors at least 4 weeks in advance o If your organization does not have appropriated funds you may request from SGA to use discretionary funds o If traveling more than 50 miles from campus, need travel request form along with emergency contact

    information of all traveling o Turn fliers into Student Affairs office at least 2 weeks before to have them distributed.

    • After event fill out event follow up form and turn in fundraiser profits as well as all receipts • Food services

    o Sodexo has exclusive rights within Centennial Center and new Dining Hall but not in other buildings on campus.

    o Suggested that organizations still get first quote from Sodexo before ordering from outside companies.

    Speaker of the House Report

    • Organization Placards with organization name on one side and parliamentary procedure on other side • Deputy Speaker-nothing to report • House Clerk-nothing to report

    V. Old Business:


    • President and Vice President introduced • Gavin motions for vote

  • • Seconded by numerous members • Voted in unanimously

    Biology Club

    • Two members introduced • Mary motions to vote • Bridget seconds • Voted in with almost unanimous vote

    VI. New Business:

    New Organizations

    • Anissia Rick- Path, Campus Ministries International

    VII. Announcements:

    Election Committee: Sept 6 at 5:00 p.m.

    • ASA-1 • Psi Chi-1 • SAAC-2 • NASA-3

    AAA-Art on the Hill- September 20th & 21st

    Sorority Recruitment next week Tuesday-Saturday

    • $15 fee • Sign up in Student Affairs

    Greek Field Day September 13th

    PsySSR- welcome back week


    • SGA elections next week • National Chocolate day Sept 13th-free chocolate bars in CC at noon • Intramural football sign ups due September 13th

    VIII. Adjournment:

    • Liz motions to adjourn • Gavin seconds • End of meeting time: 1:50

    Minutes Completed by House Clerk: Bethany Henley

  • Student Government Meeting Minutes House Meeting

    September 13, 2013 I. Call to Order: 1:02 p.m.

    II. Roll Call:

    College Republicans absent

    III. Approval of the Agenda:

    Motion to amend Agenda-add Pledge after Roll Call and change date to September 13th

    Motion approved with unanimous consent

    IV. Reports:

    Advisor: Candice

    • Monthly Calendars: get forms in by the month before event will take place to be on calendar. Student event calendars that come out bi weekly

    • Intramural football • Student Organization roundtable: Issues organizations deal with • Homecoming T-shirt contest: Entries due by the end of the month • Voter registration week: Free constitutions • OctSober Fest: October 15th-17th, Mix off- mocktail making contest • Student paperwork due • Martin Luther King Day of service

    Speaker of the House Report

    • Placards • Robert’s Rules of Order • Speaker o


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