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<ul><li><p>8/11/2019 Student Centered Technology Essay</p><p> 1/5</p><p>Student Centered Technology</p><p>The advantages of using student centered technology in the classroom to differentiate</p><p>instruction are that they increase communication and collaboration among students all over</p><p>the world. In the past, students did their class work independently and were not allowed to</p><p>receive input from the students sitting near them. The teacher would explain the assignment</p><p>on the board and then they were given work to perform at their desk alone. They were usually</p><p>limited to what was taught at their school unless they had the advantage of traveling the world</p><p>with their parents. With the use of technology in the classroom, students can now travel the</p><p>world with their classmates. Students can now come up with ideas and solutions that benefit all</p><p>of the students and find more than one way to solve a problem.</p><p>I believe that the impact on student achievement when technology is used to</p><p>differentiate instruction is that today, instead of the student waiting for the teacher to write</p><p>lessons on the chalkboard and then attempting to write it down before the teacher erases it, or</p><p>collecting local newspapers, magazine articles, or heavy encyclopedias; now they have</p><p>immediate access online to newspapers, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, practice tests,</p><p>teaching games, crossword puzzles, book reviews before they buy the book, and the ability to</p><p>communicate with other students in classrooms across the world. They dont have to deal with</p><p>the student next to them who understands the lesson faster than them, because now they can</p><p>work at their own pace and practice it until they feel comfortable before moving to the next</p><p>step. Students no longer learn only about their community and state, but they are now</p><p>becoming global citizens and are able to compete nationally.</p></li><li><p>8/11/2019 Student Centered Technology Essay</p><p> 2/5</p><p>To ensure that students meet the learning objectives for using technology in the class,</p><p>teachers must use many forms of assessments to evaluate student performance, such as:</p><p>Authentic Assessments- they present learning experiences that demonstrate real-life</p><p>connections between students lessons and the world in which they live; Project-based</p><p>Assessments-a model for teaching and learning that focuses on creating learning</p><p>opportunities for students by engaging them in real-world projects where they have an</p><p>active role in completing meaningful tasks, constructing their own knowledge, solving</p><p>problems, or creating realistic projects; Portfolio Assessments-they evaluate student</p><p>assignments or projects over a period of time; Checklists-a predetermined list of performance</p><p>criteria used in project-based and portfolio assessment; Rating Scales-a more complex form of a</p><p>checklist that lists a numerical value, or rating, for each criterion; and A Rubric -a detailed</p><p>assessment tool that makes it easy for teachers to assess the quality of an item, such as a</p><p>student project.(P.364 Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology in a Connected World,</p><p>Seventh Edition, Shelly/Gunter/Gunter - Cengage Learning.)</p><p>I believe that the importance of student centered technology in the classroom is making</p><p>sure that the technology is age appropriate and that it enhances the learning process and</p><p>motivates the student to want to learn more. Many teachers have noticed that students are</p><p>motivated by and enjoy the process of creating their own interactive digital media</p><p>presentations and they enjoy conducting research and writing when their writing projects</p><p>involve the creation of digital media presentations. I believe that the lesson should be</p><p>challenging and not below their level of intelligence. It shouldnot be too challenging to the</p></li><li><p>8/11/2019 Student Centered Technology Essay</p><p> 3/5</p><p>point that they just stop trying. The student should not just see the technology as a learning</p><p>game, but as a tool to push them to seek more knowledge after they win the first game.</p><p>I believe there could be a few disadvantages of using student centered technology in the</p><p>classroom to differentiate instruction if the teacher does not:</p><p>1. Break the projects into a well-defined task so the student can use their computer time wisely.</p><p>2. Discuss with the student how much time their project should involve.</p><p>3. Have the student write a visual plan before going to the computer.</p><p>4. Assign searching as homework to save researching time on computer at school.</p><p>5. Train some students to assist other students who need help.</p><p>6. Assign group projects so that all students participate.</p><p>7. Use e-books, smart boards and phones, tablets, iPods, etc.,</p><p>8. Help the student use the color pads on the computer (yellow-help needed).</p><p>9. Have the student seek information from their classmates before asking teacher.</p><p>10. Post a list of the procedures and guidelines for using technology in the classroom.</p><p>If these suggestions are not used, the use of technology in the class can be a disruption.</p><p>The disadvantages of using technology to differentiate instruction in the classroom have</p><p>been stated in the 2012 Volume 10, Issue 4 of The Electronic Journal of e-learning , were that</p><p>some of the students became too distracted at times. The maturity level of the child was a</p><p>concern also, and having meaningful activities.</p><p>I believe that a teacher can only use technology to differentiate instruction because,</p><p>todays students, often called digital natives or the Net Generation, grow upwith technology.</p><p>Most of them have never known life without the Internet. They have spent their entire lives</p></li><li><p>8/11/2019 Student Centered Technology Essay</p><p> 4/5</p></li><li><p>8/11/2019 Student Centered Technology Essay</p><p> 5/5</p><p>REFERENCES:</p><p>1. Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology in a Connected World,</p><p>Seventh Edition, Shelly/Gunter/Gunter - Cengage Learning. Chap.5-Technology,</p><p>Digital Media, &amp; Curriculum Integration. Chap.7-Evaluating Educational Technology &amp;</p><p>Integration Strategies.</p><p>2. Learner-Centered Technology Integration Volume 28 Number 2 Journal of Digital</p><p>Learning in Teacher Education | 55 Copyright 201112, ISTE (International Society for</p><p>Technology in Education).</p><p>3. Digital Devices in Classroom, The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, Volume 10 Issue 4</p><p>2012, Academic Publishing International, LTD, ISSN 1479-4403.</p><p>Technology, Digital Media, and Curriculum Integration</p><p>204</p></li></ul>