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AgendaWhy blogging?Our blogging goalsFOIPPA & Parent ConsentBlogging AssignmentsStudent ExemplarsQualitative BenefitsHow to hook your audience

- Explain why I prefer digital to the traditional pen and paper and the various opportunities blogging provides.Explain the specific goals we set as a class that act as the foundation for all of our bloggingFOIPPA consent formShare a few Blogging Assignments that present some amazing learning opportunities that really highlight the strengths of the platform

Why blogging?Student motivation has changed

Sir Ken Robinson said it best, todays student doesnt buy the story we were sold: go to school, get in to university, get a job, live happily ever after. Partly because its simply not true. FACT. And partly because our todays students create, publish, share, and network WAY MORE than we ever did. They publish dozens of times a day through FB, IG, SC. Todays school model doesnt stimulate the satiation to be connected. They hand in an essay and its gone, done, for days and sometimes weeks, and its on the hands of one person, not a network. They HATE this!

Why blogging?Multi-Access & Personalized Learning

I love how blogging allows for students to access their learning and work from anywhere and anytime. They can be with me in class, in the learning space, outside, or at home. And the opportunities it provides to personalize their work through links, images, videos, widgets, and other web tools are endless. And all of this speaks to empowering our students and giving them more control over their learning experience.

why blogging?Authentic work in the real world

When students blog their audience is real. Their audience is greater than just me. And often their audience connects with them in their comments, re-posting of posts, tweeting out posts, or following their blogs. And all of this positively impacts their understanding of digital citizenship, hones how they use voice to connect, and helps them create more authentic work.

Why blogging?

I LOVE this slide. Have a look. A few years back I had a colleague say that his best work can be found online and I took that to heart. At the beginning of each year I ask my students to google me and I let them know that whatever they find I put it there. We live in an age of creeping on FB googling job applicants, or getting fired for inappropriate posts. I want to empower my students so they can make the right decisions.

Our blogging goalsTo create an awesome and professional online selfBe personable, not personalEngage with your audienceSee the tools of the blog as opportunities and use them to your advantage: images, videos, links, widgets, customize

So these are our goals, the foundation that our blogging is built on. Every decision we make when blogging is on top of whether these goals are met. Lets have a look.

FOIPPA& Parental Consent

The BC government promises to protect students right to their personal privacy by prohibiting the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information by public bodies (such as wordpress) therefore consent is needed.

Blogging assignmentsLetter to My Grade 9 SelfComment on posts from your peersAbout Me Page as your digital storyDocument your learningDigital Citizenship

Qualitative benefitsVoiceAuthentic audienceDigital CitizenshipFormative vs. SummativeImpromptu Write - BC English 12 Provincial Exam

how to hook &keep your audience Blogging tipsHeadlineIntroduction, voice, and readabilityInclude images, links, video and other multimedia contentKeep your posts relatively short - within your browser window per sectionBe mindful of grammar and spellingCall to actionComment on other blogs and reply to your comments